Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday 13; this week's accomplishments

It's been a long week.  It feels like it should be the weekend already!  maybe it's because of the record-breaking heat we are having here in Phoenix, or maybe it's that I'm finally settling into some kind of routine and every day does not seem as rushed.  Whatever the reason, I'm tired and it's only Thursday!  I was thinking about this week's Mommy Time Monday post with the 8 of Wands and how we should focus on what ways we are improving our lives and what steps we are taking to move forward, and thought I needed to review my accomplishments of the week.  So I decided to participate in this week's Thursday 13 and make a list...
here it is,

13 things I've accomplished this week
1) I got a lot of laundry done!  It's been one of those "I'm tired of this huge pile of laundry" weeks, so I've been banging out a few loads a day.  My back has been hurting because of the folding, but at least we all have enough clean socks and underwear!
2) The kids started having homework this week.  They didn't have homework for the first week and a half of school.  So we have succesfully implemented an after school homework routine and so for it's working out great and we haven't had any tears or arguements involving homework!
3) I finally got my coupon binder organized.  I threw away all the expired coupons and placed my good coupons in an organized manner so they are easy to find.  Because of this I managed to save about $40 on my grocery shopping this week!
4) I've worked on spending real quality time with the kids each day, other than just doing their homework with them.  We have played board games, cooked meals together, eaten at the kitchen table together for dinner, and read more books.  For some reason before I always felt like I didn't have enough time or energy to do this on a daily basis, but now that I'm doing it I wonder how I ever felt that way before! (Inspired by the book I read, read my review here)
5) I've got a menu planned out for dinner for the next 5 nights!  No headaches about "what's for dinner?"  It's all planned out and I shopped accordingly!
6) I introduced my oldest daughter to the cartoon, "Invader Zim".  I used to love that cartoon and now it's something she and I can enjoy together if we find episodes online.  (This may not seem like an "accomplishment" to some, but have you watched Invader Zim??)
7) I've almost finished reading The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy to my daughter... just a few chapters left.  It's been a great way to spend time together every night and I've enjoyed re-living this favorite book of mine through the fresh eyes of her youth!
8) I've gone to bed with all the dishes clean and a shiny kitchen sink EVERY night this week!  Yay for routines and motivation, and YAY for having the kid's weekly chores set up so they each have 1 or 2 nights to help me do it!
9) I found time to meditate!  Only once so far this week but it's a start!  And it's only Thursday, after all!
10)  I did yoga on my own, twice!  My yoga teacher is in Romania for the next month, so classes are cancelled till the middle of September.  I need to give myself the discipline and structure to continue practicing yoga even without the weekly class.
11)  I confronted a friend about something that was bothering me.  I'm usually a "don't rock the boat / avoid the drama" type of person, but at the same time I didn't want my feelings to fester or build up.  So I let him know how I felt about a couple things that were irritating me.  It may or may not have solved the problems (yet to be seen) but at least I let him know how I felt and didn't just hold my feelings in.
12) I joined some new groups on facebook and have been making some new online friends.  I amfeeling drawn to connect with more people, especially other mothers.  One of the oracle cards I drew for myself this week said "It's a Team Effort" and reminded me that working with others and learning from others is a wonderful thing! 
13) And finally, the most important thing, and the thing I am most proud of; I got my website launched, set up several new pages, got some discussions going on with members, and really got the ball rolling on my recent inspiration!  I am really so excited about the opportunities to help others that my website will bring me and the work I am doing there!  This has been something on my mind for a few weeks and this week I finally took the steps to get it done and get the ball rolling!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Website Launched!

Hi friends!  I just wanted to let everyone know I have been working on my website, and it is officially launched and "open for business"!
Please come check it out...

Soul Healing & Readings with Josephine

I have many new readings I am offering, plus a percentage of the cost of all readings will be donated to R.A.I.N.N. (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network)  I am really excited about the new site and hope you will come join me!

