Pagan Housekeeping

Putting a Magickal Twist on Housework!
I love the "FlyLady" system that can be found at!  As I have followed it over the years I have found myself seeing it through the eyes of a Pagan Witch, and finding ways to incorporate Magick, Spirituality, and Spiritual Devotion to my routines and Housework!  Here you will find links to blogs that I have posted related to FlyLady, and how to add some Magick to your housework!
My Pagan / Spiritual House Cleaning posts;
FlyLady, Pagan Style - BABYSTEPS
Day 5 - Keep it up!
Day 6 - Hot Spots
Day 7 - Put out Clothes for Tomorrow
Day 8 - 5 minute Room Rescue
Day 9 - The Power of 15 Minutes!
Day 10 - I have no idea what happened to this post!  Maybe I missed a Day!
Day 11 - Inspiration
Day 12 - Keep Doing What You're Doing!
Day 13 - Daily Missions
Day 14 - use your calendar!
Day 15 - Make Your Bed!
Day 16 - Positive Self-Talk!
Day 17 - Get Enough Sleep!
Day 20 - Laundry! (yes, day 18 & 19 are missing as well!)
Day 21 - Keep reinforcing your new habits!
Day 22- Habit, habit, habit!
Day 23 - Afternoon Routines
Day 24 - Swish and Swipe!
Day 25 - Keep doing your Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routines!
Day 26 - Keep up the good work!
Day 27 - What's For Dinner?
Day 28 - Taking Care of YOU!
Day 29 - Keep it up!  And Reward Yourself!
Day 30 - Errand Day
Day 31 - Keep Working on your new habits and routines!  You Did it!

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