Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wind of Change Tarot Spread

I found this wonderful tarot spread at Tarot By Arwen and thought it would go perfectly for our Air Element studies focusing on the Winds right now.  First I would suggest spending some time doing the Wind Observation / Meditation from my previous post.  Observe how the wind reacts to walls and fences.  Observe how it flows differently through windmills, pinwheels, windsocks, wind chimes, and trees.  As you observe the wind, think about or ask the tarot what kind of changes the wind is bringing to you, and how these changes would react if they hit a wall vs. a windmill.  Lay out the cards as indicated above, the first card, in the middle is the Wind (the change), card 2 on the left is the Wall (The Obstacle or resistance), and card 3 on the right is the Windmill (the way to transform with the change).  After you do the reading you can go back outside into the wind, observe it with your senses again, and think about card 2, the wall.... your obstacles.  Hold these obstacles in your hand, then lift them up to the sky and release them to the wind, and ask your guides and Higher Self to help you be the Windmill instead of the wall.  (Basically, just focusing the results of this reading on the Wind Meditation as described by Starhawk.)

Here is the result of my Wind of Change reading:

Card 1 - Winds of Change - Queen of Pentacles
Key Words; Down-To Earth, Practical, Resourceful, Trustworthy, Nurturing
My husband is preparing to leave on an out of state job for a couple of months.  When I saw the Queen of Pentacles in this position, I noticed her solitude... but also her strength and resolve.  I am going to be the one here in charge of the house, the bills, and caring for the children.  It's something I have done before, I know what is coming... but I know it involves a lot of strength on my part.  The coming months will require me to really buckle down as the "head of the household"; while the husband will be making the money... I will be the one managing it and everything else.

Card 2 - The Wall - 8 of Wands
Key Words; Taking Quick Action, Letting things go, watching to see how things pan out, rushing things
When I was sitting outside doing my wind meditation, I noticed how the wind reacts when it meets the wall or fence.  The wind isn't actually stopped... it's just diverted.  It goes somewhere else.  So if the wind of change is my opportunity to become the strong, dependable Queen of Pentacles, then if I react as a wall I do nothing but deflect the opportunities away from me.  Making quick, rash choices instead of thinking things through and carefully planning things out could hinder me.  It's not a time to be a wall and just watch the winds scatter things and see where they end up.

Card 3 - The Windmill - 6 of Pentacles
Key Words; Having / not having resources, having / not having power, giving and or receiving. 
Sometimes with this card you have to figure out who you are... the one in need or the one in a position to give.  I think with the Queen of Pentacles as my first card I am going to be in the position of giving, distributing, sharing, and nurturing.  If I take the changes that are coming and embrace them, like the windmill, and let those winds transform me and strengthen me, I will end up doing exactly what needs to be done to run the household efficiently, nurture my children in the ways they need, and "take care of business". I just have to be careful to not let things just slip past me like in the 8 of Wands... but to take charge, be present, and use what I have wisely.

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  1. What would you interpret from card 1- the moon card 2- Temperance and card 3-knight of cups