Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meditation Spell Guide

If you feel you need to give your meditation an extra boost, or would like to ask for help meditating in a ritual or spell, here are some basic magickal correspondences dealing with meditation.

Colors; Blue, White, Silver, Indigo, Purple, Violet, Yellow

Astrology; Aquarius, Pisces

Planets; Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Day of the Week: Saturdays or Wednesdays

Element: Air

Plants & Herbs;
Basil, Bay Laurel, Benzoin, Copal, Frankincense, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lavender, Mugwort, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sage, Witchgrass, Wormwood

Crystals & Gemstones;
Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Calcite, Citrine, Herkimer Diamond, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Mica, Moonstone, Obsidian, Onyx, Peridot, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Selenite, Sodalite,Topaz, Turquoise, Ulexite

Additional Tools;
Bell, Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Meditation Pillow, a Meditation Table or Altar

If you are having trouble with meditation; whether it be finding the time to meditate, or being able to still your mind long enough to relax, look at this list and see what you can put together to encourage and enhance your meditation practice.  The more ritualistic you make your meditation time, with the continuous practice and repetition of the same ritual each time, you will begin to settle more quickly and easily into a meditative state. You will also have made more of a commitment to practice meditation and there fore will find more time, or time will present itself to you.

For example, using the list and suggestions above, I would make a small meditation table in my bedroom or another private area... even a bathroom!  Place a few of the above mentioned crystals on it, along with an Air Element representation of my choice.  I would place my bell or Tibetan Singing Bowl on this table, and an incense burner or essential oil diffuser.... and choose from the above listed plants and herbs for a scent for my incense or oil.  I may find a candle in one of the colors listed above, anoint it with essential oil from one of the plants listed above and bless it with my intention to meditate more often or for longer periods of time.  I might choose to carve symbols that represent the astrological signs or planets listed above into the sides of my candle.  Once I have my area set up, I begin each meditation the same way.  I make note of what order I do things in and remember to do them in the same order each time I sit down to meditate... this repetition creates ritual.
For example, I might do a few simple stretches and drink some water.  Roll my neck and shoulders gently and stretch my back and legs to prepare for sitting.  Then I light my candle, and say a simple prayer to God/Goddess/Angels/Spirit Guides to protect me and help me during my meditation.  Next I light the incense or oil burner and simply breathe the aroma for a minute, enjoying it.  Then I would sit myself in the position I am going to meditate in, ring my bell one time to signal the beginning of my meditation, and then begin.

This is just one example of how you may use the list above to help you in meditation.  There are so many possibilities with the things listed above, from the blends of incense you might make, a mojo bag to hold while you meditate, crystals to use on a meditation mala necklace, symbols and colors to create a mandala for meditation.... come up with whatever works best for you and use it to enhance your meditation practice!

Meditation: Journey For Air

Journey For Air

Take some time to do this meditation if you are willing to delve deeper into Air Energy.  This guided Meditation is a form of meditation called Pathwalking... in which the described journey that you read or listen to is the same, but you let your imagination and creative life force carry it further.  Everyone will have a different experience with this meditation.  Write this one down in your Air Element Journal or book of shadows to use as a good meditation before doing any magick or ceremony dealing with Air Energy, or if you are seeking clarity in your thoughts, memories, communications, dreams, and divination.  Record your experiences each time you attempt this meditation.

Journey For Air

Sit quietly in a comfortable meditation position.  Close your eyes and slowly begin to deeply inhale, and slowly exhale, bringing your body and mind to a state of relaxation.  In your mind you look around, and find yourself standing on a sandy beach.

Walking along the beach as the brilliant shades of yellow and orange sink into the sea, the wind begins to blow and you seek shelter among the sand dunes.

You feel the sea grasses whipping against your legs as you follow a path between the dunes. 

A faint glow emanates from inside the dunes and you walk toward it until you see a fire in the clearing.  

Standing by the fire is a tall man.  He's staring into the flames and when you see him, there is immediate recognition.
Warmth fills your heart as you embrace him and there is immediate peace and love. 

You sit down by the fire - sheltered from the winds.
From the distance comes the faint sounds of the crashing surf.

The man's eyes are filled with compassion and wisdom, and they reflect the knowledge that a good life brings limitless rewards.  His expression is one of deep and committed love.
Slowly, he raises his chin and inhales deliberatley, drawing in all of the air around you. The fire, once blazing, is now extinguished and you are sitting in darkness next to the Great and Wise Father.  The sound of wind and waves cresting on the beach has stopped, all is silent.  The full moon rising over the dunes offers the only light.

Slowly, he exhales onto the logs and the fire is again burning brightly, the breeze lighly brushes your face and you can hear the waves moving on the beach again.  

You sit together by the fire and He shares with you the secrets of the Air.

After a time, you stand and embrace this wise teacher, you know that he has shared more than a protective embrace with you.  You walk out of the dunes assured that you will continue to discover the secrets of Air on your journey.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Breath Meditation

This simple breath meditation can help you find peace about a problem in your life or a situation that is causing you stress.  It is from the book 'The Earth Path" by Starhawk.  Please make sure you have read Air:The Gift of our Ancestors before doing this meditation.  You could possibly find someone to read it out loud to you, or even make a recording of yourself reading it out loud.  If you can't do those, copy it down or print it out so you can read it to yourself slowly, taking time to breathe and close your eyes between certain segments.  Ideally you would want to do this meditation out in nature on a nice spring day, somewhere with a slight breeze, or in front of your Air Altar.  You can light your Air Element Candle or hold your Air Element Witches' Ladder if you want.

Breath Meditation
by Starhawk, from "The Earth Path"

"Read the story of "The Gift of the Ancestors" or have someone read it out loud as a guided meditation.  Now close your eyes for a moment and simply breathe.

Breathe in with gratitude to the ancestors and with appreciation for the great creative powers of life.

Breathe out with love, as a conscious gift back to the green world.

This air is the gift of the early ancestors.  What you breathe in, this moment, originated billions of years ago.  This air passed through the lungs of dinosaurs and mammoths and the earliest human beings.  Is there a great teacher or hero from the past that you admire?  You are breathing the same air that passed through her or his lungs, sharing inspiration.

Breathe in with gratitude; breathe out with love.

Is there a problem you're stuck on, an issue that seems hopeless?  A place where you've given up in despair?

Just breathe in, taking in the creative power of the ancestors, of life, asking that power to infuse you and help you transform your issue.

Breathe out, with love and commitment, acknowledging your grief and pain or hopelessness, not trying to change it but just making space within, to breathe in again, filling yourself with creativity and power.

