Monday, April 29, 2013

Craft; Make an Air Element Witches' Ladder

My Air Element Witches' Ladder
Yarn; 3 different colors, about a yard of each.  I chose yellow, white, and light blue for Air Element colors
Feathers; 9.  You may want each feather to be a different color, or choose all one color for your Ladder.
Beads; 9 beads, one to attach with each feather.
Some thread or thin beading wire to put thru each bead and wrap around each feather.
9 small strips of paper.

To begin, write 9 different aspects of Air Energy on your strips of paper.  Look at the list of Air Correspondences and what types of magick are done with Air energy for some ideas.  For example; Communication, Learning, Divination, Music, New Beginnings, Spring, Clear thinking, clean air, etc.  Set these papers aside with the feathers.

Take each of your beads and string some of the beading wire or thread through them, so they are ready when you need them.

Take the 3 strands of yarn and tie them together at the top.  I attached a butterfly pendant to the top of mine for hanging it up, and for further representation of the Air Element.

You may want to take some time meditating on the Air Element and your breath before you begin.  If possible, play some soothing music with the sound of wind, wind chimes, and bells while you create your Witches' Ladder.

Begin braiding the 3 strands of yarn.  Braid about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches, then stop.  Attach the bead.  Take one of the feathers, and one of the strips of paper.  Look at what is written on the paper, then wrap it tightly around the base of the feather.  Use the thread from the bead and wrap it tightly around the feather and paper, and wrap the yarn around it as well, stating out loud the energy and purpose of this feather .... "For clear communication", or "for Air energy of Divination", etc.  Braid another inch in the yarn and then repeat the process of attaching a bead, wrapping the word around the feather, attaching the feather, and stating it's purpose out loud.  Repeat until you have all 9 feathers and beads attached, then tie off the ladder in a final knot, saying, "The Energy of Air is stored here for my use, whenever I shall need it.  Thank you, Air for blessing my Ladder.  My intentions are pure and my spell is done, So Mote It Be."

There are a few ways you can use your Air Element Witches' Ladder.
You can hang it up on an Eastern wall or window of your home to invite Air Energy into your home.
You can hang it above your Altar as a permanent Air representation.
You can use it during Air Energy magick or Rituals by simply holding it, draping it around your shoulders, or wrapping it around your wrist... even wrapping it around your wand or Athame or wrapping it around the base of a candle you want to charge with Air Energy.

For Meditation;
You can use it as a meditation tool, simply holding it at the first bead/feather and breathing in and out three steady inhales and exhales, then move to the next bead/feather and repeat three steady inhales and exhales.  This meditation will be a good way to count and track your breathing, and you will automatically be more connected to Air Energy when you are finished.  It would be a perfect meditation to do before doing any type of Air Magic, or before doing anything that will involve communication (before a speech or job interview), before divination practices (to open the pathways of communication with your spirit guides and Higher Self), etc.

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