Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wind Magick - Dust on The Wind

Dust, Powder & Ashes on The Wind

Have you ever wondered what to do with the ashes left over from burning herbs and incense after a spell, ritual, or smudging?  A very simple way to boost the power of your magickal working and dispose of those ashes is to place them on a plate or a shallow dish, take them outside and hold them up where the wind will catch them and carry them away.  Say a simple prayer or blessing to ask the Air the carry the remnants of your spell away on the winds to be purified and blessed.  If it's not windy, you can use your breath to blow the ashes out of the plate or out of your palm.  Or, you can simply leave the plate outdoors and wait for the winds to rise and carry the ashes away in their own time.

Setting a mix of crushed herbs outside for the winds to blow away can be a spell or blessing ritual within itself.  Choose herbs based on the type of energy you wish to add to your spell.... and dry them and crush them.  Stir them in a clockwise direction with your dominant hand and feel the energy of your desire flowing into the mixture, visualize light flowing from above you, into the crown of your head, down your arm and into the mixture of herbs and spices, then take the mixture outside and release it to the wind.  Let go of your worries about how and when things will happen, and just trust that the winds will carry your desire to the right person or place to set things in motion.

Cascarilla Powder can be added to any of these blends of spices, herbs, or ashes to help carry the energy of the herbs to the Astral Realm.  Cascarilla Powder is made of Egg Shells.  Legend has it that Witches used to travel through the air in egg shells, and Cascarilla Powder is a very simple yet old ingredient for powders that are said to promote Astral Travel.  Simply save your egg shells, place them on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven at 350 degrees (F) for 10 minutes until they are lightly browned.  Wait until they cool and crush them into a fine powder, stirring clockwise and asking for/ visualizing blessings of Astral Travel being contained in the eggshell powder.  Mix some cascarilla powder with any of your ashes or blends of powder and release it to the winds as described above.

Wind Magick - Easy Wind Sock Craft!

Wind Sock Craft

You can make a simple yet beautiful "Wind Sock" to hang in your garden or on your front porch.  Watching it sway and blow in the wind will help you be more aware of the wind and breezes, or the sometimes subtle presence of Sylphs and Wind Sprites or other Air Elementals.  It can be a beautiful addition to your garden or porch, and also an aid in simple wind awareness meditation.

You need;
Construction paper or colored cardstock (scrapbook) paper.
Optional markers and stickers to decorate the paper however you want.
A Stapler and staples
Yarn or string
Streamer Paper (the long ribbons of crate paper used for decorating for parties)

Step 1:  Decorate the paper however you want.  I drew a simple cloud and swirls to represent the four winds, and decorated with stickers of birds, butterflies, fairies and flowers.

Step 2: Roll the paper and use the stapler to fasten it together into a cylinder shape.

Step 3: use a hole punch and put four holes around the top of the cylinder.  Tie the yarn or string into each hole (equal lengths) to make the part you will hang the wind sock up with.

 Step Four: Cut equal lengths of the streamer paper for the "tails" of the wind sock.  Use the stapler to attach the lengths of streamer paper to the bottom portion of the wind sock.

Step 5: Hang your wind sock in your garden or wherever you want and watch it blow in the breeze!

Wind Sock Magick
You can also bless or enchant your wind socks for magickal purposes.  I made a smaller one and decorated it with Air Element Symbols.  I will keep this one inside and hang it over my altar when I am doing Air Element type spells or rituals, when the moon is in an Air Sign, or when I am doing Air Element meditations.  I can open a window or turn on an indoor fan to help it move and bring wind energy inside my home.  You can make different variations for indoor wind socks if you want... get creative and you can make some fro home protection, creativity, fresh air, blessed communication, whatever purpose you desire and hang them inside of windows or where they might move or dance from the air of room fans, vents, ceiling fans, etc.