Continue as long as it feels right.  Don't try to solve your problem instantly; just keep breathing into it and trust that you can shift the energies around it and open the space for inspiration to come."

Craft; Make an Air Element Witches' Ladder

My Air Element Witches' Ladder
Yarn; 3 different colors, about a yard of each.  I chose yellow, white, and light blue for Air Element colors
Feathers; 9.  You may want each feather to be a different color, or choose all one color for your Ladder.
Beads; 9 beads, one to attach with each feather.
Some thread or thin beading wire to put thru each bead and wrap around each feather.
9 small strips of paper.

To begin, write 9 different aspects of Air Energy on your strips of paper.  Look at the list of Air Correspondences and what types of magick are done with Air energy for some ideas.  For example; Communication, Learning, Divination, Music, New Beginnings, Spring, Clear thinking, clean air, etc.  Set these papers aside with the feathers.

Take each of your beads and string some of the beading wire or thread through them, so they are ready when you need them.

Take the 3 strands of yarn and tie them together at the top.  I attached a butterfly pendant to the top of mine for hanging it up, and for further representation of the Air Element.

You may want to take some time meditating on the Air Element and your breath before you begin.  If possible, play some soothing music with the sound of wind, wind chimes, and bells while you create your Witches' Ladder.

Begin braiding the 3 strands of yarn.  Braid about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches, then stop.  Attach the bead.  Take one of the feathers, and one of the strips of paper.  Look at what is written on the paper, then wrap it tightly around the base of the feather.  Use the thread from the bead and wrap it tightly around the feather and paper, and wrap the yarn around it as well, stating out loud the energy and purpose of this feather .... "For clear communication", or "for Air energy of Divination", etc.  Braid another inch in the yarn and then repeat the process of attaching a bead, wrapping the word around the feather, attaching the feather, and stating it's purpose out loud.  Repeat until you have all 9 feathers and beads attached, then tie off the ladder in a final knot, saying, "The Energy of Air is stored here for my use, whenever I shall need it.  Thank you, Air for blessing my Ladder.  My intentions are pure and my spell is done, So Mote It Be."

There are a few ways you can use your Air Element Witches' Ladder.
You can hang it up on an Eastern wall or window of your home to invite Air Energy into your home.
You can hang it above your Altar as a permanent Air representation.
You can use it during Air Energy magick or Rituals by simply holding it, draping it around your shoulders, or wrapping it around your wrist... even wrapping it around your wand or Athame or wrapping it around the base of a candle you want to charge with Air Energy.

For Meditation;
You can use it as a meditation tool, simply holding it at the first bead/feather and breathing in and out three steady inhales and exhales, then move to the next bead/feather and repeat three steady inhales and exhales.  This meditation will be a good way to count and track your breathing, and you will automatically be more connected to Air Energy when you are finished.  It would be a perfect meditation to do before doing any type of Air Magic, or before doing anything that will involve communication (before a speech or job interview), before divination practices (to open the pathways of communication with your spirit guides and Higher Self), etc.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Message from the Angels; Breath

This is from the book, "Messages From Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue.  Doreen works very closely with the Angels, who are non-denominational beings of Light and Love.  She can see, hear and feel them, and she wrote this book of messages she has channeled from the Angels for all humans to hear.  I felt this is an important message to share right now, with our focus on Breath and Meditation in this week's lesson on the Air Element

"Ahh yes, your relationship to oxygen.  The very breath that you take at this moment is fueled by a desire to continue on this path that you have started.  Some may say that breath is an automatic instinct, but from our perspective, it is a behavior that you engage in, as confirmation of your desire to stay upon the earth.
Each breath contains information within it's molecular structure.  We are in charge of this exchange of information.  For, as you continue with your stay upon Earth, you need sustenance and assistance.  We imbue each molecule of precious oxygen with guidance and instructions.  It is our chief means of staying in touch with you, and within you.
Your breath is tantamount to a continuous meeting between us angels, your higher consciousness, and your Earthly self.  It is a round-table discussion, in which your next move is planned, and then the next.  All of this is based upon your intentions, you see.  With your out-breath, we are able to extract from you that which you no longer desire.  And with your in-breath, we imbue positive direction that holds you up in the face of apparent discourse.
The stronger your desire, the stronger your breath.  That is why during moments of strong desire, your breath deepens, and during moments when you feel helpless, your breath is shallow.  Anytime you desire to create strong and rapid movement in your life, simply deepen your breath while perceiving your desire.  You can achieve this through physical exertion, or simply through breath combined with meditation.  
This formula may seem quite simple, yet we assure you that it is a powerful one that is instilled deep within your subconscious mind,  So often we see you weary and in need of our help.  You call upon us, yet our effectiveness is hampered by your slow and shallow breath.  Right now, draw upon a deep and elongated breath while you call upon us for assistance.  You shall feel our presence as you inhale.  
When we encourage you to exercise, we do so partly to encourage this deeper form of breath.  We know you have noticed how many of your questions and troubles are answered at the conclusion of your exercise activities.  That is because we are deeply transmitting to you as you exercise and deepen your breath.  We are instilling you with comfort, guidance, and new perspectives on the situations at hand.
Awareness of your breath is essential for you at this time.  Breathe deeply into your belly, and enjoy the sensation of filling your lungs.  The higher the percentage of oxygen within each breath, the greater our degree of transmission to you.  This is why it is more difficult to hear us when you block your body from receiving oxygen through such activities as smoking, drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks, and breathing fumes and polluted air.  That is one more reason why we ask you to join with us in dispensing toxic soot from your air, as it diminishes our abilities to freely communicate with you and all beings.  For now then, dear child of God, establish your foothold strongly by concentrating on deepening and strengthening your breath.  Then, we shall see what information is in the store for you - information that can free you in so many ways!!"

Mommy Time Monday; Two of Swords, and a recipe!

Mommy Time Monday! Each week I'll draw and post a tarot card from The Housewives Tarot and share it with you. So go ahead, sit down and take some time for yourself, you never know what inspiration and advice The Housewives may have for you!  This week's card is also part of our Air Element Study, where we will be exploring the Tarot Suit of Swords!

The Ace of Swords
from The Housewives' Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, Quirk Books 2004.  (I claim no ownership of this deck or the artwork and share it here as an informational post among friends, no copyright infringement is intended.)

"Conflicts, Opposing views, Impartiality"

"Like Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, life can be full of conflicts.  As the blindfolded woman illustrates, it is important to remain impartial when stalemates occur.  The two of swords reminds us that it is seemingly opposing tastes - like cranberry sauce and green bean casserole - that make life more delicious.  After all, if no one wanted the dark meat, there wouldn't be enough light meat to go around."
~ From the Guidebook to the Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum. 

