Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Four Winds - Part 2

Just a little more detail for you on each of the Four Winds as described in the previous post.  These descriptions are based on Neo-Pagan reconstruction of the Greek versions of the Four Winds; Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus, and Boreas.

EURUS - The East Wind, Lord of East and Air
Eurus is accompanied by a youthful maiden, and together they open the portals of the dawn, spring, and the element of Air.  The sylphs and Air Elementals come flying through the gates of the Eastern Realm, bringing gifts of clarity, concentration, communication, divination. learning, and music.  Eurus and the Air Elementals can be a great help when you need to concentrate on a ritual, and can also help in times when you may need something ordinary, like a clear road ahead; when you are in a hurry; sending messages; or when you need success in an exam or interview.  Call on Eurus to open the gates of the East Wind, imagine the doors opening wide and the Air Elementals gleefully rushing to your aid.

NOTUS - The South Wind, Lord of South and Fire
Notus is accompanied by a dazzling queen.  He and his bride open the portals of midday, summer, and the Element of Fire.  The salamanders and Fire Elementals come rushing through on the warm winds and hot breath - beings of flame, energy, inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm.... all of which they are excited to share with anyone who calls upon them.  While the Air Elementals can help you think clearly and logically, Notus and his Fire Elementals come with those flashes of pure brilliance and inspiration that come like a lightning strike or a "lightbulb moment".  The South Wind and his Fire Elementals bring passion and energy to your ritual, and can help you when you need a boost of confidence, optimism, passion, courage, inspiration, and enthusiasm..  Call upon Notus to open the gates of the South Wind, imagine the doors opening wide and the Fire Elementals rushing to your side like warriors.

ZEPHYRUS - The West Wind, Lord of West and Water
Zephyrus and his gentle lady bring with them the tranquility and repose of the evening, fall, and the element of Water.  With them come the Water Elementals, Undines and Mermaids - diving and splashing with joy; diving deep into the inner realm of feeling and emotion.  The West Wind and his Water Elementals bring compassion and emotion to your ritual, and will aid you in life by bringing self-knowledge, empathy, love, and affection. Zephyrus teaches us about the ebb and flow of life, the cycles of the moon and the tides, and the rains which are sometimes refreshing and sweet; and sometimes harsh and cold.  Call on Zephyrus to open the gates to the Western Realm and imagine the Water elementals spilling forth, to support you, renew you, transform you, and teach you.

BOREAS - The North Wind, Lord of North and Earth
Boreas and his noble crone queen bring with them the solidarity and protection of night, winter, and the element of Earth. With them come the Earth Elementals and Gnomes, practical beings who bring organization, grounding, and protection to your ritual.  They can help us when we need common sense; basic survival needs; comforting; solitude; security; certainty, and a sense of purpose.  Boreas and his Earth Elementals teach us the importance of being prepared, but not afraid; and the importance of nurturing ourselves and others.  Call upon Boreas to open the gates of the Northern Wind and imagine the Earth elementals marching peacefully yet purposely to your side.

I wrote this Invitation Prayer which can be used in opening a circle for ritual.  You can use it in full, or simply call upon the individual Wind and Element that you need at the time.  Make sure that when you are done, you thank The Winds and the Elementals for joining you and helping you, and release them back to their realm.

Eurus - Lord of East and Air, I invite you to my circle!  Bring your Sylphs and Beings of Air to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your clarity of thought and a steady mind - help my words to be clear and true and my prayers to be heard!  Wind of the East, join me!
Notus - Lord of South and Fire, I invite you to my circle!  Bring you Salamanders and Beings of Fire to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your passion and enthusiasm - light my spirit with your fire of courage and give energy to my pure desires! Wind of the South, join me!
Zephyrus - Lord of West and Water, I invite you to my circle!  Bring your Undines and Beings of Water to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your empathy and emotion - pour the waters of self-knowledge and compassion into my spirit! Wind of the West, join me! 
Boreas - Lord of North and Earth, I invite you to my circle!  Bring your Gnomes and Beings of Earth to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your grounding and protection - strengthen me and bring fortitude and success to the core of my being!  Wind of the North, join me! 

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