Wind Sock Wish Spell
Make a wind sock and use it in this simple Wishing spell.  Go back to step 1 of creating your wind sock.  After you have decorated your wind sock, preferably with Air element representations, turn the paper over.  On the side that will be the inside of the cylinder, write your wish.  Be specific because the Air Elementals tend to be very literal.  Write your wishes, take a few deep breaths and visualize those wishes coming true.  Continue with the other steps of making the wind sock.  Then take your wind sock outside and say this prayer as you hang it up;

"Elementals of the Air,
Hear my wish - it is clear!
God and Goddess Blessed Be;
The Wind shall carry my wishes to Thee!
Wind that blows set my wishes free
to return threefold to me!
As I will, so it shall be
An it harm none, So Mote It Be!"

Spend some time sitting and watching your wind sock blow in the breeze.  Visualize the wind blowing through the center of your wind sock, where your wish is written, and taking your wish and carrying it away on the breeze to be granted.  Thank the Air Elementals for helping to carry your wish out to the Divine Spirit.  Every time you see your wind sock blowing in the wind, trust that your wish is in the process of coming true and will be apparent to you soon.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wind Chime Magick


As a continuation of our study of the Air Element and the Winds, I thought I would share with you some info and ideas about using Wind chimes for Magick.

Hanging wind chimes around your home and garden is considered very good Feng-Shui, as the sounds of the chimes help clear the energy of negative vibrations and attract positive energy to your home environment.  You can bless and enchant a set of wind chimes to hang outside and transform the energy of the wind into whatever you need!  Look for a set of wind chimes that has a pleasing sound to you, place it on your Air Element Altar, light a few candles and visualize and/or meditate on your desire.  You can bless your set of wind chimes for home protection, communication, clear-thinking, good luck, prosperity, or to invite faeries and sylphs to your home and garden.  If you can find a set of wind chimes with birds, butterflies, dragonflies, or fairies, this can be even better for inviting air-element types of energies (renewal, spring, fresh beginnings, clear thinking and communication, music, divination, etc) but any set of wind chimes will do.  The ringing of the bells from the chimes is a music created by the movement of the winds... which can clear, purify, and transform the energy in and around your home with it's gentle frequency and vibration.  Below are a few ideas for spells and blessings for wind chimes around your home:

Wind Chime Spell for Home Blessing
Here is a Wind Chime spell by Ellen Dugan from the book "Elements of Witchcraft".  Say this prayer as you hang your wind chimes outside after you have blessed them and empowered them with your intentions for home protection and good luck;

"Magickal wind chimes, now be for me
a charm for good luck and prosperity.
As the chimes ring out, a spell they'll weave,
all dread and negativity now must leave!
By the power of the sylphs and faeries,
as I do will it, so now it shall be."

Spell to Attract a Wind Sprite
This is a spell to attract a Wind Sprite to visit your home and garden, from the book "The Fairy Bible" by Teresa Moorey.

"Wind Sprites are the carefree gypsies of fairyland.  Storm-riders, whisperers, and mischief-makers, they bring the balm of the fragrant breeze and the rousing blast of the tempest.  They teach that all is light and changeable, yet they also bring clarity and sharpness of mind.  You may invite Wind Sprites into your life, but do not attempt to bind them to you -- that would destroy the gifts they bring.  You will need wind chimes and a length of ribbon.  Wind chimes of bamboo will invite a gentle, thoughtful sprite who will encourage reflection.  Crystal chimes will attract a highly evolved sprite to help you achieve greater detachment.  Metal chimes will attract a creative sprite who will help you achieve change.  Choose a windy day and hang your wind chimes securely in a tree or near a window.  Close your eyes and visualize the gifts you would like to receive from your sprite.  Feel the breeze blow on your face and say;

Wind-Sprite flying light and high,
I call to you, draw nigh, draw nigh
My chimes a home for you shall be,
Ever welcome, ever free

Listen for your chimes to ring to alert you that your sprite has arrived.  Welcome the sprite by tying the ribbon to the upper string of the chimes, being careful not to restrict their swaying and ringing.  Thank your sprite for being present.  Whenever you feel the need  of the gifts of the wind-sprites, stir the chimes with your hand or sit near them and listen to them blowing in the breeze, let them refresh your spirit and mind with their breeze and music."
My wind chimes hanging over my fairy garden.  I added yellow ribbon, yellow feathers,  & painted on some runes

another shot of my chimes above my fairy garden.  Runes & air element symbols painted on it, feathers attached, and a fairy door charm hanging from the ribbon.