The Suit of Swords is related to the Air element; thoughts, communications, decision making, learning, and all things dealing with our Mental Processes.  With the Ace of Swords we faced the seed of an idea, the beginning of a new way of thinking or a new mental journey.  With the Two of swords we reach our first mental crossroads, a choice to be made.  But the lesson here is not really in the choice itself, it's in how you go about making the choice.  There are times when it's good to be impartial, go inside, and really trust your instincts.  The blindfold doesn't necessarily mean that the woman in the card is "blinded" or somehow weakened by her blindfold.  She is learning to trust her other senses more, she is having to carefully weigh out her next move without relying on the sense of vision we so strongly rely on.  This card goes quite perfectly with our week of meditation study; practicing finding that impartial and slightly detached place within can be an important tool for when you face difficult decisions in the future.

Recipe of The Week;
Two of Swords
Quick Dill Pickles
from The Epicurean Tarot Recipe Cards by Corrine Kenner, U.S. Games Systems (I claim no ownership of this deck or the artwork and share it here as an informational post among friends, no copyright infringement is intended.)

"The woman on the Two of Swords seems to be in a pickle; blindfolded, perched on a stormy seashore and forced to balance two deadly weapons.  Honor her spirit with some quick and crunchy dill pickles."

1 dozen large pickling cucumbers
3 quartz white vinegar
3 cups sugar
6 teaspoons kosher salt
3 cloves garlic
9 pearl onions
3 teaspoons pickling spice
3 small bunches dill
6 drops green food coloring (optional)

Wash the cucumbers and quarter them lengthwise.
Pack 12 cucumber spears upright in each pre-sterilized jar.
Bring the vinegar, sugar, and salt to a boil.
Carefully pour the boiling liquid over the cucumbers, filling the jars to within 1/2 an inch to the top.
Add a clove of garlic, 3 pearl onions, a teaspoon of pickling spice, a bunch of dill, and two drops of food coloring to each jar.  
Seal the jars immediately and let cool.
Refrigerate the pickles for at least a week, and serve them withing three weeks.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Air; The Gift of The Ancestors

This story is from the book The Earth Path by Starhawk.  I think  it's an important and enlightening story for us all to read as we study the Air element.  It gives a very life-affirming understanding of Air and it's role in life on this planet... and the other elements as well.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope it will help open your heart and spirit to what the Element of Air really represents to us.  It is Life; past, present, and future.  We are breathing the Gift of our Ancestors!
The Gift of The Ancestors
by Starhawk, The Earth Path

Life on earth was still relatively new.  At first, simple, one celled beings filled the seas, living by changing the energy patterns around them, breaking down large molecules - complex clumps of dancing energy and form - into smaller clumps, using the energy released to move and dance.  They filled the seas in promiscuous abundance, constantly exchanging bits of DNA, sidling up to one another and crooning the bacterial equivalent of "Hey, hey, hey baby - the thought of trading genes with you makes me cr-crazy!"  They formed one life-whole, one global gene pool, one planetary well of information and experimentation.
But after a time, life reached a crisis point.  Life began to run out of food.  There weren't enough of these complex molecules for all of life to continue, and life began to starve and die.
Yet life has always been inventive and creative.  Those simple, one-celled beings were already experimenting with different forms.  Some were long and skinny and wriggled and swam.  Some were round and fat.  Some adapted to hot and some to cold.  And always they were trading genes, shifting forms, changing and transforming.  At that time, there wasn't yet a brain on the planet, yet life came up with something so brilliant, so amazing, that it transformed the whole nature of existence and the atmosphere itself.
Life invented a mandala.  A beautiful molecule, like a patterned flower, with a magic quality.  For when a photon of sunlight struck the heart of this pattern, it began to vibrate and shiver and set off a chain of reactions that harvested the sun's energy to turn carbon dioxide and water into food.  Chlorophyll and the process of photosynthesis were life's next great invention, and the green things, the sunlight harvesters were born.
Green things filled the seas and the crevices of the shores, flung a smear of filmy life over rock and sand.  Life flourished as never before.
But there was one problem.  The miraculous process that used sunlight to make food gave off a waste product, a toxic gas that burned and destroyed everything it touched.  And as life grew, over hundreds of millions, and then billions of years, the very air became polluted by this gas, so that life could no longer avoid it's touch of death.
But life continued to experiment and invent.  Some of tiny creatures dug down in the mud to avoid the toxic gas.  Some clumped together for protection.
And some discovered another miracle, that by reversing one of the moves in the dance of photosynthesis, a new process could be born - one that could take the toxic gas, which we call oxygen, and use it to burn food and make energy.
And so the breathers were born, those who dine on the sunlight-harvesters, burning their bodies as fuel for life.  In burning food, the breathers give off carbon-dioxide, which the green things (with help from the sun) transform to food again.  And the green things give off oxygen, which the breathers again use in burning food.  Gaia began to breathe, passing her breath back and forth from red to green, continuing to build up oxygen, to transform herself.
And after millions of years, the breathers took the mandala of the chlorophyll. switched the atom at it's heart to iron, and formed the hemoglobin that swims in the cells of our red blood.
And so the cycle is complete, and the earth breathes in and out, red to green to red.
And this air we breathe is a gift of the early ancestors.  With each breath in, we take in the results of their great creativity.  With each breath out, we give back.
And the balance is so perfectly kept that oxygen remains at just the right level to sustain life.  For if there were only a few more percentage points of oxygen in the air, any spark would light a fire that would ignite the whole atmosphere.  And if there were only a few percentage points less, no fire would ever burn and we could not live."

Take some time to read this story to yourself slowly.  You may even ask someone to read it out loud to you so you can close your eyes and use it as a guided meditation.  Breathe in and out slowly and evenly.  Contemplate the miracle of the exchange of oxygen and carbon-dioxide.  Think about how your ancestors many years ago, breathed in oxygen, and created carbon-dioxide which then fed the plants and trees.  Those plants and trees became a part of your breathing ancestor by taking in the carbon-dioxide they created.  Those plants then created oxygen, which your ancestors' children breathed in.  And the cycle continued, and even now, every breath you take, contains a particle that has at some point passed through every one of your ancestors, every breathing life form, and every green, light-eating thing alike.  You are breathing the history of this planet.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Air Element Study, Lesson 3 - Breath & Meditation

Air Element Studies, Lesson 3 - Breath & Meditation

The easiest and most efficient way to connect with Air Energy is something you do all the time anyways.  Breathing.



