Elemental Studies

A Series of lessons, projects, crafts, and meditations to help you understand and develop a closer relationship to each of the Elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit!

I have a daughter who is interested in learning about the Pagan Spiritual Path.  I thought the best place for her to start would be by learning about the Elements.  Each of these lessons are designed to be something that can be done with children, but you don't have to be a child or have a child to follow along!  These lessons will be fun and educational for all ages, no matter what your "level" of understanding is about basic magick and the Elements.  I hope you join us!

Lesson One- Air Correspondences
Week 1 Message from The Fairies;
Angel's Advice for the week - help with Detox
Lesson Two - Air & The Environment
AIR - Lesson Two; Air Pollution
Reducing Air Pollution (for kids) 
Reducing Air Pollution From Home 
Reducing Air Pollution While Traveling
Lesson Two Project; Household Magick to clear the Air in your home
*Deities, Archangels & Elementals to Help with Air Pollution
*Chemtrails - Info and a Prayer to Heal them away
*Environmental Healing Spell Guide
*Lesson Two Project: read the above three posts and create your own spell for healing The Air from air pollution based on the Spell Guide, the example prayer, and the list of Deities/Angels/Elementals and what you know about Air Element Correspondences from Lesson One.
A Spell For Balance
A Full Moon Spell To Heal The Earth
Air Blessing "Promise" Sachet

Week 2 Messages from The Fairies & Angels;
Faerie Friday - Environmental Awareness & Earth Meditation
Angels' Message to us about Pollution
Lesson Three - Breathing, Meditation, and Breath Magick
AIR- Lesson 3; Breathing & Meditation
Air - The Gift of the Ancestors
Air Lesson 3 Craft Project - Air Element Witches' Ladder
Breath Meditation
Meditation - Journey For Air
Meditation Spell Guide
Pinwheels (Craft and a Spell!)
Meditation - Affirmations to help you meditate

Week 3 Messages from the Faeries & Angels
Letting Go
Message From The Angels on Breath and Breathing
Week Four - Wind Magick
The Four Winds
The Four Winds - Part 2
Wind Awareness Meditation
Winds of Change Tarot Spread
Wind Chime Magick
Craft- Wind Sock
Dust & Powder Magick

Week 4 messages from the Fairies & Angels
Trust Your Intuition

Week 5 - Air Element Allies - Birds and Insects
Connecting With Birds
Owl & Raven
Insect Guides
Butterfly Tarot Spread*
Butterfly Meditation Mala Necklace*

Week 6 - Air Element Magick in your Home
Incense & Aromatherapy*
Air Element Power Places*
Broom Magick
Make your own Magickal Broomstick
Modern Air Element Tools Around Your House*
Air Magick - Morning Rituals and Routines

Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords - Mommy Time Monday
Tarot For Kids - Ace of Swords
Two of Swords - Mommy Time Monday

*note - some of these blog posts (the end of week 5 and most of week 6) do not have working links yet!  I apologize, as I have not had the time to write them here yet!  But I will add them as soon as I can!!  Thank you!

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