There are forums available for members and we will be posting about and discussing a variety of topics, I hope you will join in on the fun and Soul Healing!

ALSO - everyone who is a member by the end of the month (August) will be entered into a drawing for a FREE reading! 
See you there!

Lady Jo

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy Time Monday; Onward and Upward!

Mommy Time Monday! Each week I'll draw and post a tarot card from The Housewives Tarot and share it with you. So go ahead, sit down and take some time for yourself, you never know what inspiration and advice The Housewives may have for you!
This week's card is the 8 of Wands, a card symbolizing growth, travel, and forward movement.  I know I have been feeling a bit swept away by my own projects lately; it's as if my goals have developed a life of their own!  With Mercury moving direct again (it's been retrograde for the past 3 weeks), we are really feeling the freedom of forward movement!  This card encourages us to pursue those goals and really take "off" with our plans and ideas!

The guidebook entry for this card says; "A homemaker soars through the sky on a broomstick, with her other cleaning paraphernalia traveling close behind.  The Eight of Wands represents a busy time of travel, growth, and expansion.  If a trip is in order, you may want to consider flying!  Take charge of the situation and others will follow your lead."  (Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, Quirk Books)

The classic meanings of this card (pictured here from the Aquatic Tarot) represent rapid growth and development, or coming closer to your goal.  Aligning your values and priorities, journeying, growing, traveling, and being swept up in enthusiasm.  At this time you should ask yourself; "What am I rushing into?  What new direction or growth am I experiencing?  What do I feel the urge to move onto or work on at this time?  What do I need to tell others about?"
Trust that things are going exactly as planned, and even if you can't see it, things are coming together.  Any synchronicity or "coincidences" you experience at this time are just proof and signs that things are coming together for you... so don't just sit there!  Get on your broom and FLY!  It's onward and upward, now or never!!
A great affirmation for this week is; "I respond quickly when the time is right!"

If you would like your own personal reading with The Housewives' Tarot, come check out the Domestic Divination section of my website!  Have a Blessed week!  ~ Lady Jo

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Parenting with the 5 Love Languages

I recently read the book 'The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman and it really inspired me to be a better wife and learn how to show my husband love in the way that he will fully appreciate and understand.  For anyone in a relationship I would recommend that book and I think that knowing and understanding the 5 Love Languages can improve all of your relationships!  While I was reading that book I was thinking a lot about how I could apply the concept with my children, and I was pleased to find that there is a book written specifically about using the 5 love languages with children!  I have been reading through this book and it has left me with a lot to think about, and it has definitely inspired me to be a better parent to my three children!e
You can find this book on Amazon!
This book explains the 5 Love Languages in detail, so even if you haven't read the first book you will gain a good understanding of them.  Each chapter goes over a specific love language and how you can express that language to children.
The Five Love Languages are;
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time

you can read more about each love languages here.

One of my favorite concepts of this book is that all of us have "A Love Tank", and like a car if it is full of gasoline it will run better, but if it low or empty it will begin to have problems.  The Five Love Languages give us clues and tips as to how to help fill the "Love Tanks" of our family members.  With children, when their Love Tank is full they will be a lot more receptive and less defiant.  If their Love Tank is empty or low they will begin to act out as a way of testing whether or not you really love them, or out of fear or anger that their emotional needs are not being met.  Additionally, knowing their Love Language will help you know what you can do to fill that Love Tank!  It's like knowing what kind of gas or oil your car needs for optimal performance... if you keep filling it up with the wrong stuff, you may be wondering why it isn't performing well enough or having problems.  You may say "I Love You" to your child every day but if they aren't receiving love from you in the Love Language that they understand, they may be doubting your words, because they just don't feel it.
Another main point I have gathered from this book is that children need to be loved in all five love languages.  This not only helps ensure that their Love Tank is full, but it teaches them the value of all the different ways to express love and helps them become more balanced individuals.  The difference is you should focus on giving them "an overdose" of love in their primary love language, as this is what will mean the most to them and truly speak your love to them loud and clear.
Figuring out your child's Love Language isn't easy.  The book does include a quiz (also found on this website) but relates that the best way to actually figure out your child's primary love language is to watch your child's reaction to the different love languages as you express them.  Once you figure out what your child's primary love language is, continue speaking all five love languages but make sure you give them "extra" of their primary love language.

