Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

In numerology, the year 2010 is reduced down and becomes the number three. The Tarot Card for the year 2010 was 3, The Empress. Collectively this past year we have all been reminded to be more nurturing and creative in our lives. Perhaps we were reminded in one way or another to recognize beauty in every little thing, or to appreciate the mothers in our lives. Perhaps we were reminded in one way or another that we must nurture and pamper ourselves from time to time in order to keep our personal energy clear and healthy. Maybe we were inspired to be more nurturing and caring for those around us. Perhaps our trials and deep emotions sparked a flow of creative energy. Whatever way we learned these lessons, I'm sure we can all look back and find The Empress' lessons present in our life over 2010.

At this time, the energy of the Empress is giving way to the Emperor, as the year 2011 is numerologically reduced to the number 4. The gentle earthy urgings of the Empress now give way to the powerful and fiery energy of the Emperor. This year we will be encouraged to find our personal empowerment, stand up for what we believe in, and become the leaders of our own lives. Whatever 2011 brings, trust that you are in charge of the situation. Like an emperor leading his country, it is how you choose to react to situations that will determine the outcome and success of your kingdom. Another thing to be aware of, whatever lessons that the Empress tried to teach you in gentle patience, if you did not truly embrace those lessons, now it's The Emperor's turn to try and teach you the same thing. He's not quite as gentle in his teaching style as the mothering Empress can be; think of him as the Military Father that teaches through "Tough Love" and strict, structured lessons. But fear not! Because whatever it is you are learning in 2011 will teach you strength, wisdom, independence, and great empowerment. If you go into 2011 with these goals in mind, and recognize that in truth, your Spirit already IS Strong, Wise, Independent, and Empowered, than this year should be amazingly special for you!
Happy New Year friends! I hope that you're all having a great time seeing out 2010 and welcoming in 2011... and being safe!! It is COLD here in Arizona... and while I'm sure many of you have seen colder days than us, this 35 degrees at 9:30 pm is NOT something we're used to seeing! In fact, this is the coldest New Year's Eve in the recorded history of Arizona! I'm drinking a glass of wine... it's helping warm me up a little bit. The kids are playing on the Wii, the husband is reading a book, and the house is mostly clean, warm, and cozy-feeling. I spent the day doing house work, as I feel it's important to wake up to a clean house on New Year's day. I discovered that this is tradition in many cultures, especially in Scotland; to clean the house on New Year's Eve. Here are some other traditions I learned about and thought I'd share with you;

"New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are times steeped in household magic, most of which ensures that the home and it's residents will have a safe, comfortable, plentiful new year.
There are many traditional New Year's Eve rituals. Burning seven candles on this night brings household luck. If you want more than luck, light a candle on each side of a mirror five minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. Then look into the glass, and you'll see a vision.
A few minutes before midnight on the eve of the new year, open the doors and windows for a few minutes to release any negative vibrations from last year.
New Year's Eve is also an excellent time to increase your beauty. At midnight, wash your face in well water, look into a mirror by candle light, and you will improve your appearance.
If you have a fireplace, you might want to try this spell. To be rid of last year's banes an pains, bind your now obsolete calendar with wool yarn. Place it in a hot fire while chanting;
"Burn, burn, you day-book burn;
Last year's worries ne'er return!"

At one time in Scotland, each resident of the household washed his or her entire body in water into which three live embers from the household fire had been placed. Next, clean clothing was donned, the house thoroughly scrubbed, every lock opened, and a shiny knife left near the front door. A light burning in the window all night topped off the ritual.

On New Year's Day itself, there is much to do in the way of good-luck rituals. First off, ensure that your pockets and your cupboards are full on this day; that way you'll have money all year. If you have greens in the house on New Year's Day, you'll have plenty of "green" cash during the following 12 months.
Juniper incense ritually cleanses the home and is highly traditional. Bayberry candles are also said to bring prosperity and luck. An old saying goes; "Bayberry candles, when burned to the socket, bring luck to the home and gold to the pocket." Burn candles in fireproof containers as they must be allowed to burn all the way out.
Grass and water can also be brought into the home to ensure plenty of food and drink. Eat black-eyed peas and cabbage on New Years Day to bring luck and prosperity into your life in the new year.
On New Year's Day, NOT BEFORE, it is permissible to hang up new calendars and almanacs

From "The Magical Household" by Scott Cunningham

So today I cleaned the house... the floors have been swept and mopped, the carpet has been vacuumed, most areas are free of clutter, flat surfaces have been dusted, dishes washed, etc. There are some dishes from dinner in the sink right now but I will be washing those and shining that sink before midnight! Just before I go to bed, or before midnight (whichever comes first... I might not stay up till midnight) I am going to open the windows and doors to the freezing winter night and smudge the house with sage; clearing away any negativity that may be lingering from the previous year. I also plan on doing this beautiful ritual from the book "Moon Magick" by D.J. Conway -

Wishing Night
The end of December was the celebration of Wishing Night in Mexico, when wishes were said to be granted to those who deserved them, rather like gifts from Santa Claus. Since this falls on what we now call New Year's Eve, it becomes a kind of combination gifts and resolutions time.
If it is safe for you to do so, go outside when it is completely dark. If it isn't safe or possible, at least stand near a window in a totally darkened room. Look up at the sky. Listen to the night sounds. Try to hear the music of the stars and the Moon. Think about the night as if you were in an isolated country with the dark woodlands nearby, the owls ghosting silently across the snow covered hills. Let your primal being thrill to the call of wolves in the distance.
Have in mind what is important to you in the way of desires for the coming year and what things you would like to delete from your life. Don't be shy; this can include troublesome people. Just be prepared to accept what will come when your desires are answered.
Breathe each thing you want gone, one at a time, into the palm of your hand. Then blow them away into the darkened sky on the winter winds. Do the same with each desire you wish to enter into your life. Take your time.
When you are finished, go inside and light a red candle. Place it in a safe place to burn out completely. This candle is a symbolic guiding spot to draw your desires to you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clear Your Space

Today I was reminded of the importance of having a Sacred Space. I have my altar, tucked into a nice little corner in my bedroom; but it isn't always a place that I can go to unwind. Sometimes the kids are running amok and I can't just leave them unnatended. Sometimes my husband is sleeping or reading in that room, etc. I was sitting at my computer this morning, wanting to do a reading for a client and do my daily facebook postings of a positive nature... and I thought... what am I doing? I just wasn't feeling it. I was feeling this overwhelming anxiety. I've been feeling it for a while now. I could feel the depression there; lurking in the background... waiting to get in. Latley it gets in every day... I start off positive and then end up feeling bogged down, overwhelmed, lost. And I haven't been getting much of anything done. I would retreat to my haven; the computer desk and facebook... but end up feeling worse. This morning as I sat here and looked around, it hit me... THIS needs to be a sacred space. This area needs to be peaceful and serene. I mean, how can I sit here and offer advice to others and try to feed this positive light through the wires of the internet when I am surrounded by this;Clutter and mess and not even a clear space to set down my coffee mug? Why is it that even though I know the importance of keeping these flat surfaces and "hot spots" clear of clutter, I tend to neglect the one area where I spend the most of my time? No wonder I've been procrastinating on giving readings.... I don't even have enough room here to lay out my cards. No wonder I have a sense of anxiety and depression... when I come here to "take a break" and escape from stress, I'm surrounded by clutter. This picture doesn't show it all... but there is even clutter on the floor all around this area. Well... there WAS. But then I got up and cleaned it. In a matter of 30 minutes I cleared away the clutter, threw out the trash, and added some items to help this area become a peaceful, sacred place to rest, do readings, meditate, listen to music, etc.I began to feel better almost immediatley. Like.....LOTS better. I could kick myself for not doing this sooner.... for letting it get to this point to begin with. I get so occupied with trying to keep the kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, etc. clean that I tend to put off cleaning my personal areas. (Speaking of which... my bedroom and altar area are a mess right now! But that will be for another day) I tend to put off those personal areas, sacrificing the cleanliness of my personal spaces because I "don't have time", or the other areas seem more important. But you know what? I spent 30 minutes clearing this space... felt immensley better... and my energy started flowing again. I cleaned more of the spaces in this room. Then I cleaned the kitchen.... really good. I mean, my kitchen is SPARKLING like a Cullen Vamp. AND I still had time to give the kid a bath, have a phone conference with my daughter's teacher, and cook dinner. I'm sitting here right now, not worrying about what I didn't get done today... but relaxing with my candle lit, a cup of hot tea, and getting ready to catch up on my favorite TV series Fringe by watching the episode I missed last week. Life is good, and yes, it CAN be as simple as clearing a sacred space for yourself.

