Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 9/26/09

This week was a rather off-week for me. Not that I didn't get a lot done, but there was too much going on for me to really stick with any kind of routine or schedule. Maybe it was the Mercury Retrograde and it's connection to Saturn and the Sun in Virgo, but I feel like this week was pivotal to my life's journey somehow.

As far as life at home, there was a lot going on. We had to schedule for the apartment to get fumigated because sadly, an apartment in the desert means roaches. Eeeew they drive me crazy! So Monday was spent taking everything out of my kitchen; food, dishes, utensils, everything, and storing it outside on my patio. Tuesday I borrowed my friend's car (hubby takes our car to work and commutes quite a distance) so that Mr. X and I could get out of the apartment for the day while it was bombed. It turned out to be quite a nice day, for the most part - because since me and my 3 year old are usually stuck in the apartment with no car, it was a nice change. We went to a bookstore, I got myself the next 2 books in the fiction series I have been reading, and got myself a beautiful new deck of oracle cards. Then we went to the park. Weather was perfect, so we just hung out and relaxed at the park for awhile, before going out to lunch. By 2:45 I had to return my friend's car, just in time to go home and open up the doors and windows and begin to let the apartment air out. The girls came home from school, and we stayed outside till 4:00, lounging in the grass, reading and coloring. When hubby got home we went in and began the clean up (You don't want the details, trust me, this was the worst part of my week) After getting everything wiped down, we ordered pizza and watched tv.

Wednesday couldn't do much of my usual cleaning, because I was busy putting stuff back in my kitchen. The whole ordeal was kinda like moving. Pack, move out, unpack, put away; but without the perks of a new environment. Just when I thought I might begin to get back to my routines, my parents called and announced that they would be coming to visit on Thursday. So Thursday they arrived around lunch, took Mr. X and me out to lunch, then grocery shopping. Back home, hubby comes home from work and the girls get home from school, and after visiting, my parents announced that they would like to take us all to play miniature golf. (We agreed though both hubby and I were tired, and we aren't much into the spontaneous thing) But it was a really fun time and I am glad we went!! I think I needed to get out of my box (and my apartment and routines) for awhile. The kids all had a great time too!

Meanwhile, thru the week during what little "me time" or "down time" I had, I have been exploring this whole Virgo/Hermit/Hestia/Vesta thing (see previous 2 blogs) and discovering more of my spiritual path and just feeling really good about it. I gave myself a reading with my new oracle deck and it was really helpful, and I am just waiting for this Mercury Retrograde to be over so I can start some new projects and start moving forward again. Tomorrow is another day of work, then on Monday I will be back to my daily routines of laundry and dishes and kids, and trying to catch up with all the stuff I had to skip this week. But it wasn't lost time, and the piles of dirty laundry will hopefully just serve to remind me that it's okay to step away from it all once in awhile and just do something different.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Earlier this week I became intrigued with the Roman Goddess Vesta. Her image on The Hermit and related to Virgo (as with the Spiral Tarot) really got me thinking. I have needed to explore my Virgo side. (I'm a Capricorn, but seem to have a lot of Virgo going on in my chart), and have always been drawn to the tarot card, "The Hermit". So I was really delighted to find a connection between this card and the astrological sign representing "The Virgin", as the traditional decks didn't seem to resonate this part of the card's meanings for me. (See more on my previous blog, The Hermit / Vesta.) When it came to the Vesta/Hermit relationship, I felt it was speaking to me about not only looking within, but in sacrificing or giving up selfish needs. In helping and serving others without any selfish reasons, we can shine a light on this truth and love within ourselves, thus seeing our true natures more clearly and be able to find that sense of direction and Inner Truth that the Hermit seems to be seeking.

I learned that Vesta's Greek counterpart is the Goddess Hestia. I have always been drawn to Ancient Greek Archetypes, though I haven't really done much serious research on specific deities and myths, so I decided to look her up. Both Vesta and Hestia were revered as the Goddess of the Hearth Fire and the Home. Already I feel a connection! I am always looking or Archetypes that relate to things that I feel I relate to, that I would call on during my practical day. So this draws me in. Hestia is the Grand-daughter of Gaia. She was the first-born of Cronus and Rhea, though Cronus swallowed her whole because of a prophecy that his own child would de-throne him. He also swallowed whole all of Hestia's sisters and brothers, except for Zeus. Rhea tricked him into swallowing a rock wrapped up as a baby, because she was tired of her husband swallowing her babies, for obvious reasons! As you know, Zeus eventually grew up and was a main factor in overthrowing Cronus. Zeus gave Cronus a potion in his wine and Cronus vomited up his other 5 children, who were now fully grown. Hestia was the last to be expelled from Cronus' stomach, and for this reason she is said to be both the oldest and the youngest of the Olympians. She was both the first-born and the last-born.

