Thursday, April 18, 2013

Message from The Angels; Pollution

This is from the book, "Messages From Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue.  Doreen works very closely with the Angels, who are non-denominational beings of Light and Love.  She can see, hear and feel them, and she wrote this book of messages she has channeled from the Angels for all humans to hear.  I fell this is an important message to share right now.

Message from The Angels on Pollution
     "We are grateful that you are examining this situation concerning pollution, and that you are consulting with us for our opinion and direction upon this matter.  For as much as it saddens you to face this topic, it is only through direct action that any measurable effect can come about.  The concern for pollution comes from its effect on all bodies upon the earth, in lowering their energy and morale, as the choking smog and toxic soil create heaviness everywhere.
      This is a case where Heaven and Earth must work in unison to make shifts within matter, to avoid saturating the Earth with toxins and pollutants that pierce through your body's defenses.  You, who are working for the Light, must bring more physical light to the planet by allowing the sun's rays to reach your planet without filtration from soot in the air that you breathe.
     In some areas of the universe, there is no need for oxygen because the bodies that inhabit the planet are different from your own.  They are made from lighter, less dense materials, barely visible to human vision.  Your own bodies would not be adaptable to such an environment, however, as you have lungs that inflate to propel your cardiovascular system with energy molecules.  Without oxygen, your light would still shine, but dimmer still, and without the benefit of your body as a learning tool.
     So, we seek to party the sooty darkness from the atmosphere surrounding this sacred planet, and let you breathe the fresh air that God intended for you.  This air is a gift so sweet and soft that your first breath of it would cause you to rapture.  Yet, many have forgotten the feeling if ingesting sweet oxygen, and have adapted to air of less quality.
     There is pollution on your planet today because of your intention to provide goodness to yourselves through dense, material means.  With the emphasis today that is upon the teaching or reteaching of the ancient sciences of manifestation, these old means should be eased out soon enough.  When that occurs, your lesser dependence upon machinery will create relief on the earth's soil and atmosphere.  You will witness a cleansing like the earth has never before seen!
     Yet, during this time of transition, with continued dependency upon machinery and increasing use of electrical telecommunication powers, we must advise you to seek another course for the manifestation of your cleaner environment.  We see many of you taking means to use cleaner products within your household environments, and we assure you that such efforts are not minuscule by any means!  Your intentions are charged with an energy that inspires and excites those around you, and you are thus a role model for care taking of the environment.  Never fear that your efforts go unnoticed or that they are wasted.  Beloved One, you are deeply honored for your contributions, and every action of care for your planet is viewed as a highly significant act of great love.  You who are attempting to rid yourself of machinery and electrical dependency, your intentions are honored!  You who are voluntarily changing your lifestyle to support the animals and farming to be free of noxious chemicals, you are honored!  You who collect rubbish from the grounds of nature, you are honored!  You who invest in household goods that are less harsh than others, you are honored!
     And together, we hold an eternal viewpoint of nature in her pristine glory.  We do not saddle our thoughts about the planet with anger, or cloud our vision with fear and see only the soot filled air.  No!  We refuse to gaze at the mistakes, but peer beneath them to the beautiful truth that the planet's will for health is stronger than the environmental mistakes that could be temporarily conflicted.  Join with us Angels, then, in holding this elevated viewpoint of the clean and healthy planet body.  See her body as healthy and healed, and you will soon discover the enormous power that such a viewpoint holds."

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