I was reminded of this card from the Archangel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. -

"Archangel Jophiel - Clear Your Space" (Card posted at the top of this blog post)
This is one of the first cards I drew for myself when I got this deck two years ago, and it is part of the inspiration that got me started on . I'm a devoted FlyBaby, but even I need a reminder now and then to do something a little extra, and how important it can be to have a Sacred Space. The message along with this card from Archangel Jophiel says;
"Your home and work environments affect you on many levels. Clutter can erode your energy, creativity, and prosperity. I'll help you find the time and motivation to clear interferences from your physical environment. Together, we'll release anything thats not serving you. We'll donate, recycle, or discard unused items. We'll open the windows to circulate fresh air in the rooms. And I'll escort lower energies away. You'll notice huge improvements in all areas of your life as a result of this endeavor."
Perhaps it was Jophiel who came and tapped me on the shoulder this morning and reminded me to do this. Perhaps I was reminded of this card because it's message is exactly what I needed right now... even though I didn't physically or randomly draw this card for myself today... I still feel like this was my Oracle card of the day. And I'm sooo glad I have this peaceful space in which to tell you about it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quitting Smoking; my Tarot Reading / Therapy Session

Giving myself this tarot card reading was like having a very intense Therapy session with my Spirit Guides and Healer Guides! It was very insightful and awakening, and I share it with you so you can join me on my journey of quitting smoking (whether by supporting me, or deciding to quit smoking yourself!) and to give you an example of how this tarot spread can be used to overcome any addiction!!!

As I write this blog post, I have been quit for 3 Days, 22 hours, 22 minutes and 6 seconds (3 days). I have saved $12.97 by not smoking 47 cigarettes. I have saved 3 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 11/14/2010 11:06 PM

Part 1; Cards 1 -7 - The Roots of the Addiction

Card 1 - The Root - 8 of Pentacles - The belief that life is hard and full of hard work. The desire to break away from the daily grind. The comfort of repetition and habit. Relief from daily stresses. Putting off productivity and progress. Affirmation - “I work patiently and persistently to achieve good results.”
Card 2 - Mind Root - Knight of Swords - Smoking is a time to think things through, gather my thoughts, make a plan. When I smoke I am being arrogant. Recklessly endangering myself and others. Retreating from reality. Being defensive, trying to fight a battle - be it the wrong way. Cutting off my emotions instead of facing them. Affirmation - “I defend the right of all to truth and justice”
Card 3 - Body Root- Queen of Wands - Spontaneous behavior. Seeking personal power. In response to an over bearing mother. Justified as a compensation for putting my own needs aside. I often associate this card with my mother (A Leo -manipulative Fire Sign). I think I originally started smoking as a way to secretly assert my power over my body in a way that my mother could not control. I am not a child anymore and I HAVE control over my body… without needing to rebel or assert myself over my mother’s control. Affirmation - “I recognize my self-potential and my ability to manifest my desires.”
Card 4 - Spirit Root - Justice - Smoking used as a way to suspend action until a decision is made. Taking time to deliberate on which action to make, or procrastinating on action. Punishing myself for past actions. Not believing I am worthy of health and happiness - giving myself a punishment. Trying to find balance… self medicating to compensate for lack of balance (ironically creating more imbalance) Indecision and Inaction. Rebelling against social standards. Affirmation; “I am willing to be true to myself in all my decisions.”
Card 5 - How Mind and Body feed into each other - The Queen of Cups (How the Knight of Swords and Queen of wands feed into each other) - Using my time smoking to try and channel my feelings and emotions, spending time outdoors. In truth the smoking has clouded my intuition and has been a block to my emotion. It has been a retreat into fantasy and addiction - self medicating the withdrawal from emotions. False feelings of satisfaction, delusions. Avoiding my own moods and emotions rather than dealing with them. Affirmation; “I recognize the depth of my emotions and my ability to attract and enchant those around me.” Knight of Swords vs. Queen of Wands - running away from dealing with my “mother issues” and refusing to face my own personal power. Afraid of embracing my personal power. Also, the Knight-Queen pair identifies the imbalance between being an adult and a teenager - I have been clinging to my youth and rebelling against “growing up”. Challenging establishment…. Seeking risk… imbalance between Caution and Adventure; stability vs. instability.
Card 6 - How Body and Spirit play into each other - 6 of Wands ( How the Queen of Wands and Justice feed into each other) The combination of rebelling against my mother and punishing myself for my past has created a false sense of victory. Short-lived gains and underlying feelings of treachery and betrayal. Bracing myself for a fall - smoking as a “smoke screen” and surrounding myself with other smokers who “understand” me. Attempting to “take charge” of my life by doing something that is out of the control of others. Flaunting my “independence”. Affirmation - “My confidence in my ability to achieve goals inspires others with whom I work.” Queen of Swords vs. Justice - desire to atone for my lack of confidence. Judging myself in the same way that my mother judges me. Seeing myself through her eyes rather than thinking about how *I* actually feel about myself and my choices… “What would my mother think?” syndrome.
Card 7 - How Spirit and Mind feed into each other - Ace of Pentacles (How the Knight of Swords and Justice feed into each other) I have used smoking as a way to Center and Ground my energy. Taking a time out. A “reward” for the fruits of my labor… I often smoke after a project or before starting a new project. Attempting to conserve or regenerate my energy. Giving myself a “transition” between actions, events, and decisions. Affirmation - “ I recognize this opportunity to materialize my ideas.” Knight of Swords vs. Justice - Choice vs. action. Balance vs. going to the extreme. Judging my own actions harshly. Cutting away emotions from my actions and decisions. Balancing the energy of the Knight of Swords (defensiveness) with Justice (balanced action)
Part 2; Healing the Addiction

Card 8 - How to Heal your Mind - The Moon (The Moon covers and Heals the Knight of Swords) - Facing my fears instead of running away from them. Listening to and trusting my intuition and instincts rather than arrogantly turning away from these emotions. Introspection and self-understanding. Working with psychic abilities and intuition; he realm of the subconscious, visions. Trusting my inner self Embracing the ebb and flow of events and the cycles of emotions in their natural form. Form new habits and cycles. Affirmation - “I am impelled to evolve beyond my fears and insecurities. I am willing to walk the path to self knowledge through the unknown inner realms of myself.”
Card 9 - How the Heal your Body - King of Cups ( The King of Cups covers and Heals the Queen of Wands) - Being in touch with my emotions but being in control of those emotions. Be Wise, Calm, Diplomatic, Caring, and Tolerant, especially when dealing with my mother or other oppressive ad judgmental people. Be in control of my emotions and treat myself and others with Love and Care at all times. Understand that “The only one who can make you feel inferior is yourself.” Control my emotions but don’t smother them… feel them, process them, and let them go. Affirmation; I acknowledge my inner values, feelings, and intuitions.”
Card 10 - How to Heal Your Spirit - The Fool (The Fool covers and heals Justice)- Experience life in the Here and Now. Don’t dwell on the past… but live in the present. Trust in my choices and trust in the Universe. Be carefree, spontaneous. Embrace my inner child and innocence. Be optimistic, don’t be a fatalist. Mistakes do not need punishment, only correction. Trust that balance will be found. Don’t procrastinate on making choices but take steps in faith and trust. Affirmation - “ All possibilities are open to me as I boundlessly experience the Here and Now.”
Card 11 - How to Heal your Root - Seven of Cups (7 of Cups covers and heals 8 of Pentacles) Embrace my dreams, intuition, and visions. See life as an abundance of choices on many levels rather than a series of hard tasks. Set priorities and avoid distraction, but be free spirited and open minded. Be open to new experiences. Be careful of temptations and indulgence. Be aware that I have an addictive personality and find ways to indulge myself that do not involve indulgence in drugs or destructive substances. Find creative expressions… write, draw, crafts, art, etc. Be more intuitive and work on trusting my intuition and developing my psychic powers.

Underlying Energy Card - What is the underlying message about Quitting Smoking - The card on the bottom of the deck - The High Priestess - I think that this card is telling me that not only do I have the power within me to overcome this addiction, but that once I have my system cleansed and this addiction cleared out of my system, I will open up my access to a higher power. I can already feel my vibration getting higher and my chakras becoming more balanced as I cleanse myself from smoking.

Sum of the Digits Card - Overall Advice / Supporting Card - The Emperor (Also my Soul Purpose Card) - I have the power to quit smoking for good. Nothing has power over me if I don't choose to let it have power over me. And from the other lessons within this reading I can see that this step of quitting smoking is just another step towards embracing my own empowerment and strength; something that I have put off doing for a long time. The presence of The Emperor is significant because this is my Soul Purpose card through numerology... so quitting smoking and overcoming addiction is probably one of my Soul's core lessons... shaking this off will do more for me that just physically free me from an unhealthy addiction... but help my Soul take steps forward in it's growth and path. I have a lot of thinking and healing to do....

For more on this spread, see my previous post; Healing An Addiction Tarot Spread. See also the Archangel Oracle Card reading I gave myself prior to quitting smoking; Angelic Guidance -Time To Quit!