Wind Chime Spell for Bringing Good News to Your Door

From "Magical Spells For Your Home" by Ann-Marie Gallagher.  For this spell, you will bless your Wind Chimes at your altar, calling upon Athena - Goddess of Communication and then hang them outside your front door.   You will need three feathers, some yellow ribbon, lavender oil and a yellow candle.

Put some lavender scented essential oil in an oil burner with some water, light a yellow candle and say;

Athena, Goddess of Communication, 
Empower and bless my spell
to bring good news to my door,
with the swiftness of a bird in flight, 
Good fortune to ensure.

Using one length of ribbon, tie the first feather securely to any thread of the wind chime and say;

Happy news, find your way
to my home, begin today!

Tie the second feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say;

Bright music, sacred sound
Evil here is never found

Tie the third feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say;

Lucky Breeze, happy din
Summon light to flow within

Hang your wind chime over your front door or on your front porch near the door where breeze or wind will frequently stir it to action.

Air Blessing Protection Wind Chimes

I found this spell at Pebble's Spiritual Cave, as well as different variations on the spell using the same prayer on a couple other websites as well.  Find, make, or buy a new set of wind chimes.  Before you hang them up, charge them and empower them with protection using the following spell.  Place the chimes on your altar and see them in their still and motionless state.  Wave your projective hand or wand over them, visualizing bright white light flowing into the chimes until they are glowing with power.  Say;

"Wind Chimes,
Spell Rhymes,
Spell Chimes,
Wind Rhymes,
Air Primes,
Spell Chimes,
Nine times Nine"

Hold them up in front of you and blow on them or sway them to activate the ringing and activate the spell.  Hang them outside and visualize the sounds reflecting the white light around them, driving away negativity and attracting positive energy.


Wind Chimes for Good Dreams
I found a set of wind chimes made with dream-catchers.  I bought them to hang outside my children's bedroom window and I wrote this blessing prayer to empower the chimes and dream-catchers to help my children sleep soundly and keep away the bad dreams, and keep them safe at night.

All through the night,
help us sleep tight.
Chimes that ring,
sweet dreams now bring.
Winds that stir,
bring blessings here.
Good Dreams through the night,
until Morning's Light!

The beautiful dream catcher wind chimes I found!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Air Elementals - Sylphs


The name "Sylphs" is often used as a generic term to include all types of Air Elementals.  Angels, Fairies, Air Sprites, Flower Fairies, Spirit Guides of Birds and Flying Insects, Valkyrs, and Griffins are all examples of Air Elementals that may sometimes be grouped under the category of "Sylphs", although most often the name is used in reference to Air Fairies.

However, there is also a specific type of Air Elemental that are called Sylphs.  They are more connected to the world of the Fae, and some even say they are members of the Sidhe race who took to the skies instead of the Underworld when the Sidhe were driven out by the Celts.  Slyphs are shape-shifting, flying, angelic beings of the sky... made of Air itself.  In their truest form they are described as tall, humanoid beings with huge wings; a wingspan more than double the length of their body, flying and swooping high in the sky like eagles.  They are said to make patterns in the clouds with their wings.  The Sylphs are not really interested in human affairs - although they are very concerned about Air Pollution and the health of the skies.  Some people claim that the Sylphs can clear away chemtrails left by jets and airplanes and can also have an effect on the weather because of their large, forceful wings.  

Since they are made of Air, Sylphs are usually invisible - so sightings are rare, especially since they often remain high in the skies and do not usually reveal themselves to humans.  Their presence is usually noted by intricate patterns in the clouds that look like they have been swirled and brushed by large feathers; often into the shape of wings, birds, or angels.  Their presence is often indicated by strong gusts of wind that seem somehow "different" than the normal wind that day... a wind that suddenly gusts and swirls from a different direction or that appears on a calm day when there was no wind.  

