Friday, May 10, 2013

Faerie Friday - Trust Your Intuition

This week's message from the Faeries is "Trust Your Intuition".  This card and description are from the oracle card deck "Healing With The Fairies" by Doreen Virtue.

"Trust Your Intuition" Artwrk by Gail Gastfield
Card Meaning;
"It is safe for you to follow your heart's guidance.  You know, deep down, what to do.  This card asks you to trust and follow this inner intelligence.
Has your inner guidance been trying to get your attention lately?  Perhaps a gut feeling is tugging at you like a seeing-eye dog, an inner voice has been screaming at you, or you've had dreams charged with profound emotions and symbolism lately.
By drawing this card, you're being urged to pay careful attention to those various forms of intuition.  Now is not the time to ignore these messages or procrastinate.  Trust this inner wisdom, just as you would if it came from a respected teacher.  Know that you aren't imagining the guidance.  Its powerful and receptive voice is a sign that you are truly getting clear and trustworthy messages that are worth following.

Affirmation; "I trust and follow my feelings and thoughts without question or delay."

~ From the "Healing With The Fairies" Oracle Card guidebook by Doreen Virtue.  No copyright infringement intended, I am sharing here as an oracle reader sharing advice with beloved friends.

I have drawn this card this week, asking for guidance from the faeries, not only for myself but for everyone who has been following my blog and my Air Element Studies.  The faeries are asking you now to listen to that inner voice, trust in your own intuition and feelings about situations or choices.  Learning to trust that inner voice can be hard to do... and the first step is to open yourself to being able to HEAR that inner voice in the first place.  If you would like more advice on being able to hear your inner voice and heighten your intuition and sixth sense, I would highly recommend the book, "Trust Your Vibes"  by Sonia Choquette.  It is full of wonderful advice and exercises to help you recognize, and trust your intuition and "sixth sense".

One practice that Sonia Choquette recommends is to simply "Ask Your Spirit".  If you have an intuitive feeling guiding you to do something, yet you are still afraid to make the change or take action, or are hesitant about whether your intuition is guiding you in the right direction or not - place your hand on your chest over your heart, take a deep breath, and ask your true Spirit - your higher self - what he/she thinks about the situation.  Just breathe deeply and say, "Hello, Spirit... what do YOU want me to do?"  If the answer is yes and your intuition is correct your Spirit will fill you with a sense of joy, a fluttering in your chest that makes you smile.

Keep on meditating with the Air Element meditations I shared with you last week, focusing on uniting your body and spirit with your breath, this will help activate your intuition and help your recognize it when it speaks to you as well.  Have a blessed week, and remember, the Fairies are looking out for you!

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