Healing An Addiction Tarot Spread

Healing An Addiction Tarot Reading

Cards 1 - 7; The Root of the Addiction
1. The root
2. Mind Root
3. Body Root
4. Spirit Root
5. How Mind and body feed into each other (examine this card in relation with cards 2 and 3, and examine the relationship between cards 2 and 3 themselves - Orange arows)
6. How Body And Spirit play into each other (Examine this card in relation with cards 3 and 4, and examine the relationship between cards 3 and 4 - Purple Arrows)
7. How spirit and mind play into each other (examine this card in relation with cards 4 and 2, and examine the relationship between cards 4 and 2 themselves - Green Arrows)

Cards 8 - 11; Healing the Addiction
(The Following laid across another card)
8. How to heal your mind
9. How to heal your body
10. How to heal your spirit.
11. How to heal your root.

I originally found this reading at;
Anja's Tarot. This spread is not my creation, it is Anja's. It is a very insightful spread and I owe Anja all the credit! (Though I did create the pictures here using my Paint program to help illustrate the card placements) Using this spread can be like an intense therapy session with your Spirit Guides and Healers to help you identify the roots of your addiction and help you take steps to overcome it. It is great as a Quit Smoking Spread! Thanks Anja!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Angelic Guidance... time to quit!

It's been on my mind for awhile now, flitting around between my conscious thoughts, my dreams, and my subconscious. It keeps getting bumped to the foreground, and I keep bumping it back into that "I'll deal with it later" section of my brain.... Quitting Smoking.
I keep getting the Two of Swords in my readings. I got it again last night. When I was looking at it last night, I realized something. I have always seen the blindfold on the woman as a hindrance... an obstacle. She is obviously balancing on the edge of making a choice, poised for action.... but how can one make a choice when they can't see their options? It finally struck me last night; the blindfold is a tool. She has blocked her eyes so that she must focus inward; she needs to look inward. The choice that needs to be made has to do with the battle within herself, in her own mind and spirit... the blindfold is helping her keep herself focused on the inner conflict until it is resolved.
Once I felt this and saw this; the first thing that came to mind was "I need to quit smoking". Uh-oh.... deep breath... am I really gonna go there again? The concept of quitting smoking fills me with dread, memories of past failed attempts, feelings of inadequacy. But, the thought and desire has been here for quite some time, but I have just been putting it off. I don't know how many times I have told myself, "I'll quit next week", or "I'll quit tomorrow". But looking at that Two of Swords, I suddenly knew; this needs to happen now.
First thing I did was go to my Spirit Sisters... a group of wonderful online friends who I know will listen to me and support me. I told them I want to quit smoking and I told them of my plan to start by cutting back. I am going to start by just becoming aware of my triggers so I can avoid them. I'll post more on that later.
The second thing I did was give myself an Oracle Card reading. I hadn't used my Archangel cards in awhile, but I felt drawn to them. I just wanted to see what advice the Angels have to help me in this decision.

My Oracle Card Reading
using the deck; "Archangel Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.
3 card spread - Mind, Body, Spirit
As I shuffled, I asked the cards, "Which Angels are here to help me quit smoking, and what advice do they have for me?"

Card 1; Mind (The Angel's advice for my Mind)
Archangel Uriel; Brilliant Idea! "Yes, your idea is Divinely guided.... please take action to bring your idea to fruition."
....okay, if I needed any additional confirmation that I need to quit smoking, there it is. Uriel is telling me that I'm on the right track!

Card 2; Body (The Angel's advice for my Body)
Archangel Raphael; Breathe. "Take several deep breaths, and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns."
....once again... major confirmation. Not only are breathing exercises going to help me quit smoking, but this card is about releasing old patterns. Wow, I love these Angel cards!

Card 3; Spirit (The Angel's advice for my Spirit)
Archangel Metatron; Chakra Clearing. "Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes."

..... Chakra clearing and meditation are going to be key in this journey... I will have to balance and heal the rifts in my chakras that have been created by years of addiction to nicotine. But knowing I have Metatron's attention and help is very comforting!

I was looking at these cards that I had drawn, but I didn't feel like the reading was over yet. I had only planned on drawing three cards, but I just had a strong feeling to draw three more. So I did. I placed one additional card on top of the 3 that I had already drawn;

Card 1.2; Mind
Archangel Uriel; You Know What To Do. "Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay."
Uriel again! And in the same card position as the first time, Confirming again that I am on the right track, but also confirming that I CAN do this if I follow my heart... I know what to do, and as long as I follow through with each step I will be fine. I will have to remember to call upon Uriel when I am doubting myself....

Card 2.2; Body
Archangel Raphael; Healthy Lifestyle "Eat a healthful diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly for optimal health."
Yep, Raphael again!! And in the same card position, again!! This deck contains 45 cards with 12 different Archangels... what are the odds?? And this specific card... well, as if I needed more confirmation at his point... but this is about my health. Not only is quitting smoking for my health, but drinking plenty of water, eating right, exercising and sleeping well are things that are going to help me quit smoking. I think maybe I did need additional confirmation... at this point I can't turn away from these incredibly clear messages!

Card 3.2; Spirit
Archangel Jophiel; Outdoors "Go outside, get some fresh air, and connect with nature to relive stress and gain new, creative ideas."
Jophiel often comes to me to inspire me and remind me to get back to basics. In this reading, here she is again, reminding me that Nature and being outdoors is a great healing energy and that I should take many opportunities to be outside while I quit smoking. She also reminded me that I will be able to enjoy my time outside more often once I'm not holding a cigarette every time I step outdoors :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Libra Spread ~ I Balance ~

Libra Spread ~ I Balance ~

1) My power of decision making
2) My ability to bond in a relationship
3) My ability to connect in a professional collaboration
4 ) My aggression and my desire for peace (How do I fight?)
5) My will to forgive (How do I make peace? How vindictive am I?)
6) What do I give to my lover?
7) What kinds of feelings do I suppress?
8) How is my artistic feeling?
9) How superficial am I? (How moody am I?)


So, I decided to give myself a reading and use this spread. It seemed like a nice follow-up to my last reading, The Balance spread that I did for the Autumnal equinox. I have been working hard at finding the balance between my personal life, my professional life, and my priorities as a wife and mom, but this past week it seems like I've hit a wall. I lost all my motivation and drive, and could feel myself just wanting to give up on trying to find balance in my life. I've just been feeling like there is no way to balance it all; wife, mother, housekeeper, volunteer, waitress, tarot reader, ME! Often when I'm feeling "in a funk", a tarot reading will help give me the perspective I need, and give me the "jump start" that I'm looking for. I decided to use my newest deck, The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr.
Here is my Tarot reading.

The first thing I noticed was that there is a lack of cups. Since this spread is about balance, I notice this and realize my Water energy is out of balance. My emotions have been out of whack. I have not done much of anything this week, because I "don't feel like it" and then I beat myself up and judge myself for not getting anything done, which just perpetuates the cycle of inactivity. *Makes a mental note-to-self to find a way to balance my water energy.
The suits that are present are Earth and Fire (Pentacles and Staves/Wands) In the Goddess tarot, the suit of Staves is related to The Path of Freyja - The Norse Goddess of creativity, fertility, and beauty. Procreative, wands channel energy to areas where growth can occur. The suit of Pentacles relates to The Path of Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of fortune and prosperity. The riches contained within the Earth. The grand Harvest of life, and the bounty of the cycles, Lakshmi is the personification of fertile, prosperous, and feminine force. This Fire/Earth combo is a strong call to be creative and procreative in my life… rather than waiting for the balance to occur I should take creative steps and actions to create the balance I desire.
There is one Swords/Air card in the reading, and it's right smack in the middle of the spread - you can't ignore the big fat bleeding heart of the Three of Swords right there, can you? And that is where the reading begins, with card one;

1) My power of decision making - Three of Swords - relying too much on others to help me make choices, though sometimes this may create conflict. Self-destructive. Fear of pain and loss or sorrow effects my decision making. I keep waiting for my husband to kinda take the lead on certain things, but it just hasn't been happening. My non-action is the same as driving a sword into my own heart; it's self destructive and doesn't propell me further down my path but just leaves me tied to my old scars and fears.
2) My ability to bond in a relationship - Four of Pentacles - must feel stability in financial realm. Need to have control over finances in order to feel comfort that promotes bonding. If I am worried about money and stability, I close myself off. If I am feeling secure and in control, I am much more likely to open up and bond with others.
3) My ability to connect in a professional collaboration - Nine of Wands - I keep myself somewhat protected or separate from others, need to be able to pause and think things over before moving forward. Desire to prioritize and plan things out. Perhaps this wall that I have built has ceased being a protective boundary and has become a wall of limitation.
4 ) My aggression and my desire for peace (How do I fight?) Nine of Pentacles - I have a strong desire to enjoy the fruits of my labor. My desire for peace is strong, just want to enjoy beauty. Will fight for what I have worked for, or to protect the peace and beauty that I have built.
5) My will to forgive (How do I make peace? How vindictive am I?) 20 Judgment (Gwenhwyfar) - Forgives but does not forget. Will learn from the past, I won’t allow someone to get too close once they have wronged me or hurt me. I can be a harsh judge of others, and a harsh judge of myself.
6) What do I give to my lover? King of Pentacles - respect, the ability to rule the home and finances, stability. I can give him a stable home environment. There is somewhat of a conflict here though, since with card 2 (and what I already know of myself), I need to be somewhat in charge of the finances in order to bond in a relationship. I know my husband also desires this control, and I have given him that responsibility over finances, but this has caused me to have feelings of insecurity. This has given me reason to pause and think; I guess we will have to work on a compromise and middle ground in which I can let him feel like the King of Pentacles, yet I can still maintain a sense of control over finances and our security.
7) What kinds of feelings do I suppress? Four of Wands - putting down roots, commiting to a goal, my frustrations about home life and romance. I hold in my frustrations about home life and romance, it's true. I need to find my voice and not just internalize my frustrations...
8) How is my artistic feeling? Page of Wands - my artistic feelings and creativity come with waves of passion, a new thing or person will trigger a new spark of interest, but it will not always be lasting. Yes, that is an understatement. It's also called "I'm a Capricorn with ADD."
9) How superficial am I? (How moody am I?) 15 Temptation (The Devil) (Nyai Loro Kidul) My moods and goals are strongly effected by my innermost desires, but also by my addictions and temptations. I easily become a slave to my moods, and obsessed by my desires - or obsessed with things that are out of my control. I focus my energies in the wrong direction, avoiding the things that really need to be done, and that just gets me in more trouble. My drug of choice; Procrastination. I need to control my temptation to follow my moods and better listen to my Higher Self.