Even though the Sylphs are not very concerned with human affairs (unlike the Angels, who are fully interested in human life), sometimes a human will gain their attention and favor.  People who show an interest in weather patterns, clouds, nature, birds, and a shared concern about Air Pollution might have results in calling upon Sylphs to help them.  Others may gain the attention of a Sylph, uncalled for... either way if they appear to you they are most likely trying to help you be aware of your connection to the air and wind, take notice of your breathing and the health of the air in your environment, and to help you learn to be truly free.  There is a certain symbiotic relationship between humans and Sylphs - we breathe the air - the very stuff they are made of, and they need our help in protecting and healing the skies.  Recognize that these powerful beings need your help too, and they will certainly be happy to return the favor.  You may feel the presence of a Sylph as a soothing, peaceful breeze or gust of wind that seems somehow to speak directly to you - a wind that whispers in your ear and makes you suddenly aware and alive, your heart fluttering.  You may suddenly have clarity of thought or suddenly think of a solution to a problem with a gust of wind - perhaps a Sylph has smiled on you.  Though they rarely "land" on the earth, if they do they are sometimes seen as tall slender figures that are glanced as shadows or shapes out of the corner of your eye... yet invisible or flying away when you look directly at them.  They can shapeshift to much smaller sizes if they want to and appear as small breezes playing in a garden or swirling up dust in a mini-whirlwind.

Below are some pictures of Sylph activity in the clouds above my house.  These pictures were taken just a couple days ago, as I began researching the Sylphs and preparing for this blog post.  Do you see the shapes of angels and birds in these clouds that look like they have been brushed into shape by large wings?  

For further reading on Sylphs, here are two links to sites I found very helpful;

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wind of Change Tarot Spread

I found this wonderful tarot spread at Tarot By Arwen and thought it would go perfectly for our Air Element studies focusing on the Winds right now.  First I would suggest spending some time doing the Wind Observation / Meditation from my previous post.  Observe how the wind reacts to walls and fences.  Observe how it flows differently through windmills, pinwheels, windsocks, wind chimes, and trees.  As you observe the wind, think about or ask the tarot what kind of changes the wind is bringing to you, and how these changes would react if they hit a wall vs. a windmill.  Lay out the cards as indicated above, the first card, in the middle is the Wind (the change), card 2 on the left is the Wall (The Obstacle or resistance), and card 3 on the right is the Windmill (the way to transform with the change).  After you do the reading you can go back outside into the wind, observe it with your senses again, and think about card 2, the wall.... your obstacles.  Hold these obstacles in your hand, then lift them up to the sky and release them to the wind, and ask your guides and Higher Self to help you be the Windmill instead of the wall.  (Basically, just focusing the results of this reading on the Wind Meditation as described by Starhawk.)

Here is the result of my Wind of Change reading:

Card 1 - Winds of Change - Queen of Pentacles
Key Words; Down-To Earth, Practical, Resourceful, Trustworthy, Nurturing
My husband is preparing to leave on an out of state job for a couple of months.  When I saw the Queen of Pentacles in this position, I noticed her solitude... but also her strength and resolve.  I am going to be the one here in charge of the house, the bills, and caring for the children.  It's something I have done before, I know what is coming... but I know it involves a lot of strength on my part.  The coming months will require me to really buckle down as the "head of the household"; while the husband will be making the money... I will be the one managing it and everything else.

Card 2 - The Wall - 8 of Wands
Key Words; Taking Quick Action, Letting things go, watching to see how things pan out, rushing things
When I was sitting outside doing my wind meditation, I noticed how the wind reacts when it meets the wall or fence.  The wind isn't actually stopped... it's just diverted.  It goes somewhere else.  So if the wind of change is my opportunity to become the strong, dependable Queen of Pentacles, then if I react as a wall I do nothing but deflect the opportunities away from me.  Making quick, rash choices instead of thinking things through and carefully planning things out could hinder me.  It's not a time to be a wall and just watch the winds scatter things and see where they end up.