I felt a strange understanding and connection as I read this part of Hestia's story. I am a first-born. I had a time in my life when I was swallowed up, consumed by earthly greed and folly. I eventually had a "Rebirth", a time when I came back to life and finally started figuring out who I was. By this time, my younger brother had begun to mature, and in some ways, he had caught up with me. Sometimes I feel like he has things figured out a little better than I do, when it comes to knowing and accepting his spiritual path and life purpose. Most of the time I see him as an equal, not a younger sibling, but someone more the same age as me. This is how Hestia must have felt toward her siblings - they were all born after her, and, other than Zeus, they all emerged at the same time, and she was not their older sister, but their equal, and slightly younger sister. Hestia's brothers were Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Her sisters were Hera and Demeter.
The siblings ran away to Mount Olympius and formed a plan to fight against Cronus and the Titans. A great war began, though the young gods were outnumbered by the Titans.
Fortunately, a few Titans decided to side with the Olympians. Prometheus was a Titan, and his name meant "One who thinks ahead", and he had a gift of foresight. He foresaw that the Titans would lose the battle, and he and his brother Epimetheus refused to fight against the Olympians because of this. Again I paused as I read the story of Hestia. My brother, who I mentioned before, has an unusual middle name. It is Prometheus. The light bulbs keep going on in my head. This is the story I have been searching for! Finally, the Olymians won the battle and most of the Titans were sent to Tartarus. (Not Prometheus or his brother, obviously, since they had not fought against the victorious Olympian siblings. ) After this, the Olympians decided to divide up the duties as Gods. Rather than having one God ruling over it all, like Cronus had tried to do, they decided to work together. Hestia became the Goddess of the Hearth, or fireplace, and the Home. Her sister, Demeter, became the Goddess of agriculture and all living things, and their sister Hera became the Goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Aside from the story of the battle of the Olympians, I couldn't find much else about Hestia. I could not find anything about her children or a husband, and for this reason I think she never married or had kids. So this would explain why her later Roman counterpart, Vesta, was described as The Virgin Goddess. I have also found reference to her as the Virgin of the Harvest. As I meditated, I saw/felt this;
The Hearth, or fire, has always been the center of not only the home, but the community and civilization. Without the hearth, there is no where to cook the food. There is nowhere to make the tools that harvest the food. Although the flames of the fire themselves do not create anything tangible, the heat of these flames makes all else possible. This is where the servitude aspect of Virgo comes out. Serving your family and community with warmth and love. This is what Hestia and Vesta were revered and honored for. And although she remained a virgin and never had any children, it is her watch over the Home and Hearth that made all harvests possible. The Virgin of the Harvest. Goddess of the Hearth. I am enraptured and inspired. Also, as I meditated on how this Goddess' image and name may have changed over time, another light bulb came on. Both Hestia and Vesta are represented as a pure, kind woman, often with a cloak over their head. This goddess' symbolic animal is the Ass (donkey/mule). Who else do we know in history that is seen to wear a cloak and accompanied by an Ass? Who else do we now know as The Virgin, and the Virgo? The Virgin Mary, mother of Christ. A Virgin who gave forth a great harvest, a pure, self-sacrificing woman. And so Hestia's story has continued through time....

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is the New Moon. A time for rest and meditation. Both the Sun and Moon are in Virgo, the sign of the Virgin. The Virgin Virgo symbolizes the selfless aspect of the self; rather than pursuing self-gratifying needs, The Virgin thinks of others. Through time there have been people (mostly women) who embody the self-sacrificing traits of Virgo; The Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth I, Princess Diana, etc. People who are remembered for thinking of others above all else, who made personal sacrifices in order to help the greater good of others.
In Tarot, Virgo is related to The Hermit, which generally represents looking inward to find our true purpose. Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to look within and find the truth that really drives us. When we see The Hermit in a reading, it is generally a time to put aside our selfish desires for a moment, to get to the heart of the matter, find our inner passion, rediscover our purpose or meaning, and then continue on our path with a new found purity or innocence.

