Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meditation: Journey For Air

Journey For Air

Take some time to do this meditation if you are willing to delve deeper into Air Energy.  This guided Meditation is a form of meditation called Pathwalking... in which the described journey that you read or listen to is the same, but you let your imagination and creative life force carry it further.  Everyone will have a different experience with this meditation.  Write this one down in your Air Element Journal or book of shadows to use as a good meditation before doing any magick or ceremony dealing with Air Energy, or if you are seeking clarity in your thoughts, memories, communications, dreams, and divination.  Record your experiences each time you attempt this meditation.

Journey For Air

Sit quietly in a comfortable meditation position.  Close your eyes and slowly begin to deeply inhale, and slowly exhale, bringing your body and mind to a state of relaxation.  In your mind you look around, and find yourself standing on a sandy beach.

Walking along the beach as the brilliant shades of yellow and orange sink into the sea, the wind begins to blow and you seek shelter among the sand dunes.

You feel the sea grasses whipping against your legs as you follow a path between the dunes. 

A faint glow emanates from inside the dunes and you walk toward it until you see a fire in the clearing.  

Standing by the fire is a tall man.  He's staring into the flames and when you see him, there is immediate recognition.
Warmth fills your heart as you embrace him and there is immediate peace and love. 

You sit down by the fire - sheltered from the winds.
From the distance comes the faint sounds of the crashing surf.

The man's eyes are filled with compassion and wisdom, and they reflect the knowledge that a good life brings limitless rewards.  His expression is one of deep and committed love.
Slowly, he raises his chin and inhales deliberatley, drawing in all of the air around you. The fire, once blazing, is now extinguished and you are sitting in darkness next to the Great and Wise Father.  The sound of wind and waves cresting on the beach has stopped, all is silent.  The full moon rising over the dunes offers the only light.

Slowly, he exhales onto the logs and the fire is again burning brightly, the breeze lighly brushes your face and you can hear the waves moving on the beach again.  

You sit together by the fire and He shares with you the secrets of the Air.

After a time, you stand and embrace this wise teacher, you know that he has shared more than a protective embrace with you.  You walk out of the dunes assured that you will continue to discover the secrets of Air on your journey.

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