You just engaged yourself quite directly with the Element of Air.  Of course, to really connect with Air Energy you need to bring awareness to your breathing.  Pay attention to it.  Do it with intention, take notice of how you feel with each breath.  This is where meditation comes in.
Meditation is a form of Air Element Magick.  It's an important skill to learn, not just for Air Energy magick, but for all forms of magick, for positivity, the law of attraction, stress relief, and improved health.  Meditation improves your focus and concentration, which makes it easier for you to truly focus your intent into any magick or ritual you do.  It also improves your brain-power as your focus and concentration improve, so do your abilities to learn and remember things (as you remember... learning and studying are basic Air Element aspects).  Meditation and focused breathing improves blood flow to your brain, eyes, and all other internal organs, improving your all over-health and sense of well being.  It can help you relieve stress, sleep better, worry less, and just feel better!

Over the next week I will post some basic meditation tips and techniques, a few guided meditations, and yes we will even create a craft project to help us with our breath meditations!  For starters, here is some food for thought;

The Meaning of the Breath
by Stephan Bodain, from "Meditation For Dummies"
"  Traditional cultures identified the breath with the life force that animates all beings.  For example, the Latin word spiritus (the root of both "spirited" and "spiritual"), the Greek word anima (from which we derive the word "animated"), the Hebrew word ruach, and the Sanskrit word brahman may all sound quite different, but they all have one thing in common - they all mean both "breath" and "Spirit or Soul".  When you follow your breath with awareness, you're not only harmonizing your body and mind, which gives you a sense of inner harmony and wholeness, you're also exploring the living frontier where body, mind, and spirit meet - and attuning yourself to a spiritual dimension of being."

Getting Started.... Basic Awareness of Breath Meditation
There are many basic meditation techniques that involve controlling the breath (controlling the length of inhale and exhale), counting the breath (counting how many breaths you take or how long each breath is), or creating a certain rhythm to your breath.  We will explore some of these later on.  But for now, just to simply learn awareness and contact basic Air Energy.... begin by simply being aware of your breath.  Sit comfortably, and relax.  It's best not to lay down because you may fall asleep, and while you do want to relax, you also want to remain aware.  Find a comfortable position and simply observe your breath.  Observe how your lungs expand.  Observe how in some breaths you breathe down into your belly, and in other breaths you simply breathe into the top of your lungs.  Observe that your exhale is naturally longer in length than your inhale.  Just spend 5 to 10 minutes observing your breathing, not trying to control or change it but simply just trying to remain in awareness of your breath.  If your mind wanders and you find you are thinking of something other than your breath, that's okay.  Just gently re-direct your focus and awareness to your breathing.  Be gentle with yourself, as if you are reminding a child who has been distracted to get back to their task.  Just simply spend some time in awareness of your breath.  Repeat this throughout the next couple of days.  Even when you are busy, take a moment to notice your breathing and how it is changed based on how you feel, what you are doing, who you are around.  Make an effort over the next few days to simply bring awareness to the act of breathing, which is something we normally do without notice or thought.

For Young Children (or for the young at heart!)
Sit cross-legged.  Place your hands on your chest and simply notice how your chest moves up and down with each inhale and exhale.  Do this for a couple minutes.  Next, lay down flat on your back.  Place a small stuffed animal on your belly.  Notice how it moves up and down with each exhale and inhale.  Try to remain focused on moving your toy up and down by simply breathing in and out as long as you can, up to 5 minutes.

Faerie Friday - Letting Go

I thought that with our Air Element studies, it would be a good time to connect with the Faeries and see what lessons they have for us each week!  So every Friday (as my hectic life permits) I will draw a card - either from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, or from The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem.  For each week's reading I will ask what advice the Fairies have for us; both for myself and for those of us who are following this blog and the Air Element Studies.  This card will give us something we can work on, an area of focus, or some advice to follow for the following week.... from Friday thru next Friday!  Enjoy, and let's see what the Faeries have to teach us!

This week I drew a card from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Artwork by Corey Wolfe.  www.coreywolfe.com 

Card Meaning & Message from the Fairies;
"You aren't receiving positive results because you're struggling too much to solve the problem.  By letting go, you're opening yourself up to a miraculous solution.

Problems are caused by human thinking and action.  That's why problems aren't solved by additional human thinking and action.  When we think hard or struggle to resolve a crisis, things can actually get worse!
By drawing this card, you are being asked to stop the human struggle.  Stop thinking about the problem, since a focus on negativity can manifest more negativity.  Say aloud or silently, "I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator [Higher Power / God / Goddess / Angels] right now."  By affirming this statement, heaven is able to intervene on your behalf.  You will instantly feel relief, and will be gratified to see how easily and naturally the situation resolves itself."

Affirmation; "I am willing to surrender this situation to my Creator right now.  When I let go, everything turns out perfectly."

~ By Doreen Virtue, from the booklet to the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck.  I do not claim ownership of this deck or what is written above, and no copyright infringement is intended.  I am sharing here among friends.
I find it wonderful that this is the card we got for this week.  Our upcoming lessons in our Air Element study are going to be about working with Air in the form of Breath and Meditation.  Meditation is all about letting go.... about letting go of fear and worry and thoughts for awhile, finding that peaceful place within, and letting our Higher Self or Higher Consciousness come through.  In letting go of the chatter of the mind and ego, we can hear what our Higher Self, our Angels, our Spirit Guides, and even the God/Goddess are telling us.  When you develop a good habit of meditating, you can find that the solutions to your problems come to you much more easily when you are in this relaxed state!

Also, this card might present itself to some as a lesson about meditation itself.  When teaching yourself to meditate, there can be many frustrations and doubts and fears that come to the surface.  "Why can't I clear my mind?"  "Why can't I stay focused?"  "Why is this so hard?".... it's not easy to train your mind to just be quiet for awhile and let your Higher Self do the talking.  When you are finding yourself frustrated with meditation, remember this card and the message from the Fairies.... LET GO!  You're not going to be perfect at it right away... no one is!  Let go of your self-criticism, your perfectionism, and your ridiculously high standards for yourself.  Meditation is an act of self-love, and should not be a time of fears and doubts.  Just LET GO, and keep trying!  You WILL get better at it if you keep it up and keep practicing!  And then, once you have become more comfortable with meditating, you will be able to really understand the original message of this card, and when you have a problem or worry, it will be much easier to slip into the peaceful, trusting state of mind in order to truly let go and let the Divine help you find solutions to your problems! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Air Blessing "Promise" Sachet

I wrote this spell as something to do to spiritually help clean up air pollution, and as a way to remind myself to do my part.