Card 3 - The Windmill - 6 of Pentacles
Key Words; Having / not having resources, having / not having power, giving and or receiving. 
Sometimes with this card you have to figure out who you are... the one in need or the one in a position to give.  I think with the Queen of Pentacles as my first card I am going to be in the position of giving, distributing, sharing, and nurturing.  If I take the changes that are coming and embrace them, like the windmill, and let those winds transform me and strengthen me, I will end up doing exactly what needs to be done to run the household efficiently, nurture my children in the ways they need, and "take care of business". I just have to be careful to not let things just slip past me like in the 8 of Wands... but to take charge, be present, and use what I have wisely.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wind Observation / Meditation

For this meditation, you will need to be outside.  It doesn't matter if there is just a light breeze, or a strong wind - actually you should do this observation in all kinds of weather and wind strengths to "get to know" the different moods and voices of the wind.  Air is all around us, constantly moving.  It is constantly changing and moving with the temperature, the seasons, and the type of terrain that it travels over and around.  Wind is a great process of the living earth, much like the circulation of our own blood.... it carries storms and clouds across the land, clears storms away from other areas.  It moves the seeds and spores of the plants to fertilize the earth, and it lifts birds to fly and travel.  It can be peaceful and refreshing; yet it can also be destructive.  Just observing how the wind moves, where it comes from, and how it is affecting the world around you is a powerful exercise in itself, and will empower your connection to Air Energy.

Wind Observation / Meditation
by Starhawk, from "The Earth Path"

 "In your home base, or wherever you happen to be, ground and come into your senses.  Now focus on the air and the wind.  Notice what you can smell and taste on the breeze.  Where has it come from, and what does it carry with it?
Notice the feel of the air on your skin.  Is it gentle or powerful, moving or still?  What is the temperature?
Listen to the sound of the wind.  The wind is telling you what it's moving through, and how fast.  The wind has a  voice that sounds different through trees or around corners of houses.  It can tell you how much moisture it carries, and whether or not there is a storm coming.  What does the wind say to you now?
Look around you and notice what is responding to the wind, and how.  Are branches bending and swaying? Are there trees and bushes or earth that show signs of having been shaped by the wind as they grew?
How does the wind respond to obstacles?  Does it move differently through swaying branches than it does encountering a wall?
Get up and move around now, and find the places where the wind is stronger, and the places that are wind-sheltered.  What makes the difference?  Feel what happens when the wind hits a hard surface or a soft surface.
What can the wind teach us about movement and change?  About responding to obstacles, or about softening the great forces that impact us?
Is there something in your life that you'd like to let go of?  Imagine that you hold it in your hand.  Raise up your arm, open your fist, release it, and let the wind carry it away."

The Four Winds - Part 2

Just a little more detail for you on each of the Four Winds as described in the previous post.  These descriptions are based on Neo-Pagan reconstruction of the Greek versions of the Four Winds; Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus, and Boreas.

EURUS - The East Wind, Lord of East and Air
Eurus is accompanied by a youthful maiden, and together they open the portals of the dawn, spring, and the element of Air.  The sylphs and Air Elementals come flying through the gates of the Eastern Realm, bringing gifts of clarity, concentration, communication, divination. learning, and music.  Eurus and the Air Elementals can be a great help when you need to concentrate on a ritual, and can also help in times when you may need something ordinary, like a clear road ahead; when you are in a hurry; sending messages; or when you need success in an exam or interview.  Call on Eurus to open the gates of the East Wind, imagine the doors opening wide and the Air Elementals gleefully rushing to your aid.

NOTUS - The South Wind, Lord of South and Fire
Notus is accompanied by a dazzling queen.  He and his bride open the portals of midday, summer, and the Element of Fire.  The salamanders and Fire Elementals come rushing through on the warm winds and hot breath - beings of flame, energy, inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm.... all of which they are excited to share with anyone who calls upon them.  While the Air Elementals can help you think clearly and logically, Notus and his Fire Elementals come with those flashes of pure brilliance and inspiration that come like a lightning strike or a "lightbulb moment".  The South Wind and his Fire Elementals bring passion and energy to your ritual, and can help you when you need a boost of confidence, optimism, passion, courage, inspiration, and enthusiasm..  Call upon Notus to open the gates of the South Wind, imagine the doors opening wide and the Fire Elementals rushing to your side like warriors.