I added together the numbers of the cards to find my "Sum of The Digits" card, which is like an Overall Advice card to summarize the whole reading. Interestingly, the card I got is the card associated with Lakshmi, who was already "flagged" in this reading with the presence of her related suit; Pentacles.
Sum of the Digits - 10 - Fortune [The Wheel of Fortune] (Lakshmi)
Overall advice of the reading - Be open to the generosity of the Universe. Be open to abundance, have positive expectations. Be aware of Beauty and Love all around me.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mabon Magick

The energies aligned as the Harvest Moon rose
shining full and a golden yellow

closer and brighter than I had seen.

I welcomed her, Harvest Moon,
Moon in Aries; gifting us with the ambition and life force
of the Ram, The Emperor
Harvest Moon,

Full moon that falls closest to Mabon,

Autumnal Equinox

the balancing act of Night and Day

as Summer gives way to Fall.

Full Moon reflecting the light of the Libra Sun
Shining a direct light upon the mysteries of night.
Moon, meet Sun; Mother, meet Father
Aries, meet Libra; Emperor, meet Justice

and mingle together here with me

on this Blessed, Perfect night.

Incense lit and moonlight enough to read by,
I draw my cards.
One for the Equinox
One for the Sun
One for The Moon

Truth abounds and the answers flow to me
without words, I nod and smile,
I laugh at myself

for seeing what I already knew.
That's the trick of a full moon's light;

it illuminates the dark, shows us not something new,

but what was already there

My altar is ready

and I am prepared,
as earlier I had bathed and prayed
and cleansed myself in meditation.

Quarters called,
watchtowers and Elements honored and invoked
my Circle is cast.

Candles are lit
amidst the burning incense
Bell, Salt, Water, Stones
Corn and Apple
The Lord and Lady are called

and They Listen.

Joined etherically by my Sisters, and
Magickal shapeshifting familiars appear in smoke.

I pray for balance
with a Black candle and a White
Balance and Harmony
I visualize.
Balance and Love
I feel.

And I am suddenly joined in my circle of Love and Trust
by Elementals

Fey and Devas
Salamanders and Angels

Dancing in the moonlight
Praying and Chanting
I am swept away


and I know and feel
that I am blessed
as the Blessings and Magick
of Mabon and the Harvest Moon
fall upon me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumnal Equinox - Justice, The Emperor, and the Page of Cups

The Autumnal Equinox is approaching and the earth prepares to shift from Summer to Fall. On Mabon the day and night will be equal, and after that the days will begin to grow shorter and the nights longer. The weather will begin to cool as the Second Harvest is celebrated and we reflect upon what we have learned and how we have grown and expanded over the past cycle. This year Mabon also coincides with The Harvest Moon - the September esbat. Mabon and the Harvest moon are a good time to manifest balance, protection, prosperity, and harmony in your life. My friend Autumn wrote a wonderful blog about Mabon - an Autumn Festival.. check it out!

Some astronomical facts; The sun moves into Libra at 11:09 pm (EST) on September 22, followed by the moon entering Aries at 4:47 am (EST) on Thursday, Sept. 23; the day of the Equinox. The Harvest Moon will reach it's fullest at 5:17 am (EST) on the 23rd, and the actual point of Equinox will occur at 11:09 pm (EST) with the Full Moon brightly shining in the sky. This year there is also a beautifully visible Jupiter, in conjunction with the Harvest Moon.... it will be clearly visible and bright just to the left of the moon. (More....)

I was thinking about what type of meditation and self-discovery or journaling I could do for this coming Equinox, and of course with me; all roads lead to Tarot! So I have designed this very special Tarot mediation and Tarot Spread for your enjoyment and introspection. Using my beloved deck, The Celestial Tarot (Kay Steventon, Brian Clark, U.S. Games Systems) I found these three cards that perfectly coincide with the energies that will be present and active this Mabon. (*note - you can use these same cards with any deck you have!!)

Princess / Page of Cups ~ Autumn.
"Surrounded by the rich metaphoric colors of the autumnal equinox, the Princess of Cups contemplates the seasonal shift. The season of the zodiac turns to Libra, the quintessential sign of relationships, followed by Scorpio the phase of intimate union, then Sagittarius the distillation of knowledge. The Princess stands at the threshold of her own metamorphosis either through the process of emotional maturation in relationships or through her own imagination. In her hands is the urn, the alembic that symbolizes the birth of new feelings and attachments beginning with the feelings of self love and respect." ~ Brian Clark via the Celestial Tarot guidebook.
The classical meanings of the Page of Cups indicate the arrival or delivery of deep feelings, romance, spirituality, and self-love. In order to fully embrace the gifts of our relationships (including our relationship with Spirit) we need to allow ourselves to be emotional, intuitive, intimate, and loving. As we open ourselves up to self love and allow our emotions and intuitions to guide us we become more mature in our relationships and we can fully begin to harvest rewards that will lead us to greater emotional fulfillment and intuitive or spiritual guidance from within. (more Page of Cups)
As you contemplate the Page/Princess of Cups, ask yourself the following questions (and write them in your journal!)

* What is my intuition telling me, or what is my Spirit guiding me to do?
* What am I harvesting on an emotional level? (What emotional lessons and growth have occurred?)
* How can I serve others and be more loving in my relationships?
* Who is dependent upon me emotionally? Who am I dependent on emotionally? Are these relationships emotionally satisfying for all involved?

Affirmation; "I am willing to risk loving."

Justice ~ Libra (Sun in Libra)
"Libra reflects the evolution from instinctual life to culture, echoing the European trend away from primitive values toward the refined ones. At the midpoint of the Zodiacal round it represents the Northern Hemisphere autumnal equinox. Like Libra, Justice is at the midpoint of the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana. At this crossroads are two orders of justice; one is the old instinctual order, which upholds familial and tribal values, while the other is the new rational order promoting reason and civil law. The card of Justice reflects the balance between the two modes of being." ~ Brain Clark via The Celestial Tarot guidebook.
The classical meanings of the Justice card include responsibility, cause and effect, fairness, ethics and equality, truth, and accountability. Libra energy encourages us to find balance in all areas of our life and urges us to make choices and decisions which will bring about balance. Under the influence of Libra energy the cause and effect of our past choices may come sharply into focus and we may be forced to recognize the Karma of our situation; assume responsibility, and then take steps to restore order and balance. (more on Justice)
As you contemplate Justice and Libra, ask yourself the following questions (and journal your thoughts!)

* What decisions am I currently weighing? What are the pros and cons?
* What consequences am I experiencing as the result of some previous action?
* What is the appropriate compensation/energy exchange needed to balance my life?
* What do I need to do to be true to myself?

Affirmation; "I am willing to be true to myself in all my decisions."

The Emperor ~ Aries (Full Moon in Aries)
"The Emperor personifies power, authority, and leadership. With this card we are given permission to have dominion over the current situation and are empowered to be in control. However, like the Arian temperament we may need to be more adventuresome and heroic, confronting and assertive to feel we are truly emperor of the situation." ~Brian Clark via The Celestial Tarot guidebook.
The classical meanings of The Emperor include authority, regulation, structure, and fatherly energy. The Harvest Moon in Aries will encourage us to take a leadership role in our own lives. The combination of this Aries energy with the Libra Sun and the Autumnal equinox asks us to bring our personal power into balance and restructure our energy. In simpler times the Harvest Moon was a time of restructuring; as the focus moved from cultivating the crops to harvesting and storing the food, preparing for the winter months that lie ahead. It is time for us to take the knowledge and lessons we are harvesting and begin applying them to our inner lives.... letting the metamorphosis of the Page of Cups and the balance of Justice begin to manifest. It is time to give shape and structure to our goals, and embrace our own personal power with confidence and ambition. (more on The Emperor)

As you contemplate The Emperor and the Harvest Moon in Aries, ask yourself and journal these questions;

* Where do my ambitions lie?
* What am I building, organizing, and restructuring in my life?
* Who has the power and authority in my life, and how is that power and authority being used?
* What kind of Emperor (leader) am I?

