Thursday, April 18, 2013

Air Element Study - Lesson 2 - Air Pollution

Air Element Study, Lesson 2

Monday, April 22 is Earth Day!  Even though realistically we know that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY, I thought our next lesson on the Air Element in our Elemental Studies should be on Air Pollution and a few things we can do about it.

Please make an effort this week to pick some things in your lifestyle you can change that can help reduce Air Pollution.  There are some ideas for things you can do in these posts;

Air Pollution Info & Solutions (for kids)

Air Pollution - what you can do at home

Air Pollution - what you can do while traveling

Make a list of some of these things and add it to your Air Element section of your Book of Shadows or Element Journal.  If you want, just make a list of the things you can do.  You can even write down a pact... a promise to the Air Element to do one or two of these things, and dedicate the action you take to the Air Element & the God & Goddess.

I have also posted some prayers, meditations, and messages from the Angels and Faeries to help us focus on this problem at a spiritual level.  If you choose, you can copy or print copies of these for your Book of Shadows or Air Element journal as well.

Environmental Awareness - Message from the Fairies (including a meditation and affirmations you can add to your Book of Shadows or Journal)

Pollution - Message from The Angels

Prayer to remove toxins from the Air - not posted yet... coming soon!

Environmental Magick Spell Guide - coming soon!

Fresh Air Spell - Coming soon!

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