ZEPHYRUS - The West Wind, Lord of West and Water
Zephyrus and his gentle lady bring with them the tranquility and repose of the evening, fall, and the element of Water.  With them come the Water Elementals, Undines and Mermaids - diving and splashing with joy; diving deep into the inner realm of feeling and emotion.  The West Wind and his Water Elementals bring compassion and emotion to your ritual, and will aid you in life by bringing self-knowledge, empathy, love, and affection. Zephyrus teaches us about the ebb and flow of life, the cycles of the moon and the tides, and the rains which are sometimes refreshing and sweet; and sometimes harsh and cold.  Call on Zephyrus to open the gates to the Western Realm and imagine the Water elementals spilling forth, to support you, renew you, transform you, and teach you.

BOREAS - The North Wind, Lord of North and Earth
Boreas and his noble crone queen bring with them the solidarity and protection of night, winter, and the element of Earth. With them come the Earth Elementals and Gnomes, practical beings who bring organization, grounding, and protection to your ritual.  They can help us when we need common sense; basic survival needs; comforting; solitude; security; certainty, and a sense of purpose.  Boreas and his Earth Elementals teach us the importance of being prepared, but not afraid; and the importance of nurturing ourselves and others.  Call upon Boreas to open the gates of the Northern Wind and imagine the Earth elementals marching peacefully yet purposely to your side.

I wrote this Invitation Prayer which can be used in opening a circle for ritual.  You can use it in full, or simply call upon the individual Wind and Element that you need at the time.  Make sure that when you are done, you thank The Winds and the Elementals for joining you and helping you, and release them back to their realm.

Eurus - Lord of East and Air, I invite you to my circle!  Bring your Sylphs and Beings of Air to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your clarity of thought and a steady mind - help my words to be clear and true and my prayers to be heard!  Wind of the East, join me!
Notus - Lord of South and Fire, I invite you to my circle!  Bring you Salamanders and Beings of Fire to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your passion and enthusiasm - light my spirit with your fire of courage and give energy to my pure desires! Wind of the South, join me!
Zephyrus - Lord of West and Water, I invite you to my circle!  Bring your Undines and Beings of Water to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your empathy and emotion - pour the waters of self-knowledge and compassion into my spirit! Wind of the West, join me! 
Boreas - Lord of North and Earth, I invite you to my circle!  Bring your Gnomes and Beings of Earth to bless and partake in my ritual.  I need your grounding and protection - strengthen me and bring fortitude and success to the core of my being!  Wind of the North, join me! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Air Element Study - The Four Winds

AIR ELEMENT STUDY - Week 4 - The Wind

Wind in itself carries a certain magick and power.  I am sure that everyone at some point has felt a gust of wind that felt like it was telling them something, or bringing a message.  Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Norse, and Aztecs all assigned Divine beings to each of the four cardinal directions.... Gods who brought the winds of each element, different seasons, and different types of weather.  In modern Neo-Pagan paths, the Four Winds are often called upon in the same (or similar) way that one would call upon each element when opening a circle.  The Winds can be powerful allies to call upon to help empower your rituals, but make sure you call upon them with great respect... and be careful what you ask for!  The Winds may hail from different elements and directions, but they are in Essence all beings of the Air, so your words will be taken quite literally!  While invoking The Winds is of itself basic Air Magick, calling a specific Wind can help blend other Elements into your ritual.  Calling all four of them together when you call the quarters and cast your circle can bring strong energy and rapid results to your rituals and magick.

The Four Winds
From "The Fairy Bible" by Teresa Moorey

"The Four Winds are very special powers, each having their own special Monarch and band of Sprites.  The Four Winds come from each of the four quarters, and are associated with a specific element.
This may seem hard to understand, because surely all the Winds are basically the Air Element?  However the Winds are to some extent. messengers and gatekeepers, bringing and delivering signs and powers from another realm.  Like the association of Air with communication and travel, The Winds can be seen as messengers to open a specific portal to each quarter and Elemental Otherworld."