Today, being the new moon, I decided to study this card (again - this card calls to me a lot). I pulled out The Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon and found that in her deck, The Hermit is represented by the Goddess Vesta. Here's a picture of the card from this deck;

and the meaning from the booklet;
"The Hermit, the Goddess Vesta, holds her lantern aloft to show us the way. Self-knowledge and self-sufficiency; being alone to experience what is meaningful and significant to you. Your Inner Guide."

I haven't done all my homework when it comes to the Goddesses, so I decided to look up more on Vesta. I found that Vesta is a Roman and later Greek Goddess, also known as Hestia, who rules over the Home and Hearth. She rules over the fires of the Hearth; meaning that she watches over the spark of life, love, and warmth in a home. This is one great site I found; Ever heard the term "Vestal Virgins"? These were the Greek people, like nuns, who dedicated themselves to the Goddess Vesta and swore an oath of celibacy, dedicating their life to helping others and tending to the fires in the Temple. Vesta was the Goddess who was called upon to bring peace and harmony to a home, as well as love, fertility, and prosperity within the home. Sharing a meal or a loaf of bread with a neighbor, stranger, or elderly person, was thought to please Vesta and bring blessings unto your home that your own family would never hunger. More on Vesta can be found here;

Yeah, my interest is defiantly piqued. I have been searching for a Patron Goddess, and I have always been inexplicably drawn to the image and meaning of The Hermit. Plus I have some very prominent Virgo in my charts. And, as you know, my main area of focus is always my home. This could be the beginning of a wonderful new area of study and relationship with the Goddess!

Another version of this card that I am looking at today is from The Celestial Tarot. (by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark) In this card we see a beautiful maiden (who looks rather virginal), holding in her arms the wheat of a harvest, and with her hand is sharing the gifts of this bounty.

From the booklet;
"Virgo, The Wise Virgin
At this point in the journey we meet the Hermit, the Major Arcana card associated with Virgo, the harvest maiden, intertwining the paradoxical themes of fertility and purity. In the Celestial Tarot she holds the wheat in her left hand and disseminates seeds with her right. The card depicts the season of withdrawal. For psyche the time of harvest has come; it is time to withdraw and prepare and reflect. In the background is the traditional image of the hermit holding the lamp of inner guidance necessary during this time. Virgo embodies the wisdom of cycles, a respect for fate and an openness to destiny. The Hermit augurs a period of meditation where the inner world is fortified to prepare for a major shift on the life path."

I also found this website and great meditation;
This is a great article about the energy of a New Moon in Virgo;
And this is a meditation to go along with it

Meditation for the New Moon in Virgo
I make constructive, helpful, specific suggestions for
improvement in situations that need better organization and
I release habits of complaining, griping, criticizing, and
I accept that "perfection" is an ideal and often relative
concept, and where practical and sensible, I let "good
enough" be exactly that.
I am realistic, careful, and reasonable in the demands I
make on myself and others.
I make healthy, prudent, self-caring choices that support a
productive lifestyle.
(~ by Rebecca Brent ~)

I will definatley have to take some time for real meditation. With both the sun and the New Moon in Virgo, and having learned of this new aspect of The Hermit and the Goddess Vesta, I am feeling the pull for the need of solitude even more. Of course, there is always the perfect image from the Housewives Tarot - which seems like the perfect way for me to meditate tonite;

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spiritual Sunday; Pagan Pride Day / The Hermit

Since I don't go to church, I think that I should still try to take time once a week to fous on my Spirituality. (Actually, I would go to church if I didn't work on Sundays, there is a nice Universal Unitarian Church not far from here, but my work schedule is something I can't change right now.) Even my "Cleaning /Housework Motivator", FlyLady, calls Sundays "Renew Your Spirit" days and encourages you to take time with your religion. So I figured that my Sunday blogs, as time permits, will be dedicated to my spirituality.