Air Blessing "Promise" Sachet

yellow or sky-blue fabric
needle & thread or a string to tie it up with
some feathers
blank paper and a pen or pencil
as many dried herbs, plants, or spices that represent the Air Element or Environmental Healing as you can find.

Begin with meditation in front of your Air Altar or with your Air Element Candle, silently or with an air element guided meditation or music.   Think about the ways you can help prevent air pollution, whether big or small. Begin to write down the small things you want to do or already do on small peices of paper that you can fold or roll up to place in your sachet.

Speak each affirmation or promise of what you are going to do for the environment out loud or in your head as you fold them or roll them up and place them in the center of your cloth.  One at a time, place the herbs or spices you have chosen on top of the peices of paper, stating your reason for adding that herb and what kind of power it brings to your spell.
For example; "I place these lemon peels for cleansing and purification, and to keep my intentions pure and fresh!  I place this Bay Leaf for cleansing and purification of the skies, and to give me strength and wisdom to guide my actions.", etc.  If you wish, add some feathers to the sachet to make it more full and fluffy and light like a pillow.

Tie it up or sew it shut, focusing on your intent to follow through with your goals and visualizing clean, clear skies,  You may wish to say the example prayer I have listed here, or write a blessing prayer of your own. Or, this simple spell for balance prayer could be adjusted to bless your sachet as well!   You may embellish the sachet with charms that represent the Air, or some feathers.  Hang it somewhere you can see it often to remind you of your promise to help clean up the skies and as encouragement that you CAN make a difference!

my Air Blessing Promise Sachet

This is a beautiful picture of a sunset outside my home in Arizona

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tarot Tuesday - The Fool - Air Element Studies

As we continue to explore the Air Element in depth in our Elemental Studies, and are still at the beginning of our journey, I thought this week we could take a look at The Fool.

The Fool is considered to be the Elemental Trump of the Air Sign, representing much of the basic ideals of the Air Element, just like the Ace of Swords.

The Fool is also related to the Air Element through it's planetary connection to Uranus.  Uranus is the planetary ruler of the air sign Aquarius.  Aquarians are known to be free-thinkers, adventurures who tend to think outside the box.  They love to learn, and dislike being stuck in the same routine or a "rut" for very long.

Uranus is a planet of Spiritual seekers and Humanitarianism.

When I look at The Fool I can see all those things.  He's starting a new journey, much like the season of Spring represents new beginnings for the Air Element.  He doesn't know where his journey will take him, but the destination isn't really the point of the Fool's Journey.  It's the Journey itself that matters... what he will learn and experience.  This is what The Fool craves.  Sure, others might say he's... well... foolish.  But the great explorers and discovery makers of the history of humanity were all called "fools" at one point or another.  If they hadn't taken the chances and gone out into the unknown with open minds, we might still think the earth is flat, we might not have discovered how to harness electricity, and we still might not understand how gravity works.

As we continue to study the Air Element, remember to keep an open mind, the way The Fool does.  Fully embrace each experience, each sychronicity, and try to see the world and these lessons through the eyes of a child; whether you are new to this or a well-weathered witch/pagan who thinks you know all about "The Basics of the Elements", there is always something new to learn and experience.  Let the Fool guide you!

Here is a more in-depth post I wrote about The Fool previously, please check it out!! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Full Moon Spell to Heal The Earth

Air Element Study, Lesson Two
Air Pollution and what we Can Do About It.
A Full Moon Spell to Gaia for Healing of the Earth

For this spell, you may choose different candle colors, herbs, and incesne based on the type of Environmental Healing you want to do.  (Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Earth Pollution)  You may choose to do this healing based on the astrological sign of the Full Moon.  For example, the upcoming Full Moon will be Wednesday/Thursday April 24th and 25th, and it will be in Libra, an Air Sign.  So I would choose correspondences to go with Air Healing.  For my full list of correspondences for Environmental healing please read this post.

Gather your herbs, incense, two candles, crystals of your choice, and a cauldron or offering bowl.

Open the circle, and meditate for awhile on your intent.  When you are ready, place the herbs you chose in the offering bowl, arrange the crystals around it.  Set one candle behind it.  Light the candle and incense.  Place both hands, palm down on the altar and chant;

"Mother Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, 
I give you honor,
for without your care and being
I would have no home.
Earth Mother, hear my words.

I have need of your Divine Presence."

Light the second candle from the flame of the first, and carry it to the East.

"Awake, Earth Mother!
Your winds are heavy and foul!
Sweep them clean again!"

Carry the candle to the South

"Awake, Earth Mother!
Your children need your cleansing rays of light.
Our atmosphere is in trouble!"

Carry the candle to the West.

"Awake, Earth Mother! 
The plants and animals and humans are in danger.
Protect your children!"

Carry the candle to the North.

"Awake, Earth Mother!
The planet itself is sick.
Do not destroy us in order to restore balance.
Rather inspire us to all work together as healers of our world.

Come again to your children, Gaia!"

Place the candle on the altar.  Stand with upraised arms

"Awaken our minds and souls, Gaia!
Teach all humans to respect their home.
Teach us responsibility, 
whether it be of chemicals or population,
Awaken us all to the needs of our Earth!"

Thank Gaia for her presense, and extinguish the candles.  Put the herbs outside as an offering to the Earth.  Or, if you wish, leave the candles lit while you do another spell or say more prayers for healing of the Air (or Earth, or Water, whatever the focus of your spell.)  Make sure you follow through by doing your part to help heal the Earth!

Read Here for another prayer to heal the skies.
Read Here for a Meditation on Healing the Earth on Pollution (You could do this meditation at either the beginning or end of your spell)
If you have chosen a couple simple ways that you want to help reduce air pollution, whether you are making changes in your lifestyle or it is something you have already begun doing, here is a simple blessing prayer to dedicate your activity to the greater good of healing The Air.

A Spell For Balance

Air Element Studies, Lesson Two
Air Pollution and What We Can Do about it.

A Spell For Balance
by Starhawk, from "The Earth Path"

"When you are faced with a choice to do something small in service of the Earth that requires some sacrifice [or change] on your part, stop first, breathe and ground and say;
"I offer up this (walk, bus ride, effort of recycling, creation of a compost pile, money spent on an energy saving light bulb... etc.) to the greater balance and healing of the Earth.  Let this small act be like a ripple that grows into a wide circle as it moves outward, leading to greater change.  With every breath in as I (walk, ride, compost, enjoy the light...etc), I will remember my gratitude to the ancestors for the miracle gift of air.  With every breath out I will renew my love and commitment to the balance"."

