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Air Element Study, Lesson One - Project

Air Element Study, Lesson One Project;

Create an Air Altar

make sure you have read lesson one and have your list of correspondences copied into your journal, notebook, or Book of Shadows.  Now have a look around your house or yard, keeping those correspondences in mind and be on the look out for anything you might want to put on an Air Element Altar.  
If you have room in your home, make an Air Element Altar. 
We will be working with the Air Element closely over the next few weeks, so having a "shrine" to the Air Element in your home would be a good idea. 
If you don't have room for more than one Altar, than consider adding extra Air Element representations to your current altar. 
Look at your list of correspondences and see what you can come up with! 
The color yellow, incense, and oil burner, and a bell are some very basic way to begin. 
Flowers to represent spring, musical instruments of any kind, representations of birds, flying insects, fairies, and angels could also be added. 
You may also want to add some books because Air Element deals with wisdom, learning, and studying. 
A divination tool such as deck of tarot cards, runes, dowsing rod, or pendulum could also be placed on an Air Altar, as divination is a form of Air Magick. 
Have fun with it!  Don't worry if you don't have very many things to place on your Air Altar to begin with, we will be collecting more! 
We will create more things through the course that will be added to your Air Altar.  Also, as we continue this course, keep your eyes peeled for feathers!  When you walk anywhere, in your yard, in parking lots... collect as many feathers as you can for your Air Altar! .

Here are some pictures of mine, as well as a description of what I have on it:

My Air Element Altar - so far! 

On the right side - a Native American Flute (hubby got it for me at the Renaissance Festival!  and a Native American rattle.  My oil burner for diffusing scents of essential oils.  Behind that I have the Healing With The Faires Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, and The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem.  On top of those is a candle holder with a dragonfly on it.  The tall plastic container holds a branch with an actual hummingbird nest!  Don't worry, we didn't bother the nest until the baby hummingbirds had all hatched and flown away!  And then I have my yellow Air Element Candle.  (There will be another blog post about that!)

On the left side, my incense holder/ incense burner.  Books to represent the Air Element aspect of learning & wisdom (a dictionary, and a field guide to birds that live in my state.)  A votive candle holder with a Guardian Angel dressed in white watching over two young children, and my Ritual Bell.

View from the center.  Glass fairie in a peaceful meditation pose.  Around her neck is a bracelet with an owl charm, and I tucked a fake flower behind her to represent spring.  In front of her is a small ceramic flower dish holding my sage, and an egg shell I found in my back yard from a small bird.

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