I recently found a site called "Pagan Blog Prompts" which offers up weekly questions with a Pagan perspective, so I will give that a try, and perhaps include my own site, "Journal Yourself Awake" for subject matter, or Tarot readings, or meditations, etc. Whatever tickles my spiritual fancy each week.... ;o)

Pagan Blog Prompts
Prompt: Pagan Pride
All over the country, and even in some other countries, Pagan Pride Days can be found somewhere in the late summer to early fall. Last time I saw this question, it came up around the same time of year, so it makes sense for me to post it now....In regards to Pagan Pride Day events and the like, "Do public gatherings serve your faith... or are they just big parties that serve the ego?"I once heard someone comparing PPD to a Gay Pride Event, as a way to "shove our beliefs down everyone's throat", but I know there's got to be more to these events than that....

Last year, I think it was in October, I attended my first Pagan Pride Festival. It was GREAT! Actually, this blog prompt has reminded me that I need to start planning for this year's festival, ask for the day off work, start saving up some spending money, etc. Looks like they have some great entertainment and workshops going on this year;
As far as the question; "Do public gatherings serve your faith... or are they just big parties that serve the ego?" Well, I think it's a matter of the person who goes. Some people will go to events just to be seen, it's no different than people who attend church events just to put on the appearance of being faithful, or sports fans who paint their faces and go to a sporting event in hopes of being on tv. No matter what kind of event it is, there are always some people who attend for the right reasons, and some who attend for the "party". At the event I attended last year, it seemed less of a party and more of a true gathering of the Pagan Community. There were many different Pagan beliefs represented, and a lot of great information to be found. I learned a lot. I attended my very first Buddhist Prayer/Chant ceremony, and it was really beautiful and amazing. I learned that there is a large active Druid community in Phoenix, and that there are more metaphysical book stores and Pagan supply stores around than I had realized. To me, it was just a very refreshing reminder that I am not alone, as being a semi-closeted, solitary practitioner can sometimes leave me feeling isolated and alone. I met some great people, heard some great music, and had a really great day. It was also great time to stock up on Sage, Crystals and Gemstones, and handmade jewlery. I think it would be a great opportunity for people to learn about the Pagan community, and it was not a very "Shove it down your throat" type of atmosphere at all it was more like a craft fair. You could observe some rituals if you wanted, you could ask questions of the shop owners, you could sit and listen to music or watch the belly dancers, or you could attend workshops if you wanted, and of course you could get Tarot readings. There was nothing that you had to do if you didn't want to, it wasn't a "rally" with people holding signs and shouting, and I think it was a great asset to our Pagan community and that it did serve the faith by bringing people together. Not to mention the fact that the price of admission was to bring non-perishable food which would be donated to homeless shelters!!
Journal Yourself Awake

Journaling with The Hermit; "Time To Analyze" (<---Check out the original post for more info. These journaling questions are based on the Tarot card "The Hermit", which is related to Virgo [The current sun-sign] and also reflect the importance of slowing down and looking within during a Mercury Retrograde.)

