Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tarot Reading - Unblocking My Intuition

1.) What is blocking me intuitively? 8 of Wands
Too much on my mind, too much going on. Too many goals, things happening too quickly. Caught up in the chain of events, waiting for the outcome of certain events, being busy. I think this card means I just have too much going on. Things are moving quickly and I am just too caught up in everything to really listen to my intuition.

2.) What outside influences are effecting my intuition? 6 of Wands
The expectations of others. The need or desire to be the Hero, the teacher, the leader. The desire for success, victory, and recognition. Pride. I need to stop worrying about what other people think of me and let go of pride.

3.) What is inside me that is hindering my intuition? 4 of Wands
Freedom, Celebration, Excitement. Perhaps I am not allowing myself to feel these things, and this is holding me back. I need to let go of my self-set limitations and more truly celebrate my intuition. Allow myself to feel excited about my intuitive gifts and celebrate them!

4.) What can help me with my intuition? The World
Balance with the elements, integrating all aspects of my life, taking responsibility for things in my life which cause stress, getting the important things accomplished. I have been putting off some important things, and now am beginning to deal with some repercussions. I need to take action where it counts in order to find more satisfaction and release some worries and karmas. Using my gifts more freely and being more generous with others may also help. Considering giving more free readings or practice readings.

5.) What do I need to change to help me with my intuition? 6 of Swords
Take time for recovery and healing. A change of scenery or surroundings. Change my frame of mind, take inventory of my mental state and change the way I think to clear the way for the new. A change of direction or a change of focus.

6.) What can I do to 'unblock' myself intuitively? 4 of Pentacles
Maintain control of finances, create order and get serious about my budget. This worry about money and other issues won’t just go away on it’s own. Take charge, be in control. Once I have taken the right steps to gain control of finances, I will be less stressed and be able to release my blockages. Accept that I can’t control everything but take charge of the things that are within my grasp. Don’t let fears and the need to control stop me from doing what is best.

Sum of the Digits; (Overall Advice Card) Death
Time for a sweeping change. Get back to the basics, cleanse out the unnecessary. Take care of business in order to fully move on. Concentrate on the essentials, the things that MUST be done. Prioritize, and release the rest. Make the transition. This makes so much sense to me and just really confirms everything else that I have been getting from this reading.

Additional Card. Oracle card from the Trust Your Vibes Oracle deck by Sonia Choquette;
DECIDE - Make the choice and decide on a particular goal and then set your intention on it by saying “I Decide to…” Once you clarify your intentions in a positive manner you invite the help and aid of the universe and your guides. What have I decided and what are my intentions? “I have decided to call the IRS about the letter I received and do whatever needs to be done to resolve the problem. I have decided to put in an application for foodstamps. I have decided to work on my budget. My intentions are to take care of these important things in order to clear the path for higher vibrations, and to be proactive in my life to make the changes that are necessary to my growth and success.”

You can find the layout for this Tarot spread HERE

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