The Four Winds
from "The Idiot's Guide To Wicca and Witchcraft"

East Wind; Eurus; Wind of the East
South Wind; Notus, Wind of the South
West Wind; Zephyrus; Wind of West
North Wind; Boreas; Wind of the North

Where From: The Elemental Realm

How to Invite them to ritual:
Request their presence politely

The Winds are great for taking your magick and delivering it quickly and forcefully.  When you ask The Winds to carry your magick for you, you are doing Air Magick.  Keep in mind that each Wind has it's own elemental correspondence.  You would call specifically on the South Wind for Fiery aspects; North Wind for Earthy aspects; West Wind for Watery aspects, and the East Wind for Air associations."

The Anemoi
The Anemoi are the four Greek Wind Gods, each associated with a cardinal direction and different seasons. They are the children of Astraeus - Titan God of the Dusk, and Eos - Goddess of the Dawn.  They were represented as strong gusts of wind, or sometimes as Winged Men, or sometimes depicted as horses who were kept by the Storm God Aeolus.  The names of the Anemoi are the names listed above in the excerpt from The Idiot's Guide To Wicca and Witchcraft.  I will soon write another blog post describing each one in greater detail.  Their Roman counterparts are known as the Venti.

In Norse Mythology there are counterpart beings very similar to the Anemoi; these are the dvärgar.  They are four dwarves; Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri ("Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western") who each support a Cardinal point of the compass and the element it is associated with.  They may also be associated with the Four Stags of the World Tree, Yggdrasill.

Aztec Gods of the Winds
There are similarly four different Aztec Gods who correspond to the Winds of each Direction.  They are Cihuatecayotl, god of the West wind, Mictlanpachecatl, god of the North wind, Tlalocayotl, god of the East wind, and Vitztlampaehecatl, god of the South wind.

Faerie Friday - Trust Your Intuition

This week's message from the Faeries is "Trust Your Intuition".  This card and description are from the oracle card deck "Healing With The Fairies" by Doreen Virtue.

"Trust Your Intuition" Artwrk by Gail Gastfield
Card Meaning;
"It is safe for you to follow your heart's guidance.  You know, deep down, what to do.  This card asks you to trust and follow this inner intelligence.
Has your inner guidance been trying to get your attention lately?  Perhaps a gut feeling is tugging at you like a seeing-eye dog, an inner voice has been screaming at you, or you've had dreams charged with profound emotions and symbolism lately.
By drawing this card, you're being urged to pay careful attention to those various forms of intuition.  Now is not the time to ignore these messages or procrastinate.  Trust this inner wisdom, just as you would if it came from a respected teacher.  Know that you aren't imagining the guidance.  Its powerful and receptive voice is a sign that you are truly getting clear and trustworthy messages that are worth following.

Affirmation; "I trust and follow my feelings and thoughts without question or delay."

~ From the "Healing With The Fairies" Oracle Card guidebook by Doreen Virtue.  No copyright infringement intended, I am sharing here as an oracle reader sharing advice with beloved friends.

I have drawn this card this week, asking for guidance from the faeries, not only for myself but for everyone who has been following my blog and my Air Element Studies.  The faeries are asking you now to listen to that inner voice, trust in your own intuition and feelings about situations or choices.  Learning to trust that inner voice can be hard to do... and the first step is to open yourself to being able to HEAR that inner voice in the first place.  If you would like more advice on being able to hear your inner voice and heighten your intuition and sixth sense, I would highly recommend the book, "Trust Your Vibes"  by Sonia Choquette.  It is full of wonderful advice and exercises to help you recognize, and trust your intuition and "sixth sense".

One practice that Sonia Choquette recommends is to simply "Ask Your Spirit".  If you have an intuitive feeling guiding you to do something, yet you are still afraid to make the change or take action, or are hesitant about whether your intuition is guiding you in the right direction or not - place your hand on your chest over your heart, take a deep breath, and ask your true Spirit - your higher self - what he/she thinks about the situation.  Just breathe deeply and say, "Hello, Spirit... what do YOU want me to do?"  If the answer is yes and your intuition is correct your Spirit will fill you with a sense of joy, a fluttering in your chest that makes you smile.