If you haven't yet, choose something you can do to help prevent and clean up air pollution.  Make a commitment to do it, say this prayer, and remember to breathe in and out slowly and feel gratitude, respect, balance, and intention every time you do whatever it is you have chosen.  No matter how small it seems, it is an act to restore balance and show your love for the Earth and respect to your Ancestors.

This is one small thing I have done so far.  I bought a second trash can for my kitchen, and I labeled it so my kids know to use it for items that can be recycled.  This helps them remember to sort the recyclables from the regular trash, which means we should be recycling a little bit more every week!  I am going to say the above prayer every time I empty this trash bin into our Recycling Collection bin that the city provides for us.  

Environmental Healing Spell Guide

Air Element Study, Lesson Two
Air Pollution and what we can do to help.

If you are wanting to create your own spell or ritual for Healing of The Earth, here are some correspondences you might want to keep in mind.  Creating your own spell is easy and fun, and I think sometimes a spell created on our own can be more powerful because we put our own energy into coming up with it.

Environmental Healing Spell Correspondences

Colors; (Colors can be used for candles you use, paper your write on, color of pen you use for writing your prayer, ribbons or string/cord you use, or fabric to make a sachet.)
For Earth Healing; Green, Brown, Black
For Air Healing; Yellow, White, or Sky Blue
For Water Healing: Blue or Sea-Green

Plants;  (Used in the form of incense, essential oils, or dried herbs you use in any other way)
Acorn, Apple, Basil, Copal, Elm, Frankincense, Lavender, Maple, Myrrh, Pine, Rose, Sage, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Willow, Yarrow

Crystals and Gemstones;
Amber, Bloodstone, Calcite, Carnelian, Copper, Garnet, Jasper, Obsidian, Petrified Wood, Quartz

Astrological Signs (For timing of your spell, or for writing / carving a sigil representing the sign's power into your candle or paper, etc)
For Earth Healing; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
For Air Healing; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
For Water Healing; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Day of the Week (not necessary, but might add a boost to your spell if you can do it on the day of the week related to it's element.)
For Earth Healing; Saturday, Thursday
For Air Healing; Wednesday, Sunday
For Water Healing; Monday

Element/Direction/Elementals.  All directions may be summoned for your circle, as all elements are connected.  But you can pay special attention in calling these elements or directions depending on what kind of environmental healing you are doing.
Earth Healing; Earth/North/Gnomes
Air Healing; Air/East/Sylphs
Water Healing; Water/West/Sprites or Mermaids

Tarot Cards; (Some people like to place Tarot Cards on their Altar to represent the magick they are working)
Earth Healing; The Empress, The World or Ace of Pentacles
Air Healing; The Sun, The Lovers, Ace of Swords (or Ace of Wands depending on your deck's correspondences)
Water Healing: The Star, Temperance, or Ace of Cups

For a list of Archangels, Gods & Goddesses, and Elementals you can call on for Environmental work and Earth Healing, read this post.

Chemtrails - Info & Prayer For Healing The Skies

Air Element Studies; Lesson Two

Air Pollution and what we can do about it.

Here are two documentaries about chemtrails.  Please watch them when you have time.  Below is a prayer invoking several different Archangels and Deities to help with clearing away the toxins in the skies left by chemtrails.

What in The World Are They Spraying?

Why In The World Are They Spraying? 

Chief Calls for World Prayer for Chemtrail Healing

This is another link to someone praying for healing of chemtrails, though I can't get the video to load you can check it out as well; http://youtu.be/Toa45HexG9g 

Simple Prayer for Healing of Chemtrails.  Simply ask whatever God, Goddess, Archangel, or Elemental you wish to work with to clear the skies when you see chemtrails.

Example, "Archangel Michael, please help clear away the toxins in the skies left by chemtrails.  Heal the skies and let them shine clear.  Amen."

Or, you can even include all the Archangels, Dieties, and Elementals I mentioned in This Post.
For Example;

Archangel Ariel, please help protect the animals of the earth, including humans, by clearing away the toxins created by chemtrails.  Archangel Jophiel, please help make the skies beautiful again and clear away all traces of these chemtrails in the sky, and help all people see the beauty of nature.  Archangel Michael, please help clear away the toxins in the skies left by chemtrails and help us heal the skies.  Beautiful Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, please help clear the skies of pollution and let us absorb the true, healthy light of the sun, and help us show others the way to heal the planet.  Beloved Aine, Queen of the Faeries, please help heal the skies and protect the earth and all it's inhabitants.  I offer my aid to You and the faeries in doing my part to help take care of nature.  Beautiful Sylphs, creatures of the Wind, please help clear the skies and bring only weather that is natural, not man-made and toxic.  Powerful Dragons of the East and the Air Element, we would be ever grateful to you for flying through the skies to clear away these toxins, chemtrails, and smog with your powerful wings.  Swift Mercury, messenger of The Gods, carry our prayer through the skies, take our message of love and healing far and wide and let our prayer be heard by all Divine Forces, Angels,  Elementals, and Ascended Masters.  

You can say this entire prayer, or just choose the parts of it you feel comfortable saying.  Or, call upon your own deity of choice, or simply The Divine, Mother Nature, etc.  Let's join together in daily prayer to help heal the skies, and in prayer whenever you see chemtrails over the areas where you live or work.

Goddesses & Archangels to call upon for Environmental Help

Air Element Studies
Lesson Two; Air Pollution and what we can do to help

Below is a list of specific Goddesses, Gods, and Archangels that are particularly concerned about Air Pollution, and a brief description of each.  They would be more than happy to help you in your endeavors to clean up the planet, and can be called upon in prayer and spell work to help clear away Air Pollution, and to help motivate you to do your part.

Archangel Ariel - Ariel is also known as the "Lioness" and she is a powerful light worker.  Her main focus is helping people love each other, but she also has a strong affinity with nature and wild animals.  She can be called upon to protect animals, and to help people develop a more loving attitude towards each other, resulting in humans better working together to save the planet.

Archangel Jophiel - Jophiel is known as "Beauty of God" and she helps people see the beauty in their lives.  She can help you find ways to beautify your yard, neighborhood, and home in the process of cleaning up the environment.  She can also help you see that whatever you do for nature... no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, is a beautiful act of love.  She can also be called upon to help others see the beauty of the planet and thus be inspired to help take care of it.

