Sunday, April 14, 2013

Angelic Guidance for the week of April 15 - 21

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Doreen Virtue.  I consider her to be one of my personal spiritual teachers, one of my "gurus".  Although I have never met her in person, I own many of her books and oracle card decks, listen to her radio show, and watch her weekly oracle card readings on youtube.

This week I wanted to share with you the video she posted for the coming week.  It speaks of the empowerment that comes from our own personal choices, and also the importance of seeking for an accepting the help or guidance of others.  I think this week's reading goes quite perfectly with our Fairie message for this week, don't you?  The Fairies have urged us to cleanse and detoxify our bodies; cleansing ourselves of harmful toxins we put in our bodies.  Watch this reading for the week by Doreen and see how it might fit in with our week as we embark upon a somewhat uncomfortable - yet empowering - journey of detoxification!

I also found another Oracle card reader who works closely with the Angels who posted a similar style of reading for the week, using a different Oracle Card Deck.  I was delighted with how these two readings seem to really align with and support each other!  Once again keep in mind our goal of detoxification as you listen to this reading;

Overview from both readings & my thoughts as they apply to our "Detoxification" reading from Friday.
Beginning of the week;
Page of Water.  Intuition, sensitivity, fears.  (deciding to give up an addiction or detoxify your body can be scary, overwhelming, and set your sensitivity on edge.)
What do Your Desire? - set your intention clearly in your mind, decide why you are doing this and that you deserve to treat your body with respect.
Manifesting Dreams; My dreams are coming true!  Again, all about setting your intention clearly and trusting that you can manifest your desires, and you CAN accomplish this goal!  Oh, and check out the picture on that card- full of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Middle of the week;
King of Air; Brilliant, impartial, professional, diplomatic.  You gain confidence as the week goes on, and possibly encounter a person or people who are supporting you along the way.
Energy Work; The power of self-healing, taking care of your body... these are now coming through on a spiritual and energetic level as well!
Awakening Ancient Wisdom; Deep inner knowing is emerging within me!  This card perfectly complements the King of Air - confidence, knowledge, support, and wisdom! Pay attention to sychronicities and signs that will be affirming that your detoxification process is going well, and trust that this process will bring you great inner wisdom!

End of the week; (Weekend)
Eight of Water; a new emotional level.  You will have moved on from fear and sensitivity of the beginning of the week, to a point where you are feeling ready to move on to the next stage in your life.  Isn't that one of the goals of detoxification?  Removing some blocks and freeing ourselves to see and feel what we really want!
Be Honest with Yourself - Clarify what you are feeling.  Now that you have detoxified your body, you can take a more honest look at how you are feeling, without worrying about whether your feelings and intuitions are being clouded by certain toxins or physical ailments.
Exceeding Expectations; I soar into excellence!  If you have followed through on your detoxification and the advice of the cards from earlier in the week (Setting your intentions clearly, manifesting what you want, being confident, getting support from others, doing energy-work and self-healing) then you have something to be proud of and you have probably exceeded your own expectations!  You have removed blocks and physical ailments and are now able to be truly honest with yourself.... you are ready to soar to the next level of healing and learning!

Thanks for reading and make sure you come back often as we learn more about the Air Element, and listen to and apply the advice of the Fairies and The Angels as we continue our Air Element Studies!

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