What are you doing with the time you have to yourself?
Time.......To........Myself................. oh.....yeah...... I'm supposed to be taking time for myself! LOL! Well, I will admit that my limited time to myself isn't always spent too wisely. As a mother think we are always having to learn and re-invent how our me-time is best spent, depending on what our needs are. Sometimes I need meditation or yoga. Sometimes I need pampering; a bubble bath, a book of fiction, or doing my nails. Sometimes I need mindless distraction, like facebook quizzes or playing FarmTown or just surfing the net. Sometimes I need learning. Latley my time to myself has been the learning/research phase. I think it's a reflection of my Capricorn nature, and when Mercury goes retrorade I seem to renew my interests in some things. I spent a few nights this past week pulling out all my books and looking up the folklore and magickal uses of broomsticks. I wrote down in my journal everything I could find on the subject. I let myself get obsessed, and I learned a lot. Once I felt I had learned as much as I could on that subject, I felt a lot better. Rested. Refreshed.
What are you looking for?
More Time. I'm still doing the dance trying to balance my time between kids, cleaning, work, spirituality, and rest. Did you know that time is speeding up? How am I supposed to pursue my life's purpose and keep a clean house when time is accelerating?? Another way I could answer the question of "What am I looking for?" is - A HOUSE. We have an offer in on a really really perfect home. But the oxymoronic term "Short Sale" actually means "Hurry Up and Wait"
What do you need to know?
I would like to know if we are getting this house or not!! ARGH! But Mercury as decided to teach me a lesson of patience once again. Actually, I woud feel better about it if there are no papers signed unil after Mercury goes direct. It's the supersticious astrologer in me. But I just want to KNOW ifwe have found it, or if we should keep looking. Can I start packing? Ugh. "Have faith, think positive!" is my mantra.
Who can help you find what you're looking for, or what you need to know?
Right now? Me. I know that I just need to wait it out. No one else can answer my questions at this time. But I can tell myself how to wait, how to have faith, how to be patient. I'm good at telling others to do these things I think I should just listen to my own advice.
What concerns about time do you have?
LOL. I think I answered that with quesion 2. Time is accelerating and I am not yet adjusted to it. Just Google "2012 time acceleration" and see what you come up with. Here is an interesting one I Just found;
What do you need to complete?
I have really felt the urge to get back on track with my decluttering. I'm in the mood to purge myself of unnessecary items. I want to just let it all go. Perhaps this is the Mercury Retrograde helping me finish something I started a long....long time ago. Perhaps this is the Virgo Sun and The Hermit helping me look at things with a clarity and understanding. Perhaps this is just my spirit answering my questions about the house and helping me prepare for packing and moving... whatever the case, I'm going with it and letting myself enjoy the physcal purging of my surroundings and working on my detail cleaning as I go. Yep. I've been cleaning the walls. And for some reason I really feel like this is my main priority that I need to finish... clearing the clutter and cleaning the walls...

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years later. In memorandum.

In Loving Memory of all those who were lost, and in Honor of those who worked so hard to rescue and help the missing, trapped, and injured....

Blessed Be.....

(this is a very touching memorial video)

Where were YOU when the attacks happened?

Sept. 11, 2001. I was 21 years old, my daughter, "Miss Zee", was 2. We were living in Texas, I was a waitress at the local Denny's. I was in a relationship, but it was going nowhere fast. I was unhappy and knew it wouldn't last. We were just waking up, I didn't have a tv, so we had no idea what had happened. My x husband called me, and I was irritated to hear his voice. He said "They bombed the World Trade Center". I laughed. Yes, I laughed, I am ashamed to admit it, but I didn't know what he was talking about. I was still half asleep, could't figure out who "They" were, and didn't know what he meant by "World Trade Center." I guess I was always kinda shut off from society in some way, because I honestly did not know that the Twin Towers were called "The World Trade Center". So I figured my x husband was telling me about something that had happened in another country. Because stuff like that happens in other countries, but not here. So I was like, "Umm, okay. Why are you calling me? I just woke up." As if my x-husband didn't already think I was a cold-hearted bitch. He says, "No, I mean it, they bombed the World Trade Center." My blonde moment continued...."Where is that?"
"New York! The Twin Towers! It's on the TV! COME OVER HERE!"
Everything stopped. I went cold. The rest of the day was cold. The rest of the day was in slow motion. Nothing that I cared about before really seemed to matter.... I forgot about how unsatisfying my relationship was. I forgot about how much I hated my x-husband. I forgot about how annoying my job was. Watching the towers fall again and again on TV, listening to them explain what happened as they figured it out. Hearing the words "Al Queida" and "Taliban" for the first time. Confusion. Fear. Looking up at the sky, wondering if more would die today. Looking up at the sky, and wondering if we are going to war, if the war would be on American turf. Wondering how much our lives would change, how much our country would change. Frozen in time, tears and words stuck in my throat; neither came out for a long time.

A few days later, my boyfriend and I broke up. He took his car and drove back to Oklahoma. I wasn't upset. It had been over before he left. It had been over before the towers fell. I somehow felt like the timing was symbolic. America had been shaken awake by a catastrophe, and was now stronger, more alert, more aware of it's priorities as a nation, and ready to rebuild. I felt the same way. I didn't want to waste any more time on trivial relationships. I had gone thru so much in the previous two years, and I felt like I was finally ready to take my life seriously again, to start building something meaningful rather than just playing in the rubble and ashes. Ironically enough, I began dating again a week later. September 18. We have been together ever since. We ended up getting married in 2003, and having two more kids together. Over the past 8 years, America has had to make a lot of choices, change, move forward, and grow up. So have I.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scooby Doo meets a Wiccan rock band

So my kids have a lot of the Scooby Doo and What's New Scooby Doo episodes on DVD. Today they wanted to watch this one, like three times. I didn't mind because it's one of my favorites and I love the music in it!

