Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Oracle ~ Laughter ~

Every Tuesday I will draw and share an Oracle card with you. Oracle cards are special in the way that most of them give direct and useful advice or inspiration. While I will share with you if there is any specific way that this card relates to ME each week, I have asked the Universe to give me a card that could be helpful to others as well. It is my hope that someone who reads this may be getting a very special message from the Divine!! It could be you! (Whether one or many, I hope the advice and message of this card will be helpful to you!) Please feel free to comment with your own thoughts or feelings, and come back next Tuesday for another Oracle!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This week I used the "Healing With The Fairies" Oracle Card by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., and I drew the card "Laughter"

From the guidebook by Doreen Virtue;
"Every cloud not only has it's silver lining, but it also has a humorous side. Try to objectively stand back from your situations and find humorous twist. Laughter will help you see your life from a new perspective so that you can receive creative insights and solutions.
You are much too serious about life, according to the fairies. They aren't asking you to neglect your responsibilities, let go of the sacred reverence for life, or defend your emotions with jokes. Instead, you're asked to see the humor that runs through the thread of life. Like a brilliant comedy, our lives become more enjoyable when we can see them through the eyes of a humorist.

Laughter helps us to stand back and see ourselves and our situations more objectively. When we laugh, we relax. When we relax, creative solutions and renewed energy course through us more easily. So, take time today to laugh. For instance, go see that new funny movie or play, buy a book by your favorite comedy writer, or exchange silly jokes with a friend."

Affirmation; "I find the humor in life, and I laugh easily."

Personally, I know that I have a tendency to take life far too seriously. I can sometimes get so wrapped up in the daily grind, that I forget to take time to just let loose and really laugh. When is the last time you really Laughed Out Loud? No, not chuckled, not smiled, not typed "LOL" i your phone or computer, but really, outright, Laughed?? Fortunately for me, I was at a party with some friends and co-workers Sunday night and was really Laughing. It was great, and you would be surprised at how free and happy I have felt since then! Not only does laughter relax us, but it is also empowering and very liberating! Today when Mr. X was being silly, rather than getting annoyed, I played along and before I knew it we were both laughing so hard!! And laughter IS contagious; the girls were soon laughing right along with us!

I think this is why I enjoy "The Queen's Meme" so much every week; it gives me an excuse to be silly and let out my humorous side. No matter what, I think everyone should find a way t let their sense of humor roam free, and make it a weekly practice!

Here's wishing you a day or week full of laughter and humor!

Fairie Blessings!!

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