Affirmation; "I have the power and discipline to achieve my highest ambitions."

I would suggest laying these three cards out on your altar (or a safe place) where you can see them and meditate on them over the next few days. The energies of the Harvest Moon and the Autumnal Equinox are already beginning to manifest and will continue to be present for the rest of the week. If you want, you can journal and meditate on each card on a different day. Another option would be to shuffle the rest of your deck, and draw three more cards randomly; one for each card that was outlined above. The cards you draw will give you more clarity as to how these energies are currently present in your life on a personal level, and can be used to help you answer the questions above. You would lay the cards out like this;

Use these secondary cards and this tarot spread as your personal Autumn Equinox tarot reading, meditating and journaling on the questions posted above for each card and see what further insights and growth you can achieve this Mabon!

Many blessings of Balance and Power to you this Equinox!
Blessed Be!
Love, Lady Josephine

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Mabon Necklace for Balance

I am starting to prepare for my Mabon Ritual on Sept. 22. For the Autumn Equinox I have my altar decorated with fall colors and leaves, and I am will be going out under that Full Harvest moon to celebrate Mabon and pray for Balance in my life. The Sun will be entering Libra just before the Full Moon on the day of the Equinox. The tarot card related to Libra is XI Justice.

I was looking through my beads, and I realized I just happen to have a Libra charm for a necklace. Then I remembered that I was going to be doing a ritual for balance for Mabon, and I thought "What better talisman or charm for balance than the image of the scales?" It seemed all too perfect, so I gathered the other beads I wanted to go with it. I'll tell you what the rest of the beads mean so you can make one too if you want!

Center; The Scales. Libra. Balance. If you can't find a bead or charm like this, an Opal would be perfect. Opal is Libra's birth stone. If you don't have an Opal, then any other large bead or gemstone will suffice. Hematite and Obsidian are good for balancing and grounding your energy. A Light Blue or Purple bead would work nicely too, as Light Blue and Lavender are the colors associated with Libra. As I placed this center charm I affirmed; "I easily find balance in all areas of my life."

Next I have two amethyst beads. One on each side of the center charm. I chose amethyst because the color (light purple) corresponds to Libra energy, and because Amethyst helps you balance your emotions and intuition. If you don't have any amethyst beads, use purple or lavender beads instead. As I placed these two beads I affirmed; "I am willing to be true to myself in all my actions, and I allow my intuition to lead me."

Elements. I found two beads for each element. Yellow for Air, Red for Fire, Blue for Water, and Green for Earth. I placed one of each color on each side. As I placed the yellow I affirmed, "I am balanced in the East and the power of Air." As I placed the red I affirmed, "I am balanced in the South and the power of Fire." As I placed the blue I affirmed, "I am balanced in the West and the power of Water." And as I placed the green beads I affirmed, "I am balanced in the North and the power of Earth."

Next I placed two Sodalite beads. Sodalite is blue so the color corresponds with Libra energy. Sodalite also helps us balance our thoughts and words. If you don't have any sodalite beads, two light blue beads can be used. As I placed one Sodalite bead on each side of the necklace I affirmed, "I am willing to be true to myself in all of my actions, words, and thoughts. I allow my creativity to inspire me."

After this I created a pattern using Light Blue, Purple, Orange, and Gold. Blue and Purple for Libra energy, and Gold and Orange for the colors of the Fall Equinox. I placed them in groups of two, because two is the number of balance. On each side, the pattern I used goes like this; 2 purple, 2 blue, 1 orange, 2 purple, 2 blue, 1 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 1 blue/purple (Purple on one side, blue on the other), 2 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 2 orange. All in all I have 11 purple beads (including the Amethyst), 11 blue beads (including the Sodalite), 22 Orange beads and 22 gold beads. (So there are 11 each of gold and red on each side). 11 is the number of the Tarot Card Justice, and it is a Master Number in Numerology with a strong vibration. So all through the necklace the numerological themes of 11 and 2 also promote Balance. As I placed these small colored beads, I repeated the above affirmations several times, "I easily find balance in all areas of my life. I am willing to be true to myself in all of my actions, thoughts, and words. I allow my creativity to bloom. I am balanced and complete, and I accept my bountiful harvest."

On Mabon I plan to cleanse and bless this necklace. I will use sage to smudge it, and I will anoint it with oil and water. I will repeat the affirmations again and imbue it with the energy of those positive statements. Then I will leave it out equally under the Libra Sun and the Full Harvest Moon to receive a balanced blessing from both the Sun and the Moon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spica; Virgo’s Light

My eyes search the darkened cosmos
Searching for a light to lead me
Orion, he is always there, and
Ursa Major dominates the night sky
I recall an ancient phrase;
“Arc to Archturus, then speed on to Spica.”
Following the Arc of the Great Bear
(once the pure and chaste Callisto, princess of Arcadia; Raped by Zeus and cursed by Hera)
Past her protector, Archturus
To find Spica, brightest star of Virgo -
A yellow sheaf of wheat,
Golden ear of corn
White Spark of light
Fire of Hearth,
In the hands of a something so Pure
That one name will not suffice.
She is the Virgin, Virgo
Astraea; Goddess of Purity and Innocence who clung to hope for human kind longer than any other
Shala, Goddess of Grain
Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home
Vesta, Keeper of the Flame
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Father Time has watched her transform,
Watched her name change,
Watched as Man’s study of Spica
Brought the knowledge of the Equinoxes.
What other secrets may she hold?
Father Time, the Hermit only nods and winks
As if to say
“Time Will Tell,”
And he turns to walk away “but don’t give up the search”.
And suddenly I know
I am beautiful
I am pure
You are beautiful
You are pure
And Astraea can return;
Through us.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Three Modes of Tarot (Reading)

This basic reading can help you identify some problem areas in your life and gives advice about what energy may be best expressed.
First, sort through your deck and divide it into three piles;
Court Cards
Numbered Cards
Major Arcana

Shuffle each deck with your question or problem in mind. Draw one card from each deck, respectively.

Card 1 - Court Card - You, the current role you are playing in this situation
Card 2 - Numbered Card - Your situation
Card 3 - Major Arcana - The archetypical energies that are being expressed... the root of your actions and situation, the advice card

If you wanted to, rather than randomly drawing the first card (the Court Card) you could choose one as a significator. Conciously choosing a card to represent yourself or the role you play may help you focus the reading in that direction. Not sure what card represents you in this current situation? Try Court Card Excersize 1 (previous post) and choose a card from the list you create.

Here is a format for anlyzing and interpreting the cards in your reading, from the book "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer. Write the following sentence and fill in the blanks with the card meanings.

"I am acting like a ________________[Court Card], a ___________________________ __________________[describe the type of person you see in that card] in a _________________[Minor Arcana] situation in which ________________ ___________________________ __________________ [describe your situation using action verbs] because of ___________________ [Major Arcana], which describes my need to _____________________ __________________________[describe the archetypical energies in you that need to be expressed]."

"I am acting like a Queen of Pentacles, a nurturing woman who obssesses over houswork in a Two of Wands situation in which I am searching for control and independence because of Justice, which describes my need to find harmony, balance and justice in my life."

Taking it further; How can I best deal with this situation?

"I can use the attributes of _________________ [Major Arcana] to _________________ ________________________ [describe the best qualities you see in this card] in order to deal with ________________ [Minor Arcana] , which expresses my desire for (to) _____ ________________ _________________ [ describe the situation you have drawn to yourself] experienced by my Inner ________________ [Court Card], the one who ___________ _____________________ ____________________ [describe that aspect of yourself that chose to experience the situation].

"I can use the attributes of Justice to create balance and harmony in order to deal with Two of Wands, which expresses my desire to choose where and how I exert my personal power experienced by my Inner Queen of Pentacles, the one who is a nurturing, rescourceful Housewife but does not want to be tied down and restricted by housework and chores."