This one is called "Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost" and it's a full-length feature rather than a 30 minute flick. Basically, Mystery Inc. goes to a small town and the mayor tells them they have had sightings of a ghost (nothing new there). They see this rock band playing "I'm a Hex Girl" and of course, they assume that these scary goth girls are probably behind the ghost sightings. I love this episode because they meet the girls who explain to them that they are "Wiccans", who believe in honoring nature. This is also the only episode I've seen in which the Ghost is a real ghost and not just someone wearing a mask. The episode is called The Witch's Ghost because the ghost is that of a woman from a long time ago who was a "real witch". (and yes, she is evil) Now, I understand this is a cartoon, and as far as that goes - I appreciate the fact that they took liberties to explain in simple terms, that a Witch is not necessarily a Wiccan, although it did bother me a little that the Hex Girls kept exclaiming "We're NOT witches; we're Wiccans!" To ME it's one in the same but I guess to main stream media there is probably some confusion. I guess I could take offense, since many Neo-Pagans consider themselves "Witches", and this is just another case of media showing "Witches" as bad, scary, or evil, with wild magical powers, etc. But, at least they tried to impart a little about Wiccan beliefs, no matter how small the reference was and how simply it was put. I'll take it anyway I can! LOL ! Anyways, my Favorite part of the episode is the music-video portion at the end, and I have found the video to go along with it!

The first part is the first song that Scooby and the gang encounter, so you can see why they were a little freaked out. (except for Fred, who apparently has a thing for gothic chicks ....heeheheee)
The second song starts at about 1:55 and this is the part I love!

this is the sing-along version I also found on YouTube, in case you want to know the words.

And if any of you are wondering "What exactly is a Wiccan?" and are worrying about whether or not you will let your kids watch Scooby Doo anymore, here's a short FAQ;

What is Paganism?
The Definition of Paganism is as follows; Pagan; Definition - 1. follower of a less popular religion: somebody who does not follow one of the world's main religions, especially somebody who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew, and whose religion is regarded as questionable (sometimes considered offensive) 2. polytheist or pantheist: a follower of an ancient polytheistic or pantheistic religion.

What is Wicca?
Wicca is a Neo-Pagan religion, meaning it is a modern reconstruction of Pagan faiths.

Who do Wiccans and Pagans Worship? Do they believe in God? Do they worship the Devil?
Pagans and Wiccans will vary in what Deities they prefer.... but with a common belief that God/Goddess/Divinity is a part of Nature. The energy of the Divine is within all of us, all of nature, and many Pagan and Wiccan beliefs are focused around the beauty of nature and the seasons. The Devil, or Satan, is NOT a part of Pagan or Wiccan beliefs; most do not believe in Satan, devils, or Hell

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 9/5/09

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week and am finally getting used to the new routines with the girls in school and stuff.
I think that although it's really hot, the exercise from walking the girls to and from school each day has helped improve my mood a bit. I have always heard that exercise can help with depression and lift your mood, but I never really thought about it much before. Some days I am tempted to have a neighbor or friend pick them up or take them to school, and in some ways I think they are old enough to walk home by themselves. They are 10 and 6, they know the way very well, it is only about 3 blocks, and there is a large group of other kids they could walk with. But, thinking of it in terms of exercise for me and Mr. X, and a way to both help improve my mood and run off some of his boundless energy, I think I'll keep walking with them.
As far as my housework this week, I feel like I have been doing great!! With my blog earlier in the week I talked about some of my goals for this week and did a reading for myself with my Housewives Tarot deck about where I would draw my energy/inspiration from this week. Looking back, it seems those cards were very fitting, I certainly was motivated and energetic, I did have the right state of mind to stick to my goals, and I feel I was able to blend in just enough spirituality into the daily grind to make my days feel less like a "daily grind" and more like blessings!
Remember my goals for the week?
  • To Spend 30 minutes a day doing Pre-School stuff with Mr. X - DONE!! I did it! I managed to work preschooling time into my daily routine, and I'm still finishing up the stuff I need to do. Mr. X is loving the one-on-one time with me and excited to be doing "homework" just like his big sisters do!

