Sunday, April 28, 2013

Message from the Angels; Breath

This is from the book, "Messages From Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue.  Doreen works very closely with the Angels, who are non-denominational beings of Light and Love.  She can see, hear and feel them, and she wrote this book of messages she has channeled from the Angels for all humans to hear.  I felt this is an important message to share right now, with our focus on Breath and Meditation in this week's lesson on the Air Element

"Ahh yes, your relationship to oxygen.  The very breath that you take at this moment is fueled by a desire to continue on this path that you have started.  Some may say that breath is an automatic instinct, but from our perspective, it is a behavior that you engage in, as confirmation of your desire to stay upon the earth.
Each breath contains information within it's molecular structure.  We are in charge of this exchange of information.  For, as you continue with your stay upon Earth, you need sustenance and assistance.  We imbue each molecule of precious oxygen with guidance and instructions.  It is our chief means of staying in touch with you, and within you.
Your breath is tantamount to a continuous meeting between us angels, your higher consciousness, and your Earthly self.  It is a round-table discussion, in which your next move is planned, and then the next.  All of this is based upon your intentions, you see.  With your out-breath, we are able to extract from you that which you no longer desire.  And with your in-breath, we imbue positive direction that holds you up in the face of apparent discourse.
The stronger your desire, the stronger your breath.  That is why during moments of strong desire, your breath deepens, and during moments when you feel helpless, your breath is shallow.  Anytime you desire to create strong and rapid movement in your life, simply deepen your breath while perceiving your desire.  You can achieve this through physical exertion, or simply through breath combined with meditation.  
This formula may seem quite simple, yet we assure you that it is a powerful one that is instilled deep within your subconscious mind,  So often we see you weary and in need of our help.  You call upon us, yet our effectiveness is hampered by your slow and shallow breath.  Right now, draw upon a deep and elongated breath while you call upon us for assistance.  You shall feel our presence as you inhale.  
When we encourage you to exercise, we do so partly to encourage this deeper form of breath.  We know you have noticed how many of your questions and troubles are answered at the conclusion of your exercise activities.  That is because we are deeply transmitting to you as you exercise and deepen your breath.  We are instilling you with comfort, guidance, and new perspectives on the situations at hand.
Awareness of your breath is essential for you at this time.  Breathe deeply into your belly, and enjoy the sensation of filling your lungs.  The higher the percentage of oxygen within each breath, the greater our degree of transmission to you.  This is why it is more difficult to hear us when you block your body from receiving oxygen through such activities as smoking, drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks, and breathing fumes and polluted air.  That is one more reason why we ask you to join with us in dispensing toxic soot from your air, as it diminishes our abilities to freely communicate with you and all beings.  For now then, dear child of God, establish your foothold strongly by concentrating on deepening and strengthening your breath.  Then, we shall see what information is in the store for you - information that can free you in so many ways!!"

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