As you can see, I used one of my own cards from the Court Card Roles excersize to give the examples posted above. I chose the Queen of Pentacles to describe my role as a houswife because I see myself as creative, loving, and nurturing. The Queen of Pentacles has a dark side though - she can become obsessed withh housework and caring for others, and forget to take care of herself. OR, she can become discouraged when she finds herself unnapreciated, taken for granted, or overworked. This card seemed to quite perfectly describe how I am in the role of Housewife. So I drew the two other cards and found this to be very insightful. The Two of Wands shows how even though I love taking care of my home and family, I am dreaming of bigger things, adventures and accomplishments. I grow resentful of the never-ending housework when I don't have time to commit to my dreaming, my intellect, and my spirituality. I long for Personal Power, control, independence, and freedom, and my Queen of Pentacles expresses these desires by trying to control the household. I make lists, schedules, routines, chore charts, etc.... in short, I obsess... trying to find that sense of control and freedom. The root of the situation comes from the Major Arcana card, Justice. Above all things, I seek Balance and Harmony. When I lose my sense of Balance and Inner Harmony, I begin to feel like "It's not fair!" I lose my sense of Nurturing and Creativity when I feel unnapreciated... or when I feel that all the hard work I am doing is not being justly rewarded. So I have to ask myself.... is this really where I want to focus my energy? Is the gain or reward equal to the energy that I put out in the process? If not, then how can I shift that balance? If I don't ask myself these questions first, I will more than likely find myself revisiting the Queen of Pentacles "less attractive" qualities; Obsessing and Controlling. But if I remind myself to seek balance and Justice, to reward myself, to only put forth energy into the things that I know will leave me with a sense of balance and justification; then my Queen of Pentacles energy will flow as it should - creatively!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Court Card Excersize 1

Court Cards can be problematic for many people as they learn to use tarot cards... for many they are difficult to interpret in a reading. Some people will say that the Court Cards ALWAYS refer to other people in the querent's life, but I have found this to be far from true. My rule of thumb is this; Court Cards almost always refer to YOU and alternatively will sometimes refer to someone you know. In fact, the Court Card can refer to you AND someone you know. After all, the people in our lives often reflect some part of ourself.

"Jungian psychology provides a framework for integrating both points of view; the Court Cards as yourself and as another person. The concept called "projection" refers to projecting (or thrusting) inner qualities of yourself onto other people around you, whether or not they have these qualities. They become shadowy reflections of yourself. It works like this: You notice in other people some of the characteristics that you do not recognize in yourself - both positive and negative. As a result, you tend to let these people act out your own unconscious perceptions of yourself and your own inner situations, or you get angry with them when they don't." ~ from Tarot For Yourself by Mary K. Greer.

So, a good first step in understanding the Court Cards is to recognize their aspects and personalities within ourselves. We all have many different roles that we play in life... we change gears, energy, and focus depending on which role we are playing at any given time. Myself, for example; I am a Mother, a Wife, a Waitress, a Blogger, a Tarot Reader, and many other things. This excersize suggested by Mary K. Greer inher book, "Tarot For Yourself" not only helps you understand some Court Card personalities better but also helps you on your road of personal self discovery.

Make a list with two columns. On the first side write down the many different roles you play in your day to day life. On the second side, write the Court Card that you think is expressed in that role. Male/Female doesn't matter, and you can use the same card in more than one role if you feel it fits. Use this chart by Joan Bunning if you need help determining what card applies to each role.

Current Roles In My Life / Corresponding Court Card


My Court Card Roles
Current Roles In My Life / Corresponding Court Card

Mother / Knight of Swords
Wife /Knight of Pentacles
Housekeeper /Queen of Pentacles
Waitress / King of Wands
Friend / Queen of Swords
Volunteer /Page of Pentacles
Teacher-Writer-Blogger / Knight of Swords
Tarot Reader - Astrologer / Queen of Cups

If you wanted to take the self-discovery a step farther, you could revisit each of these cards to help you understand yourself better, make improvements on flaws, embrace your strengths, etc. The next blog post I make will be a follow up excersize of this nature - check back soon!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mercury Retrograde; The Magician Reversed

Another Mercury retrograde period is upon us. This one will last between August 20th and September 12th, though it's effects can be noticed for a few days before and after the retrograde motion begins and ends.
What is Mercury Retrograde? Approximately 3 times a year, the planet Mercury appears to slow down and move backwards through the solar chart. Of course, it's not actually moving backwards. Have you ever been in your car, and as the car next to you moves forward past you; you temporarily have the "feeling" that you are moving backwards? That's the same effect seen with Mercury retrograde, but it lasts about 3 weeks! Mercury is the planet of Communication, Travel, and interpersonal relationships. Thus this backwards motion usually results in some kind of confusion in these areas... especially communication! Many people will say that it's not a good time to enter into any kind of contract or agreement, such as getting married, starting a job, or making a major purchase; because these deals will tend to fall through once Mercury goes direct. It's not that every deal goes bad, but it's often more likely to fail simply because during the Mercury retrograde things are overlooked or mis-communicated. It's a time to be very cautious, make sure you dot your i's and cross the t's, and be very patient of other people's tendency to mis-communicate... otherwise you certainly could feel Mercury Retrograde come back to bite you in the butt! During a Mercury Retrograde many people experience setbacks concerning money, travel, communication, and work.

Another way to look at Mercury Retrograde is to examine Mercury's related Tarot Card; The Magician.

The Magician relates to Consciousness, Control, and Focus. The Key Words for The Magician are; Action, Conscious Awareness, Concentration, and Power. The Planet Mercury is named after the Greek God Mercury (also known as Hermes), who was also called "The Messenger of The Gods", bringing messages from the Gods to the Earth. The Magician symbolizes our connection to Divine Energy and our ability to use this connection and power to achieve our goals. The Magician teaches us to use our talents and the tools available to us to take action and carry out our plans. This card reminds us that if we are aware of our motivations and intentions, we can maintain focus, discover our source of power, and achieve whatever we want. With careful planning, attention to detail, skill, talent, and vitality - anything is within our grasp!!

When Mercury is Retrograde, we can think of this Magician Energy in it's reversed position. A reversal in a tarot card (when the card appears upside down in a spread) indicates that certain aspects of this card are blocked or being interrupted. A reversed card will sometimes indicate that the "Opposite" meaning of the card is being felt, or that the energy of the card is somehow being blocked from a person.

The Magician Reversed would symbolize Lack of Focus, Sub-conscious feelings or thoughts, lack of control, and a feeling of powerlessness. During a Mercury Retrograde or when someone gets The Magician in a reversed position, one might be forgetting that they have a connection with Divine Energy. It's easy to get wrapped up in the feelings of distraction, indecision, and an overall feeling of "I can't do this by myself". The Magician Reversed shows us the blockage of all things Mercury... such as encountering a lack of resources, a lack of skill, a lack of confidence, or an absence of commitment. No wonder things get so muddled during a Mercury Retrograde! Instead of a flow of energy from Mercury helping boost our connection with the Divine... we all experience a block. The cries of "It's not my fault!" and "What am I supposed to do about it?" can often be heard during a Mercury Retrograde. As we experience these blocks, and our projects or goals seem to hit bumps in the road or be put on hold, The Magician Reversed asks us to slow down and see through the illusion. While a Mercury Retrograde might not be the best time to start a new project or sign a new contract, it is the PERFECT time for self reflection and re-evaluation of our goals. Now is the time to cultivate your inner garden, pull the weeds that you've been neglecting and clear the space for new growth when the time is right. Rather than adding new projects, why not take a clue from Mercury's retrograde motion and back track a little bit. Finish up an unfinished project, or go over something with a fine tooth comb to see if you missed any important details. Get back to basics and re-evaluate your priorities, and take this time to heal and re-balance your perspective. Take the next three weeks one day at a time, and don't punish yourself for any lack of progress... but look within and let yourself heal and rest. Finishing up any unfinished projects will help you feel more balanced and ready to get back on your horse once Mercury goes back direct. Arm yourself with patience - not just for yourself, but for others. As everyone experiences the retrograde differently, some people may be more irritable, less patient, and lacking in the basic communication skills that they would normally have. Leave room for mistakes and misunderstandings. An important thing to remember about the retrograde is that although many things seem to go wrong, usually the effects are only temporary. Problems with our cars, our computers, phones, etc. (anything that deals with travel and communication) can be expected, but these problems WILL have solutions. Any misunderstandings or mis-communications that occur during this time usually won't have long term effects on our relationships; and sometimes these problems serve to help strengthen our relationships by bringing to light certain aspects that we had previously overlooked. Overall, it's best to just go with the flow... but to pay close attention and try to maintain some sense of focus.

Here are some journaling questions to help you through the retrograde. Ask yourself these questions when you start feeling overwhelmed or disconnected... your answers should help you get back on track!

  • Where are you focusing your energy?
  • Are your objectives clear?
  • What skills and abilities are needed in this situation?
  • How are you communicating with others?
  • What do you want others to believe or see?

(these Questions are from the book, "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer)

Take some time with The Magician, looking at the card both upright and reversed, meditate on it's meaning and it's connection with Mercury. Journal about your thoughts or feelings about the card and the questions listed here, and use this affirmation as your mantra throughout this Mercury Retrograde period. "I am a willing channel for the manifestation of spirit in the world." Cheers and Blessings to you, and may we all come out of this Mercury Retrograde period relatively unscathed!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tarot Reading - Unblocking My Intuition

1.) What is blocking me intuitively? 8 of Wands
Too much on my mind, too much going on. Too many goals, things happening too quickly. Caught up in the chain of events, waiting for the outcome of certain events, being busy. I think this card means I just have too much going on. Things are moving quickly and I am just too caught up in everything to really listen to my intuition.

2.) What outside influences are effecting my intuition? 6 of Wands
The expectations of others. The need or desire to be the Hero, the teacher, the leader. The desire for success, victory, and recognition. Pride. I need to stop worrying about what other people think of me and let go of pride.