  • To Work on Detail Cleaning Zone 1 - yep yep! It's amazing to find myself at this stage of the FlyLady program. I mean, I scrubbed walls and baseboards!! I was no longer worried about decluttering my front entrance or Dining Room - everything that is in those areas belongs there!! So I didn't have to worry about that and now those areas look and feel really nice - the walls are white again!! LOL!! PLUS - (this is a HUGE bonus) the KIDS must have gotten a touch of the Decluttering/Detailing Bug, because they surprised me by "Organizing" all the magnets on the fridge in the dining room!! PICTURE BELOW!!

  • To do my daily routines & daily cleaning - YES, I have applied all my willpower and kept up with the daily cleaning!! Plus on Friday I took on an extra project - not one that was directed by FlyLady, but one that I did of my own accord - I cleaned and decluttered in my Master Bedroom. One part of the bedroom had become a complete disaster... *discreetly points finger and Husband* Shhhhhh!! I took care of it. (more PICTURES BELOW)
  • To do my Bedtime Routine every night - YES!! (except for last night, ssshhhh!) And I am LOVING how I can get up in the morning, find my clothes already laid out for me, find my sink shining and all my dishes washed, and not have to play "Catch Up" for the first part of my morning!! A couple more weeks of doing this every night, and it will truly be a Habit, just like my morning routine is!
... The kids did this as a "suprise" for me!!

BEFORE & AFTER ... look, there IS a floor/space to walk between the bed and the wall!

Ok! I'm off to do my evening routine, and then go to bed! Tomorrow I will try out my new "Weekend Flightplan" and see how it goes!

Weekend Control Journal

So, I have been meaning to add another page to my Control Journal for awhile now. The thing is I need a different daily plan for the weekends than I do during the rest of the week. I need something simple, short, sweet, and to the point. Too often I come home from work and just end up procrastinating or not feeling like doing anything; and then by Monday my apartment is a wreck again. I end up making my Monday work twice as hard because I slacked off on the weekends. So, here is my plan;

Events / Plans;
Habit of the Month;

Morning Routine
Get Dressed To Shoes
Make Bed (Master Bedroom)
Feed The Cat
Take Vitamins / Drink Water
Brush Teeth and Hair
Check Calendar / Schedule / Control Journal
What's For Dinner? (plan ahead)

WORK 8 am - 3 pm

Hot Spot Firedrill
5 Minute Room Rescue Livingroom
Unload Dishwasher
Wash Dishes / Load Dishwasher
Wipe Table & Countertops
Take out Trash
Swish & Swipe Bathroom

SATURDAYS - Family Fun Day; Do something with the family/kids. (examples; Play outside, picnic, BBQ, Art Project, read books, take a drive, movie night, etc.)

SUNDAYS - Renew Your Spirit Day; take time with my religion. (exampes; Yoga, Meditation, Tarot or Oracle card reading, read a book, blog about my beliefs, spend time in nature, etc.)

Evening Routine
Wash Dishes / Run Dishwasher
Wipe Table & Countertops
Sweep Kitchen Floor
Shine The Sink
5 minute room rescue livingroom
Put Out Clothes for tomorrow
Check / Set Alarm Clock
Shower / Brush Teeth & Hair
Yoga / Meditation

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Errand Day/ Office Day

Adding another page to my Online Control Journal!

Thursday is Errand Day -

Today (if possible) make a point to get out and run those errands! Sometimes I end up doing this stuff on Wednesday - which is Anti-Procrastination Day, but it's always good to have an extra day to get it all done!! Some of the things I might do are;

Grocery Shopping
Picking up last minute items at the store
Paying Bills
Going to the Bank / Cashing Paychecks
Checking the Mail / Sending out Mail

Sometimes am not able to get out of the House, and if I have to work in the Evening I don't have the time to go do these things. But I can still have Errand Day at home;
Call the bill collectors to make arrangements if necessary
Call to schedule Dr. Appointments
Call to schedule School Appointments

And, while I'm at it, I might as well do some "Office" type work
Organize the bills
Balance Checkbook / Look at Budget
Empty my e-mail Inbox
Listen to Voicemails / Delete old VoiceMail & texts
Check my alternate e-mail, empty inbox
Go thru, declutter kid's school papers
Declutter / Organize the Computer Desk