Sunday, August 30, 2009

Onward & Upward!

So I'm thinking about this upcoming week and what kind of goals I'd like to set for myself. I know I'd like to have a more motivated attitude this week, but it's not always something I can just conjure at will. But, as of right now I am feeling pretty confident that I will have the energy and motivation that I was lacking last week.

It's the start of the third week with the girls back in school; Mister X and I are feeling more adjusted to the daily routine and I think I'm ready to add something new to the daily routine for now; Preschool Time for Mister X!! No, he is not going to preschool!! But, he is almost four, and I think it would be good for him to spend at least 30 minutes a day with mommy, learning things like shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. He's a pretty smart little cookie and I think he will enjoy doing some "school stuff with mommy" each day. I already have some work books & stuff, I just want to get some ink for my printer so I can print off some stuff I might find online.

I want to stick to my daily cleaning routines and try to have my list done daily - I know if I stick with it and don't get distracted or lazy I can have it done by 1:00 every day. Also - it will help me if I do my Bedtime Routine every night, it means my cleaning the next day will already be started or caught up and in the long run it will save me time! This is also the FlyLady Habit of the Month for September so I'll be working on that all month till it becomes habit!!

FlyLady's Zone this week is back to Zone 1; The Front Porch, Front Entrance, and Dining Room. (for my Fellow FlyBabies you will understand what I am talking about next, for those of you who don't follow FlyLady just hang in there a second!!) So, I have come to realize that in Zone 1 I don't have any more decluttering to do. It's all decluttered! That means that (with this Zone at least) it's time to move on to DETAILING!! Not that I need a new project, but if I have the time & energy to take something on, FlyLady has a list of some Detail Cleaning Projects here; It's a really neat feeling to be moving on to this stage. Although other parts of my home are still in the De-Cluttering phase, just moving on in this one area gives me such a sense of accomplishment!

So these are my main goals for the week;
To Spend 30 minutes a day doing Pre-School stuff with Mr. X
To Work on Detail Cleaning Zone 1
To do my daily routines & daily cleaning
To do my Bedtime Routine every night

I decided to draw a couple cards from The Housewives Tarot and see what Advice I have to carry me thru the week; Body, Mind & Spirit

I got;
Body -The Star
Mind - Ace of Swords
Spirit - Queen of Cups

Body (My Advice for the Physical realm) - The Star. Looks like when it comes to my physical being I am in the limelight and can celebrate my success. This card can also represent creative energy and inspiration from spiritual sources - I think in this case it is reminding me that my home & my body (my physical world) are things that I should take pride in and if I am creative and connected to my spirituality, will find the energy and inspiration I need to succeed.

Mind - (My Advice for the Mental Realm) - Ace of Swords - this card is the Epitome of Mental Force, it represents the will and drive of the mind to cut thru any confusion, get straight to the point, to discover the truth. It is the Strength to Overcome using the power of one's mind, logic, and truth. In other words, I CAN do whatever I set my mind to! I must not let things like emotion, doubt, fear, frustration, etc. get in the way of me being able to see the truth of the matter; which is my own willpower. I am reminded of what Louise L. Hay says; "All we are ever dealing with is thought, and thought can be changed!"

Spirit - (My Advice for the Spiritual Realm) Queen of Cups - this Queen is the Emotional, Feminine, Introspective matriarch of the suit of Cups; where all matters of the heart reside. While my advice for the mental realm is more about logic and the power of thought, I feel that this card is telling me that my Spirit needs and craves some emotional release, some introspection, and I must not neglect that side of myself as well. I think it will do me some good (as always) to make sure I take time for pampering, spirituality, and even a cocktail or two with a girlfriend this week, my Spirit needs the pampering and fun. But this card can also serve as a warning because while the Spirit has needs, this Queen is the type who will neglect her other obligations while she wallows in her emotions or obsesses over her feelings & romances.

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