3.) What is inside me that is hindering my intuition? 4 of Wands
Freedom, Celebration, Excitement. Perhaps I am not allowing myself to feel these things, and this is holding me back. I need to let go of my self-set limitations and more truly celebrate my intuition. Allow myself to feel excited about my intuitive gifts and celebrate them!

4.) What can help me with my intuition? The World
Balance with the elements, integrating all aspects of my life, taking responsibility for things in my life which cause stress, getting the important things accomplished. I have been putting off some important things, and now am beginning to deal with some repercussions. I need to take action where it counts in order to find more satisfaction and release some worries and karmas. Using my gifts more freely and being more generous with others may also help. Considering giving more free readings or practice readings.

5.) What do I need to change to help me with my intuition? 6 of Swords
Take time for recovery and healing. A change of scenery or surroundings. Change my frame of mind, take inventory of my mental state and change the way I think to clear the way for the new. A change of direction or a change of focus.

6.) What can I do to 'unblock' myself intuitively? 4 of Pentacles
Maintain control of finances, create order and get serious about my budget. This worry about money and other issues won’t just go away on it’s own. Take charge, be in control. Once I have taken the right steps to gain control of finances, I will be less stressed and be able to release my blockages. Accept that I can’t control everything but take charge of the things that are within my grasp. Don’t let fears and the need to control stop me from doing what is best.

Sum of the Digits; (Overall Advice Card) Death
Time for a sweeping change. Get back to the basics, cleanse out the unnecessary. Take care of business in order to fully move on. Concentrate on the essentials, the things that MUST be done. Prioritize, and release the rest. Make the transition. This makes so much sense to me and just really confirms everything else that I have been getting from this reading.

Additional Card. Oracle card from the Trust Your Vibes Oracle deck by Sonia Choquette;
DECIDE - Make the choice and decide on a particular goal and then set your intention on it by saying “I Decide to…” Once you clarify your intentions in a positive manner you invite the help and aid of the universe and your guides. What have I decided and what are my intentions? “I have decided to call the IRS about the letter I received and do whatever needs to be done to resolve the problem. I have decided to put in an application for foodstamps. I have decided to work on my budget. My intentions are to take care of these important things in order to clear the path for higher vibrations, and to be proactive in my life to make the changes that are necessary to my growth and success.”

You can find the layout for this Tarot spread HERE

Unblocking Your Intuition - Tarot Spread

The Unblocking Your Intuition Spread


..... 1 .....
2 ......... 3
4 ......... 5
..... 6 .....

1.) What is blocking me intuitively?

2.) What outside influences are effecting my intuition?

3.) What is inside me that is hindering my intuition?

4.) What can help me with my intuition?

5.) What do I need to change to help me with my intuition?

6.) What can I do to 'unblock' myself intuitively?

Don S.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Solstice Tarot Meditation

Summer Solstice Tarot Meditation - part one

Summer Solstice; the sun rises at it’s earliest time of the year and sets at the latest, giving us the longest day and shortest night of the year. Traditionally this day would mark the beginning of the Harvest Season. The season for planting has officially passed, and now we begin to reap the benefits of what we have planted in the spring. The Sun takes his place of power, while the Mother Moon takes her time of rest… her time will come again at Yule, the Winter Solstice.
The solstices are all about balance, and we are reminded that for everything there is a time and season. The Wheel of the Year helps us understand they cycles of life through the simple understanding of the seasons of the Sun, the Moon, Planting and Harvesting. Summer Solstice is a time we should rejoice in the strength of the Sun, whose light promotes the growth of all life on Earth. It is a time to recognize that the choices we have made (I.e. the seeds we have planted) have begun to come to life and we must harvest and utilize the rewards of our work. Summer Solstice is a time to recognize that if things aren’t going our way, there is usually a reason behind it. Did we take steps to work toward our goals? Once we planted the seeds, did we water them, nurture them, and keep away the weeds and the bugs? If so, our harvest is better. If not, our harvest is small. The saying “You reap what you sow.” is perfect for the solstice, as we recognize that the power of the Sun (God) alone isn’t going to bring our dreams to fruition, but our hard work combined with our faith and the turning of The Wheel is what brings about our plentiful harvests.

There is more work ahead! Once the crops ripen, we will have to take the steps to reap them. What preparations need to be made, what steps need to be followed? These are questions we can ask ourselves during the Summer Solstice. Are we just being carried along by life, or are we going to utilize the energy of the sun, the longer hours of daylight, to keep working towards our goals and aspirations? Perhaps somewhere along the way, we forgot about our goals. We forgot to water those crops and now the field has gone to waste. (I’m not talking about Farmville here, though I know you just remembered to log on to Facebook so you can check your crops!) Well, if that’s the case and you have fallen from your path (remember that determination you had at New Year’s?) - it’s not too late. Summer Solstice is also about renewal, rebirth. You can pick up the pieces, find gratitude for what you have, and start again with a fresh new attitude.
Astrologically, the Summer Solstice falls on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. We can bring this time into perspective by simply studying the energies associated with these signs. Gemini is all about Choices and synthesis. In tarot, the Lovers card is related to Gemini, and this card teaches us to work together in partnerships, but to never lose our sense of self. We must sometimes work with others in our lives; in our relationships, families, and at work. Gemini energy is all about cooperation, but in the end Gemini energy teaches us to stand strong and make our own choices. Sometimes we have to stand alone and choose what is best for us, what is moral, what is right. As we move through the Gemini cycle we have had to ask ourselves, what do my relationships tell me about myself? When is it right to go with the crowd, and when is it necessary to stand apart? How do the choices I make effect not only me, but those around me? Gemini energy teaches us to balance - sometimes another person might bring new perspective, new talents, new ideas to the table, and if we can synthesize another’s gifts with our own.. Well that’s what partnership is all about. But in the end it still comes down to the choices we make… and the people in our life are all part of those choices as well.

Next we come across Cancer energy. Cancer is the nurturing, affectionate, emotional force of the Zodiac. Through Cancer energy we learn about intuition, loyalty, sympathy, and imagination. Cancer nature is also dualistic and sometimes contradictory, much like Gemini energy which is always changing based on who they are around… Cancer energy transforms within itself. On one side it wants to be nurturing and helpful, but on the other side it is self-centered and brooding. It longs for adventure yet craves security. The tarot card related to Cancer is The Chariot, and you can see the opposing forces present on this card. But the one thing about Cancer energy is that it is tenacious. Once a crab grabs hold of something, it won’t let go. The Chariot teaches us that once our choices have been made, a commitment is made. For now, no matter what, whatever choices you made have set the wheels in motion and you have started down this path. The Chariot and Cancer teach us about responsibility, about having strength of resolve. We might not know exactly what lies on the path ahead of us, or how many turns onto new paths we might take. But once we take hold of the reigns and make the choice, the journey has begun! Don’t let go of the reins, don’t loosen your grip, keep your head up and accept responsibility for whatever choices you have made. Once you accept responsibility, you will find that you can channel your emotions more clearly, use your intuition to your advantage, and you will find yourself seeing creative answers to whatever problems and roadblocks you may face.

Lay these two cards in front of you. The Lovers and The Chariot. Breathe deeply and evenly and just look at the images on the cards. Don’t force yourself to focus on any one thing, but allow your eyes and mind to wander across the images. Pay attention to how these cards make you feel, but don’t judge those feelings, just let them come and go. Remember to breathe deeply and evenly. Next, spend some time thinking about their meanings individually. Think about how they relate to the Summer Solstice. With The Lovers it is the choices we have made, the people we have surrounded ourselves with, the work we have done. With The Chariot it is the promise of new adventure, the unknown road ahead of us, the acceptance that the harvest we get is a reflection of the past choices we have made; this gives us the strength and resolve to take what we have and hold on tight as we head forward. Spend some time just looking at these two cards, listening to what they have to tell you. Look at them separately, and then look at them together. In what ways do they strengthen each other? What do they tell you, if you visualize them as one picture, or as part of one story rather than separate cards? Breathe in the essence of the cards. You can end your meditation with a prayer, asking for the understanding, guidance and acceptance of The Lovers and The Chariot through this Summer Solstice, or you can simply repeat this affirmation a couple of times;

I choose to be free from inhibitions, guilt, and bondages in all my relationships. By harnessing all my forces toward my purpose and controlling my fears, I victoriously meet my challenges.”*
Once your meditation is complete, you might want to journal about your discoveries. You may find yourself motivated to make a list of preparations that need to be made or tasks that need to be completed as you enter your time of harvest. You may have new insights about the tarot cards that you want to write down in your tarot journal. Whatever you do, let it be in celebration. Don’t punish yourself for things you didn’t do or mistakes that you made. Instead, allow yourself to be thankful for the things you have learned and the ways you have grown, armor yourself with these new insights and allow yourself to set forth on your journey once again, with confidence. You may find that you have certain relationships that you know are no longer serving you or your goals, let these relationships go and set yourself free. Repeat the above affirmation to yourself whenever you feel you need it, to remind you of the lessons of the Gemini-Cancer cusp, and the renewal and promise of Summer Solstice. Go out and have some fun! Be merry, celebrate life! Go outside and greet the rising sun in the morning, in all it’s glory, and be energized and comforted!

