Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Air Blessing "Promise" Sachet

I wrote this spell as something to do to spiritually help clean up air pollution, and as a way to remind myself to do my part.

Air Blessing "Promise" Sachet

yellow or sky-blue fabric
needle & thread or a string to tie it up with
some feathers
blank paper and a pen or pencil
as many dried herbs, plants, or spices that represent the Air Element or Environmental Healing as you can find.

Begin with meditation in front of your Air Altar or with your Air Element Candle, silently or with an air element guided meditation or music.   Think about the ways you can help prevent air pollution, whether big or small. Begin to write down the small things you want to do or already do on small peices of paper that you can fold or roll up to place in your sachet.

Speak each affirmation or promise of what you are going to do for the environment out loud or in your head as you fold them or roll them up and place them in the center of your cloth.  One at a time, place the herbs or spices you have chosen on top of the peices of paper, stating your reason for adding that herb and what kind of power it brings to your spell.
For example; "I place these lemon peels for cleansing and purification, and to keep my intentions pure and fresh!  I place this Bay Leaf for cleansing and purification of the skies, and to give me strength and wisdom to guide my actions.", etc.  If you wish, add some feathers to the sachet to make it more full and fluffy and light like a pillow.

Tie it up or sew it shut, focusing on your intent to follow through with your goals and visualizing clean, clear skies,  You may wish to say the example prayer I have listed here, or write a blessing prayer of your own. Or, this simple spell for balance prayer could be adjusted to bless your sachet as well!   You may embellish the sachet with charms that represent the Air, or some feathers.  Hang it somewhere you can see it often to remind you of your promise to help clean up the skies and as encouragement that you CAN make a difference!

my Air Blessing Promise Sachet

This is a beautiful picture of a sunset outside my home in Arizona

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