Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lesson 3 Craft Activity - Pinwheels

Create a Spinning Pinwheel to remind you of your intimate connection to Air Energy through breathing!  A pinwheel is simple enough to create, here are a couple different websites with instructions on how to make one;

Decorate your Pinwheel in yellow and sky blue colors, and if you want, decorate it with stickers or draw symbols on it that represent Air Energy.

You can meditate with your pinwheel, take a deep breath and then blow strongly through your mouth to make the pinwheel spin.  Watch it spin and contemplate your relationship with Air and what you have read in this week's previous posts on meditation and breathing.  Think about how your breath has the power to move the pinwheel... something outside of you.  Your breath sets things in motion inside of you, circulating from your lungs, to your bloodstream, to your heart, and throughout your whole body.  Your breath (your life-force) also creates chain reactions in life around you.  Think about how your words, thoughts, actions, and even your presence on the planet has an effect on things around you as you blow your breath on your pinwheel and watch it spin.

Pinwheel Wishing Spell

Use the Power and Magick of your own breath and your intimate connection with Air Energy for this simple spell.  Create your wishing pinwheel and decorate with Air Colors or symbols, as suggested above.  

Meditate on your own breathing for a few minutes, feeling your connection with Air Energy.  If you wish, use one of the Air Meditations shared here earlier, Breath Meditation or Journey for Air.
Spend a few minutes of your meditation thinking about your wish.  Visualize it as if it has already come true.  Visualize how you will feel, how you will act, and what your life will be like when you have what you desire.  (If it is a waning moon period, you may want to wish for what you need removed from your life; while if it is a waxing moon period you may want to wish for what you need to come into your life.)  This spell will be particularly powerful if what you wish for aligns with Air Energy - communications, clear thinking, passing an exam, learning, divination, confidence, and removing obstacles or mental blocks.  Try not to worry about how your dream will come to pass, just hold the happy feeling  of your wish coming true as you meditate and let it fill you with each inhalation.

Speak your wish out loud, and then blow on your pinwheel to make it spin.  Then say this prayer, pausing between each verse to again blow on and spin your pinwheel while envisioning your wish coming true.

"I call upon my Sacred Breath,
the very cycle of Life and Death

With each breath my wish I know;
to the Winds my Wish I blow

I send my wish with Trust and Love,
Winds now carry it to Spirit above!

Air I send my wish to Thee,
As I Will, so mote it be!"

Thank the Air for giving you life, and breathe in with gratitude, knowing that you will find that which you seek.  Keep your pinwheel on your Altar or in a place you will see it often.  Make it spin with your breath whenever you want to, remembering to feel hopeful and grateful and visualizing your wish coming true.  You will receive inspiration or opportunities to help it come to pass! 

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