Monday, January 7, 2013

FlyLady - Pagan Style; put out clothes for tomorrow!

For those of you who don't know what FlyLady is, it's an inspirational website designed to help you clean and de-clutter your home and your life. It helps you create routines that work for you, your lifestyle & your family to help housekeeping become stress-free and something you just do naturally and daily rather than something you put off until the last minute and then stress about when you have company coming over.

I have felt for awhile now that many aspects of the FlyLady program can be applied in spiritual ways to those who consider themselves, Neo-Pagans, Kitchen Witches, Hearth Witches, Green Witches, etc. I will be going over some FlyLady basics here in my blog and writing about how they can be seen as a spiritual thing; not just a house-cleaning and organizing thing! If you missed it, check out my post called "FlyLady - Pagan Style; Welcome Letter"

When you start with FlyLady, there are 31 days of "Baby Steps" to help you slowly start to integrate small changes into your daily routines. It's about developing habits and changing your mind-set to a positive one!

BabySteps Day 7
Keep Doing what you have been doing!
Look at the written reminders you have made for yourself!
Get Dressed To Shoes When you Get up!
Keep Your Sink Shining!
Spend 2 minutes "putting out" Hot Spots in your home!
Put out your clothes for tomorrow before you go to bed!
(read FlyLady's Day 7 message here )
Today's BabyStep asks us to add one more thing to our simple "Before Bed Routine".  So far we are already making sure that our sink is shining before we go to bed.  Now we pick out our clothes for tomorrow and lay them out.  This makes getting dressed to shoes in the morning so much easier!  We don't have to get up and figure out what to wear... it's already laid out for us! 
This is part of planning for tomorrow.  What we are doing, where we are going, and what the weather is like will all have a part in what we choose to lay out tonite before going to bed.  Training ourselves to think ahead like this can be difficult at first, but I think it's a great asset to those living a spiritual life.  "How can picking out my clothes for tomorrow be a spiritual life practice?" you may be asking!  Here are my thoughts.
Planning ahead and knowing what we are doing tomorrow is a big part of a witches' life.  We often like to check our calenders to know the moon phase... is a full moon or new moon coming up?  Is there a seasonal celebration or Pagan Sabbat (Holiday) coming up?  Even just knowing the day of the week can be an asset to our spiritual life, as different days of the week have a different energy signature; ruled by different planets, colors, and Deities.  Picking out our clothes for tomorrow sets aside a time for us to think about tomorrow.  We recognize another day has passed and can take time to be grateful for whatever lessons we have encountered, and then plan for the new day that will begin in the morning!  It's all about mindfulness!  A spiritually empowered person knows that when we live each moment with mindful intention, we have more success, more peace, more happiness!  Take a moment when you lay out your clothes for tomorrow to be mindfully focused on what you hope tomorrow will hold for you.  Life has a way of not quite sticking to a "plan", but our choice is in what kind of attitude and intention we go through our day with!
If you really want to get into the magickal essence of picking out your clothes for tomorrow, here is a list of colors associated with the days of the week.  Even if you don't have outfits with these colors, perhaps you can find ways to accessorize using these colors with your scarf, jewelry, fingernail polish, or even your socks!
Sunday; Yellow, Gold, Orange
Monday; Silver, White, Light Blue
Tuesday; Red, Orange
Wednesday; Purple, Lavender
Thursday; Royal Blue, Greens
Friday; Pink, Aqua-Blue, Sea-Green
Saturday; Black, Dark Purple
For a complete list of Spiritual correspondences for days of the week, check out this article at Pagan/Wiccan!
There is a slightly different list of colors depending on who you talk to.  This is a great article, coming from an Ayurvedic point of view... which also suggests eating foods of these colors on the day they are associated with! 
Any way you look at it, picking out your clothes for tomorrow can become a very important part of your daily spiritual living!  As well as helping us to become more organized, and save time in the mornings when we get up!  So go ahead!  Take a few minutes to look in your closet or dresser and pick out what you want to wear tomorrow!  Lay it out on a chair, shelf, hung on a hook, or on a hanger hanging from your doorknob.  Set the intention for the day you will have tomorrow, and be mindful of what kind of day you have had today!  You may even begin to see a pattern of the days of the week or colors you wear and the types of things that happen to you!

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