Friday, April 12, 2013

Faerie Friday - Detoxification

I thought that with our Air Element studies, it would be a good time to connect with the Faeries and see what lessons they have for us each week!  So every Friday (as my hectic life permits) I will draw a card - either from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, or from The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem.  For each week's reading I will ask what advice the Fairies have for us; both for myself and for those of us who are following this blog and the Air Element Studies.  This card will give us something we can work on, an area of focus, or some advice to follow for the following week.... from Friday thru next Friday!  Enjoy, and let's see what the Faeries have to teach us!

This week I drew a card from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Card Meaning;
"You are being guided to clean your body, environment, mind, and heart of toxins.  God and the fairies will help you with this endeavor. 
It's time to let go of toxins, within and around you.  This card validates your inner guidance that has been telling you to let go of harmful habits.  Go outside in nature, and call upon the fairies to surround you.  Ask God (and Goddess) and the fairies to help you release toxins from your mind, body, and heart.  Ask them to help you release cravings for harmful habits.
You'll soon find yourself naturally desiring organic fresh food and produce.  You'll be guided to read ingredient labels of all foods, beverages, and toiletry items, and you'll only want to use natural products.  You'll be guided away from environmental toxins.  And most important, your thoughts and emotions will veer away from judgment and fear, and will become love based instead.

Affirmation: I take excellent care of my body, and I crave only healthful foods and beverages."

From the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck Guidebook by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Inc.  

I feel that this card is reminding us that our Mind, Body, and Spirit are all connected. In order to embark upon any kind of spiritual journey or learning-quest, our bodies must be healthy and well taken care of.  Pay attention to what you are putting in your body.  Drink more water, make healthier choices, embark upon a detoxification process such as a juice fast if you feel it necessary at this time.  Exercise, do yoga, meditate, and make sure you are taking care of your basic hygiene needs.  You may also want to examine what kinds of cleaning products you use in your home and look for less toxic products for cleaning your home environment.  The fairies will guide you to show you what you need to change in your life, if you are open to listening to them!  For a couple tips on using a homeopathic bath to help you detoxify, check HERE.

Here are a few additional meditations and affirmations to help you with the Detoxification process!

Affirmation 1; "I claim my power and move beyond all limitations."
Affirmation 2; "I forgive myself, and I set myself free."
Addiction Meditation;
Heavy dependence on anything outside myself is addiction.  I can be addicted to drugs and alcohol, to sex and tobacco; and I can also be addicted to blaming people or judging people, to illness, to debt, to being a victim, to being rejected.  Yet, I can move beyond these things.  Being addicted is giving up my power to substance or a habit.  I can always take my power back.  This is the moment I can take my power back!  I choose to develop the positive habit of knowing that life is here for me.  I am willing to forgive myself and move on.  I have an eternal spirit that has always been with me, and it is here with me now.  I relax and let go, and I remember to breathe as I release old habits and practice positive new ones.

Affirmation 1; "Food is a good friend.  I thank it for giving it's life to nourish me."
Affirmation 2; "I love eating good, healthy food."
Food Meditation;
Eating good, nutritious food is deeply pleasurable whether I am at home, in a restaurant, camping, hiking, or taking my lunch break at work.  I love myself; therefore I choose to be aware of what I put into my mouth and how it makes me feel.  When I eat, I am putting fuel into my body to give me energy.  Every body is different.  I easily find the kind of fuel that my body needs to have optimum health and energy.  Fast foods can be fun occasionally, but it is not normal or healthy to exist on colas, cakes, and processed convenience foods that have little nutrition in them.  Learning about the basics of good nutrition is fun and energizing.  I enjoy cooking and eating delicious, healthful, natural foods.

Affirmation 1; "I lovingly take charge of my body now."
Affirmation 2: "I nourish myself with love."
Nutrition Meditation;
I care enough for myself to nourish myself with all the best that Life has to offer.  I learn about nutrition because I am a precious being, and I want to take the best care of me that I can.  My body is special and different from all other bodies; therefore, I learn the things that my body assimilates the best.  I learn everything I can about food and beverages.  I pay attention to what I eat and drink, and I I notice some food or beverage does not agree with me.  If I have something to eat and an hour later I feel tired or fall asleep, I realize that particular food is not good for my body at this time.  I search out the foods that give me good energy.  I bless all my food with love and gratitude. I am nurtured and nourished.  I feel healthy, happy, and great!

Affirmation 1; "My body is a good friend that I take loving care of."
Affirmation 2; "I love my body"
Body Meditation;
My body is perfect for me at this time.  My body weight is also perfect.  I am exactly where I choose to be.  I am beautiful, and every day I become more attractive.  This concept used to be very hard for me to accept, yet things are changing now that I am treating myself as if I am someone who is deeply loved.  I'm learning to reward myself with healthy little treats and pleasures now and again.  Little acts of love nurture me, doing things that I really like, such as quiet time, a walk in nature, a hot soothing bath. or anything that really gives me pleasure.  Caring for my body is the best way to show myself self-love and acceptance.  I believe it is okay to like myself and be my own best friend.  I know my body is filled with star light and that I sparkle and glow everywhere I go.

Affirmation 1; "I continually clean the rooms of my mind."
Affirmation 2; "Simple Household chores are a snap for me."
Housekeeping Meditation;
I make housework fun.  I begin anywhere and move through the rooms with artistic flair.  I toss out the garbage.  I dust and polish those things I treasure.  We all have a set of beliefs.  And just like a comfortable, familiar reading chair, we keep sitting in these beliefs over and over again.  Our beliefs create our experiences.  Some of these beliefs create wonderful experiences.  And some of them can become like an uncomfortable old chair that we don't want to throw out.  I know that I really can toss out old beliefs, and I can choose new ones that significantly improve the quality of my life.  It's like housecleaning.  I need to clean my physical house periodically, otherwise it gets to a point where I really can't live in it.  I don't have to be fanatical.  I do need to clean.  Physically and mentally, I fill the rooms of my house with love.

All the above meditations are from the book, "Meditations To Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay, Hay House Inc.

I would suggest that along with the initial advice from the Fairy Oracle Card and asking the fairies for help with detoxification, you choose one of the above meditations (whichever one calls out to you as the one you need help with the most or would be most beneficial to you), and read it to yourself two or three times a day for the next week.  You can read it once in the morning upon waking up, once during the day, and again when you go to bed.  Good luck, and don't forget; God, Goddess, and the Fairies are helping you with this undertaking!


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