Archangel Michael - Michael is God's Warrior.  Anything that is important to you, he can help you with.  Many people have called upon Archangel Michael to remove all kinds of blockages from your life, and this can apply in an environmental sense too.  Ask Michael to help clear the way for your efforts to make a difference.  Many people have also had great luck in calling on Archangel Michael to help clear away chemtrails in the skies and clear away air pollution in their area on a smoggy day.

God- Mercury - Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods of Olympia, flying back and forth between Mount Olympus and the Earth with his winged shoes.  As a god of Air and Sky, associated with Mercury and the Air Element, he can be a powerful God to call upon in asking for help to heal the earth's skies, and to help spread the message about the importance of this work.

Goddess - Aine - Irish Moon Goddess of love, fertility, protection, and environmental concerns.  She is aligned with the Fairies and is thought to be a Faerie Queen.  She is a protector of women, especially those who respect planet earth and care about the environment.  Call upon her aid to help bless your efforts, and to help in the process of clearing negativity from the earth, protecting it's animals, and help in working with the Faeries.

Goddess - Amaterasu - Shinto Goddess of the Sun.  In the Shinto (Japanese) tradition the roles of male/Female for the sun and the Moon are switched.  Most Pagan paths see the Sun as a Father figure, but in this case, the Sun is a Mother Figure.  Amaterasu wants her light to be able to shine on the Earth in a healthy way, to help the plants grow and life thrive.  She would be an excellent Goddess to call upon to help clear away air pollution.  She also helps people with self-confidence and with being able to see their own light and power... so in working with her you may be able to more clearly see your own gifts and what you can do to help the environment, or gain more confidence in teaching others about environmental care.


Sylphs - Sylphs are creatures of the Wind, much like Angels, flying high in the sky with huge wingspans, invisible except for the patterns their wings leave in the clouds and in chemtrails as they disperse them.  They are relations of the Sidhe, and care little about human affairs, but you can gain their respect by showing an interest in healing the skies.  You might feel their presence with a strong gust of wind, and if they choose to walk on the earth for a moment or two, you may see a tall, shadowy human figure out of the corner of your eye and sense a "Fairie-like" playfulness and curiosity about them (though you won't likely see anything when you turn to look directly at them)
Dragons.  Specifically, Dragons of The East for healing of the Air.  Dragons are powerful Spirit Guides and should not be called upon lightly.  Call upon them with respect and gratitude.

If you want, copy this list into your Air Element section of your journal or Book of Shadows.  You may wish to write a prayer calling upon one, two, or even all of these Deities and Archangels to help heal the planet's skies and Air.

Air Element Study; Lesson 2 - Air Purification (Household Magick)

Air Element Study: Lesson 2
Air Purification (Household Magick)
Here are some methods for purifying the Air within your home! 

Fresh Air Spell
by Ember

"This spell is to create a room-cleansing mist to cleanse a space of negative energy and create a positive atmosphere.  Make a "tea bag" by adding equal parts rosemary and sage to a piece of cheesecloth.  Tie the bag and toss it into water that is just at the brink of boiling.  Allow this infusion to steep until it's partially cooled.  Remove the cheesecloth bag and pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle.  Add a few drops of peppermint and orange essential oil, a sprig of dill, and a pinch of sea salt.  Place the bottle on your altar or table and allow it to cool completely.  If you wish, make a circle of quartz crystals around it and focus your intent on specific issues you wish to manifest.  Spray the mixture into the air of any room you would like to freshen with positive energy."

Note from Tarot Mom; To make this spell into a more Air Energy type of spell, place it on your Air Altar before use, light your Air Element Candle, place the Ace of Swords next the the bottle with the crystals, and say a prayer asking the water mixture to be blessed with the energy of fresh Air; and focus your intent on creating positive space that allows clear thinking, learning, and communication.  For an extra Air Energy boost, ring a bell as you spray the room.

Air Purifying Household Plants

Some wonderful plants to keep around your home, they will suck up large amounts of carbon dioxide and other toxities in the air and put out nice big bursts of Oxygen purifying the air. 

1. Bamboo Palm According to NASA, it removes formaldehyde and is also said to act as a natural humidifier.

2. Snake Plant Found by NASA to absorb nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde.

3. Areca Palm One of the best air purifying plants for general air cleanliness.

4. Spider Plant Great indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from the air.

5. Peace Lily Peace lilies could be called the clean all. They're often placed in bathrooms or laundry rooms because they're known for removing mold spores. Also know to remove formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

6. Gerbera Daisy Not only do these gorgeous flowers remove benzene from the air, they're known to improve sleep by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off more oxygen over night. So make great bedroom plants.

~ From "Wicca Teachings" on FaceBook

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Scientific studies have shown that rock salt lamps can increase the negative ion count by up to 300% and excessive negative ions are essential for a positive mood and high energy. When warmed by the globe the rock salt generates a stream of negative ions which improves the air quality.

They remove odors from the air naturally, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Televisions, radios, computers, microwaves, transmitters all produce positive ions. Placing a Rock Salt Lamp nearby produces the negative ions required for good health. Using one at work will help to make you feel more energized. 

Working under bright artificial light can make you feel tired, however the negative ions created by your lamp, balance this energy making you fell rejuvenated and energized.

Also beneficial for people effected by arthritis, asthma, stress, insomnia, aches, fatigue, tiredness, migraines, headaches, hormonal imbalance, attention deficit disorder and poor concentration.

It is safe and beneficial to leave your lamp on at all times.

Care of your lamp:

To clean your lamp just wipe gently with a damp cloth. Do not use a soaking cloth as this will begin to dissolve it. 

If you live in a humid area place your lamp in a plastic bag when it is turned off so it will not absorb the moisture in the air.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Air Element Study - Lesson 2 - Air Pollution

Air Element Study, Lesson 2

Monday, April 22 is Earth Day!  Even though realistically we know that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY, I thought our next lesson on the Air Element in our Elemental Studies should be on Air Pollution and a few things we can do about it.

Please make an effort this week to pick some things in your lifestyle you can change that can help reduce Air Pollution.  There are some ideas for things you can do in these posts;

Air Pollution Info & Solutions (for kids)

Air Pollution - what you can do at home

Air Pollution - what you can do while traveling

Make a list of some of these things and add it to your Air Element section of your Book of Shadows or Element Journal.  If you want, just make a list of the things you can do.  You can even write down a pact... a promise to the Air Element to do one or two of these things, and dedicate the action you take to the Air Element & the God & Goddess.