Here is a list I compiled of ways to express each of the 5 Love Languages.  I wrote this list with my own children in mind so feel free to come up with your own and add to the list!

Speaking The 5 Love Languages to Childrenexpress your love in these 5 ways every day!

Physical Touch;Hugs, Kisses, Pat on the back or head, Back rub, Back scratch, massage, foot rub, Brush their hair, paint their nails, manicure or pedicure, hold hands, cuddle, tickle, wrestle (physical play), have child sit in lap while watching tv or reading a book.

Words of Affirmation;Specific compliments, "Good Job", Thankyou's and words of gratitude, specific praise for accomplishments, randomly tell them something you like about them or some way you are proud of them, say "I love you" often and with inflection, play the "I Love You because..." game (go back and forth with parent and child exchanging words of why they love each other.)

Gifts;Gifts for no reason (does not have to be costly!), special surprises, gifts and cards on special occasions, make a gift of picture for the child, make a collage of photos of the child or a special time you had together, love notes (hidden in lunch boxes, backpacks, or bedroom where the child will find them), stickers, rewards, hide a gift to be found and give the child clues on where to find it, gift of a movie or trip to a favorite restaurant, make every day items a "present" by how they are given (If you wrap up that new toothbrush or those new socks, the "giving" becomes the focus!)  The gift of an ice cream cone or a Popsicle!

Acts of Service;Help with their homework, help with a project, brush their hair or give them a manicure or massage, make a special snack for them, make their favorite meal, help them learn a new skill, help them study, help them fix things, help them clean their room or help them with their chores.

Quality Time; Read together, watch movie or tv together, play a board game or cards, spend extra time at bedtime to tuck in/say prayers, set aside daily time to talk together, do a puzzle, make a meal or snack together, do arts and crafts or coloring together, do chores together, eat together, take walks or hikes or bike rides together.

Obviously there are so many ways to express each love language!  I really encourage any parent to read the book to understand the full nature of the Love Languages and how they should be used.  I have found it inspiring and I am (slowly but surely) changing some of my own behaviors in order to better fill those "Love Tanks" of my children!

The book also covers how the love languages are important in other areas of parenting, such as discipline, anger, and even in how a child learns.  It has a chapter on Love Languages for single parent homes or divorced parents too.  Learn more here....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mommy Time Monday; Be A Star!

Mommy Time Monday! Each week I'll draw and post a tarot card from The Housewives Tarot and share it with you. So go ahead, sit down and take some time for yourself, you never know what inspiration and advice The Housewives may have for you!

What are you good at?  Let's ditch the modesty for a moment and just admit our strengths - to ourselves and to those around us!  If you are a parent you know the value of praise, but how often do you really take time to praise your own strengths and talents?  Take a moment right now to write down a few things that you're good at; things that you are proud of.

This week I drew The Star from The Housewives Tarot.  It's time to allow yourself to feel the limelight!  Go ahead and let yourself feel good about your accomplishments, accept the praise of others... and accept the praise from your Higher Self!  If you haven't been doing what you're good at, take time this week to revisit your strengths.  Are you a good cook?  Take time this week to cook up something fabulous and then soak up the praise as you share the meal with others.  If you're a talented writer, artist, or craft maker, take time to make something special.  You know where your talents lie... take time to indulge in your abilities and feel a little pride in what you do!  It will make you feel better about yourself, which in turn helps you be a better mom, housewife, and friend to all those around you!  Just remember there is a thin line between being Proud and being Prideful... let's not gloat!  But I promise you, if you take time to appreciate yourself and do what you do best, the week will be rewarding!