~ Lady Josephine
* affirmations taken from the book, "Tarot For Yourself" by Mary K. Greer
There may be a part two to this blog coming, if I can find the time to write down and work out all the thoughts swirling through my head!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gemini Reading Giveway - WINNER!

Hey everyone, remember this post??

I offered up a FREE reading! Well, I'm holding up my end of the bargain... the only problem is, well there are two problems...

1) Apparently not very many of my readers are Geminis! Or, being that they are Gemini's they read this, and then read 10 other interesting things that day, and forgot to come back and sign up. Geminis - the essential ADHD of the zodiac!

2) Also, Gemini people might not be too good at following directions! For my WINNER - MISH - you didn't send me an e-mail! So now how am I to get ahold of you and tell you that you won, and give you your reading?? SO... if you are MISH who commented on the above post, please please please let me know! I would LOVE to give you your reading, and I promise I won't pick on you for being a Gemini... at least not too badly!!



Monday, June 14, 2010

Parenting Astrologically - part 1 - Delineate!

As an aspiring Astrologer, I find the many subjects and aspects of Astrology fascinating, and I still feel that there is So Much to learn! Really, one could spend a lifetime just exploring one Natal Chart with all it's nuances and intricacies! My interest in Astrology ebbs and flows - sometimes I feel ready and motivated to dive into it's depths, and other times I feel too overwhelmed. (Interestingly enough, the flow of my interest has a strong correlation with current moon and sun sign activity; yet another subject to add to the list of things to explore!)
As a mother, I have a strong interest in understanding my children's charts. Theoretically, understanding your child's astrological personality; and how it relates to yours, could be an amazing parenting tool. There are surprisingly few books and websites about using astrology in parenting or with children, but I hope to write a series of blogs here with my thoughts and findings as I explore my children's natal charts.
So, last night I stayed up late, looking over my first-born's chart. As I said before, I feel that one could spend a lifetime just analyzing one chart, so I realized I needed to organize my thoughts and have a purpose here rather than just breaking it down. I want to be able to understand my daughter, and hopefully her chart can help me understand the bits of her personality that mystify and confuse me. I mean, 11 years old is a very confusing age! How can I, a Capricorn, help my pre-teen Aries through the difficult and confusing times ahead of her? (Middle School, boys, friends, High School?? EEk!!) Where to begin? "DUH... "I thought to myself. "Begin at The Beginning! DELINEATE!"

To Delineate an astrological chart, you simply break down the signs and planets into Qualities - namely Elemental and Triplicities. This will be part one of exploring my Miss Zee's chart and my own.
Here is Miss Zee's Chart -

Breaking It Down

Miss Zee is an Aries Sun(Cardinal Fire), Leo Rising (Fixed Fire), Aquarius Moon (Fixed Air).
She has a dominance of Fire Signs (5/13), with her Sun, Jupiter, Ascendant, and Pluto all in Fire Signs. Fire Signs are Active, Enthusiastic, and Independent. Fire signs enjoy being leaders or the center of attention, are very passionate and can have "fiery" tempers. Her Sun and Ascendant in Fire Signs tells me that the Fire Aspects of her personality are quite strong and this is how she will be seen by others and Fire Energy is how she will react to most situations.
Miss Zee also has some strong Air Sign Qualities, with her Moon, Uranus, and Neptune in Air Signs. Air Signs are intellectual, valuing communication, learning, and relationships. This tells me that Miss Zee's fiery passions and enthusiasm will likely be focused in areas which involve learning, intellect, and friendships and family relationships. With her Moon in an Air sign I can see that this intellectual side of her is more a part of her Inner Self, her "shadow self"... not a part that she will always show; but a part that drives her nonetheless.
Though Miss Zee only has two planets in Water Signs (Mars and Mercury) - one of these two planets has heavy weight in her chart. Mars is the ruler of Miss Zee's Sun Sign, Aries. This tells me that her the Active, Enthusiastic, Leadership qualities of her Aries personality are often driven by the Emotional, Intuitive, and Nurturing qualities of Water Energy.
The Elemental Energy that Miss Zee would have trouble accessing is Earth Energy. Venus and Saturn are the only two planets of her chart that reside in Earth Signs, and neither one of these planets have especially heavy weight in relation to her Sun, Ascendant, or Moon. A lack of Earth Energy reflects a certain lack of stability and practicality, and certainly explains her daydreaming, over-active imagination, hyperactivity, and trouble getting grounded or centering her energy.

As an Earthly Capricorn, I'm sure that this lack of Earth energy in my daughter is a big part of what can be so frustrating for me when dealing with her. Recognizing this huge difference in our Elemental make-up will definitely shine a light on some intricacies of our Mother-Daughter relationship.

Miss Zee is predominantly a Fixed sign. With her Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all appearing in Fixed Signs within her chart, there is no question that these aspects will strongly appear within her personality. Fixed signs are stubborn, resistant to change, perfectionists and like to see things through to the end. They are not usually the initiators or leaders, but once placed in a position of leadership or authority they will see things through to the end. With a lack of Mutable and Cardinal Energy, Miss Zee may at times be shy, and lack a certain versatility and adaptability. It can be hard for fixed signs to adapt to change.

Let's take a brief look at some of the Qualities of my own chart;

Lady Josephine;

I have a Capricorn Sun (Cardinal Earth), Capricorn Ascendant (Cardinal Earth), and Scorpio Moon (Fixed Water)

I have a heavy dominance of Earth Signs (7/13) with my Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in Earth Signs. The ruler of my Sun Sign (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) is one of these planets in Earth, giving quite Heavy weight to my Earth Energy. This abundance of Earth energy makes me Practical, Stable, Grounded, and focused on success.

The other elements are not nearly as strong in my chart, but Water is the next in line for influencing my personality - but only because of the heavy weight of the presence of my Moon in Scorpio. My Inner Self, my "shadow self" is driving by the watery energy of emotion, intuition, and nurturing qualities. It seems that Miss Zee and I have this underlying Water energy in common, though hers is expressed through Mars and mine is expressed through the Moon.

I have a definite lack of Fire Energy in my chart - with Neptune being the only planet present in a fire sign, and not a very influential or "heavy" planet at that. Perhaps this is why, although I love my daughter with all my heart, I can find her quite exhausting to be around. Her fiery enthusiasm and energy tends to confuse and bewilder my Earth energy, which prefers to be more contained and steady.

My Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable aspects are more balanced. With only slightly more weight given to Cardinal Energy due to my Sun and Ascendant being Cardinal Capricorn, this is the slightly more dominant part of my personality; giving me Enterprising, Initiating, and Outgoing traits. There is a balance between my Mutable and Fixed energies, indicating that I can adapt when needed, but I can also resist change and be stubborn at times. This balance among these astrological triplicities can probably be both one of my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses as a parent. I am adaptable and can change my reactions and actions, but this may also mean that I am not consistent, and we all know that children crave consistency - something that may be especially important to my "Fixed Sign" daughter.

As you can see, you can learn a lot by simply delineating a chart. I haven't even begun to explore the positions of the planets in individual signs, Chart Type, Decantes, Aspects, etc. Yet the basic understanding of the Elemental differences between my chart and my daughter's chart lays the groundwork for a more complete understanding of our relationship. It begins with understanding the relationship between Fire and Earth (our dominant elemental energies). Think about how Fire and Earth act together in the physical world. Fire is a neccessary part of the life cycle on Earth. With fire we find comfort, cook our food, and protect ourselves. Yet if it is not contained, fire can destroy Earth, burning up all it's nutrients and rescources. On the other hand, Fire needs Earth.... without Earth providing the fuel, fire cannot burn. Interestingly enough, Earth can be used to put out fire, shoveling scoops of dirt onto a flame to smother it is one of the most efficient ways to put out a fire.
With Fire and Earth, it is a delicate balance. They need eachother, yet they can just as easily destroy eachother. My challenge as a parent of Miss Zee will be to nurture her and help her find balance and stability as she lacks that Earth energy; yet at the same time to avoid being "burned up" by her fire energy and to avoid "smothering" her flame with my Earth energy. I know that at times over the past 11 years I have failed at finding this balance in many ways. Yet maybe now, understanding the root of this imbalance and the nature of our differences and strengths, we can work together to find balance and support eachother in a way that only Fire and Earth could do! With an understanding of the relationship of our delineated charts, I also recognize that it is important for me to let my little Fire sign explore her independence and to not be too controlling (and yes, as a Capricorn Mom, sacrificing control can be very challenging!). It is also important for me to be understanding that my daughter's Fixed nature requires patience when it comes to any change in routine or environment, and that consistency will be something that gives her comfort. Giving her the opportunity to act and react independently, but acting as a gentle and patient guide and a stable place to find comfort and strength is what she needs from me as a parent.