I have also posted some prayers, meditations, and messages from the Angels and Faeries to help us focus on this problem at a spiritual level.  If you choose, you can copy or print copies of these for your Book of Shadows or Air Element journal as well.

Environmental Awareness - Message from the Fairies (including a meditation and affirmations you can add to your Book of Shadows or Journal)

Pollution - Message from The Angels

Prayer to remove toxins from the Air - not posted yet... coming soon!

Environmental Magick Spell Guide - coming soon!

Fresh Air Spell - Coming soon!

Message from The Angels; Pollution

This is from the book, "Messages From Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue.  Doreen works very closely with the Angels, who are non-denominational beings of Light and Love.  She can see, hear and feel them, and she wrote this book of messages she has channeled from the Angels for all humans to hear.  I fell this is an important message to share right now.

Message from The Angels on Pollution
     "We are grateful that you are examining this situation concerning pollution, and that you are consulting with us for our opinion and direction upon this matter.  For as much as it saddens you to face this topic, it is only through direct action that any measurable effect can come about.  The concern for pollution comes from its effect on all bodies upon the earth, in lowering their energy and morale, as the choking smog and toxic soil create heaviness everywhere.
      This is a case where Heaven and Earth must work in unison to make shifts within matter, to avoid saturating the Earth with toxins and pollutants that pierce through your body's defenses.  You, who are working for the Light, must bring more physical light to the planet by allowing the sun's rays to reach your planet without filtration from soot in the air that you breathe.
     In some areas of the universe, there is no need for oxygen because the bodies that inhabit the planet are different from your own.  They are made from lighter, less dense materials, barely visible to human vision.  Your own bodies would not be adaptable to such an environment, however, as you have lungs that inflate to propel your cardiovascular system with energy molecules.  Without oxygen, your light would still shine, but dimmer still, and without the benefit of your body as a learning tool.
     So, we seek to party the sooty darkness from the atmosphere surrounding this sacred planet, and let you breathe the fresh air that God intended for you.  This air is a gift so sweet and soft that your first breath of it would cause you to rapture.  Yet, many have forgotten the feeling if ingesting sweet oxygen, and have adapted to air of less quality.
     There is pollution on your planet today because of your intention to provide goodness to yourselves through dense, material means.  With the emphasis today that is upon the teaching or reteaching of the ancient sciences of manifestation, these old means should be eased out soon enough.  When that occurs, your lesser dependence upon machinery will create relief on the earth's soil and atmosphere.  You will witness a cleansing like the earth has never before seen!
     Yet, during this time of transition, with continued dependency upon machinery and increasing use of electrical telecommunication powers, we must advise you to seek another course for the manifestation of your cleaner environment.  We see many of you taking means to use cleaner products within your household environments, and we assure you that such efforts are not minuscule by any means!  Your intentions are charged with an energy that inspires and excites those around you, and you are thus a role model for care taking of the environment.  Never fear that your efforts go unnoticed or that they are wasted.  Beloved One, you are deeply honored for your contributions, and every action of care for your planet is viewed as a highly significant act of great love.  You who are attempting to rid yourself of machinery and electrical dependency, your intentions are honored!  You who are voluntarily changing your lifestyle to support the animals and farming to be free of noxious chemicals, you are honored!  You who collect rubbish from the grounds of nature, you are honored!  You who invest in household goods that are less harsh than others, you are honored!
     And together, we hold an eternal viewpoint of nature in her pristine glory.  We do not saddle our thoughts about the planet with anger, or cloud our vision with fear and see only the soot filled air.  No!  We refuse to gaze at the mistakes, but peer beneath them to the beautiful truth that the planet's will for health is stronger than the environmental mistakes that could be temporarily conflicted.  Join with us Angels, then, in holding this elevated viewpoint of the clean and healthy planet body.  See her body as healthy and healed, and you will soon discover the enormous power that such a viewpoint holds."

Faerie Friday - Environmental Awareness

I thought that with our Air Element studies, it would be a good time to connect with the Faeries and see what lessons they have for us each week!  So every Friday (as my hectic life permits) I will draw a card - either from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, or from The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem.  For each week's reading I will ask what advice the Fairies have for us; both for myself and for those of us who are following this blog and the Air Element Studies.  This card will give us something we can work on, an area of focus, or some advice to follow for the following week.... from Friday thru next Friday!  Enjoy, and let's see what the Faeries have to teach us!

This week I drew a card from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  (Actually, to be more honest, I didn't draw this week's card randomly.  I chose this card because Monday is Earth Day and this week's lessons and assignments will be on Air Pollution!).  

Environmental Awareness
from the "Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck" by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Inc.
Artwork by Corey Wolfe

Card Meaning: "The fairy kingdom is very concerned with the health of Mother Earth.  By drawing this card, the fairies are recruiting you to become involved in environmental matters.  
You have the power to make a huge impact on our planet.  Earth is a living, breathing being, and the fairies are calling on you to help her.  Your contributions could include recycling, picking up trash while on your nature walk, switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, getting involved in an environmental protection group, becoming a vegetarian, or educating your children about the fragility of nature.
When you spend time outdoors, mentally ask the fairies for guidance on how to make your special contributions to Mother Earth's well being.  The fairies will give you answers in the form of thoughts or feelings, by arranging a synchronistic opportunity, or by helping you use your unique talents to help educate others about environmental concerns.

Affirmation: "It feels good to nurture my planet with loving care."

~ channeled message from the fairies by Doreen Virtue, in the "Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card Deck" guidebook.


Additional Meditation for Healing the Planet Earth

Planet Earth
Affirmation 1; "I love the planet"
Affirmation 2; "I appreciate the beautiful world I live in."

"The earth is a wise and loving mother.  She provides everything we could ever want.  All our needs are taken care of.  There is water, food, air, and companionship.  We have an infinite variety of animals, vegetation, birds, fish, and incredible beauty.  I have committed to lovingly taking care of and improve the quality of life in this world.  I express random acts of kindness whenever I can.  I recycle and compost and organically garden and improve the quality of the soil.  It is my planet, and I help to make it a better place to live.  I spend quiet time every day actively imagining a peaceful planet.  I imagine the possibilities of a clean, healthy environment.  I envision the governments of the world working together to clean the planet.  I see all the people on the planet opening their hearts and minds and working together to create a world where it is safe for us to live in love and harmony with Mother Nature.  It is possible, and it starts with me!"

~ by Louise L. Hay, from "Meditations To Heal Your Life", Hay House Inc.

Need some ideas for getting started and ways you can help the environment?
check these posts;
Clean Air: Things You Can Do While Traveling