Keep on meditating with the Air Element meditations I shared with you last week, focusing on uniting your body and spirit with your breath, this will help activate your intuition and help your recognize it when it speaks to you as well.  Have a blessed week, and remember, the Fairies are looking out for you!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meditation - Affirmations to help you meditate


Affirmation 1: "I cherish my meditation times."
Affirmation 2: "The Wisdom I seek is within me."

"At least once a day I sit quietly and go within to connect with the wisdom and knowledge that is always there.  This wisdom and knowledge is only a breath away.  All the answers to all the questions I shall ever ask are sitting there waiting for me.   Meditating is a joy for me.  I sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, relax, and go to that place of peace within.  After a little while, I come back to the present moment refreshed and renewed and ready for life.  Every day is a joyous new adventure for me because I choose to listen to my own inner wisdom.  This wisdom is always available to me.  It comes from the essence of that which exists behind the universe of time, space. and change.  When I meditate, I connect with the deep inner unchanging part of myself.  Here I am energy.  I am light.  I am the answer already arrived.  I am Eternal Beingness being here now."

~ From "Meditations To Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay

Lesson 3 Craft Activity - Pinwheels

Create a Spinning Pinwheel to remind you of your intimate connection to Air Energy through breathing!  A pinwheel is simple enough to create, here are a couple different websites with instructions on how to make one;

Decorate your Pinwheel in yellow and sky blue colors, and if you want, decorate it with stickers or draw symbols on it that represent Air Energy.

You can meditate with your pinwheel, take a deep breath and then blow strongly through your mouth to make the pinwheel spin.  Watch it spin and contemplate your relationship with Air and what you have read in this week's previous posts on meditation and breathing.  Think about how your breath has the power to move the pinwheel... something outside of you.  Your breath sets things in motion inside of you, circulating from your lungs, to your bloodstream, to your heart, and throughout your whole body.  Your breath (your life-force) also creates chain reactions in life around you.  Think about how your words, thoughts, actions, and even your presence on the planet has an effect on things around you as you blow your breath on your pinwheel and watch it spin.

Pinwheel Wishing Spell

Use the Power and Magick of your own breath and your intimate connection with Air Energy for this simple spell.  Create your wishing pinwheel and decorate with Air Colors or symbols, as suggested above.  

Meditate on your own breathing for a few minutes, feeling your connection with Air Energy.  If you wish, use one of the Air Meditations shared here earlier, Breath Meditation or Journey for Air.
Spend a few minutes of your meditation thinking about your wish.  Visualize it as if it has already come true.  Visualize how you will feel, how you will act, and what your life will be like when you have what you desire.  (If it is a waning moon period, you may want to wish for what you need removed from your life; while if it is a waxing moon period you may want to wish for what you need to come into your life.)  This spell will be particularly powerful if what you wish for aligns with Air Energy - communications, clear thinking, passing an exam, learning, divination, confidence, and removing obstacles or mental blocks.  Try not to worry about how your dream will come to pass, just hold the happy feeling  of your wish coming true as you meditate and let it fill you with each inhalation.

Speak your wish out loud, and then blow on your pinwheel to make it spin.  Then say this prayer, pausing between each verse to again blow on and spin your pinwheel while envisioning your wish coming true.

"I call upon my Sacred Breath,
the very cycle of Life and Death

With each breath my wish I know;
to the Winds my Wish I blow

I send my wish with Trust and Love,
Winds now carry it to Spirit above!

Air I send my wish to Thee,
As I Will, so mote it be!"

Thank the Air for giving you life, and breathe in with gratitude, knowing that you will find that which you seek.  Keep your pinwheel on your Altar or in a place you will see it often.  Make it spin with your breath whenever you want to, remembering to feel hopeful and grateful and visualizing your wish coming true.  You will receive inspiration or opportunities to help it come to pass!