Friday, August 7, 2009

Tarot Spread - Leo ~ I Want ~

This spread is from "Illustrated Tarot Spreads, 78 New Layouts for Personal Discovery" by Heidemarie Pielmeier & Marcus Schiner. This book includes a tarot spread for each of the 12 astrological signs. I find that these spreads can be helpful for not only the people whose sign they reresent, but to be used for anyone for self discovery. Escpecially while the sun passes thru that sign!

~ I Want~

-5-_______ -6-

-1--2-___ -4-

  1. My Ego (How Domineering am I?)
  2. On what stage am I acting?
  3. My Inner Child
  4. Where do I stand in regard to love and romance?
  5. My love for Children
  6. Do I love risk and speculation?
  7. My Crown (How Generous am I?)

My Reading; 8/7/09 Using The Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon. I bought this deck awhile back, but this is my first time using it in a reading. The part in quotes will be from the deck's guidebook.
1) My Ego - How Domineering am I? - 10 of Cups - "The forest fairy is sharing love, joy, and happiness. Meaning; Fulfillment on every level. Dreams come true - especially on an emotional level." I think this reflects that I am vey sharing and genrous, especially on an emotional level. t the same time, when it comes to my Ego, I know that if I am not being fulfilled emotionally or spiritually, I tend to move on.
2) On what stage am I acting? - 4 of Wands - "A bridal couple leaves the old life behind to start their new life together. Meaning; Optimism for the future, a change of residence, or changes in the domestic environment for the better." Wow, I would say that my lif is centered around my domsetic life. I have been really focused on changing my patterns at home and developing new habits (Cleaning, Decluttering, Quitting smoking) PLUS, we have been looking for a house. Although hubby and I have been married for 6 years, it will be like starting a new phase of our life together when we move into our new house!!
3) My Inner Child - 3 of Pentacles - "A ballerina is receiving accolades for her skills. Meaning - Success in return for persistent and dedicated labor. Prize or award." I have had such a sense ofaccomplishment latley; with the progress I have made in decluttering my home and my life, and how good I've been doing at quitting smoking.... I have been "as giddy as a school girl" - my inner child is feeling happy and acknwledged!
4) Where do I stand in regard to love and romance? 8 of Pentacles - "A smith is working at his craft; he is highly skilled and successful. Meaning - Profittable times are ahead, connected to material or personal matters. There is need for you to focus your talents or take your skills to the wider world." When it comes to my relationship, there isn't much time for "Romance" so to speak, but we both believe and know that a marriage takes work. We both try to balance the load of work and fun between us, and always try to make our needs known to the other. I feel like this card is telling me that soon our hard work and dedication will pay off and we will have more time for "Romance" (A House?!?!)
5) My love for children - King of Cups - "The king of cups is highly intuitie and passionate, at times secretive and withdrawn. In business he follows hunches and can be quite ruthless. Meaning; This king may indicate a time when you need to explore your passionate nature - or to hide you feelings in certain situations." My relationship with my children is often intense, and I can be very harsh with them when they constantly push my buttons! I love them so deeply, that their every action -good or bad - seems to be aimed directly at my heart! I think this is reminding me that I need to sometimes control my emotions and intensity around them; to master my passion and creativity.
6) Do I love risk and speculation? - The Hermit - "The Hermit, the Goddess Vesta, holds her lantern aloft to show us the way. Meaning - Self-Knowledge and Self-Sufficiency; being alone to experience what is meaningful and significant to you. Your inner guide." As a general rule - I don't like risk or speculation. When I don't know how things will turn out, or if I don't think a risk is worthwhile and has good chances of paying off, my worrisome Capricorn nature rears it's ugly head. Anxiety and fear have a strong say in the choices I make. But I have been learning - one babystep at a time - that it is only thru these risks and causes for speculation that I can inwardly grow. When I trust my guides and follow my intuition, risk isn't such a scary thing.
7) My Crown (How generous am I?) 2 of Wands - "A successful business man is looking to a future vision. Meaning - Success in partnership and business affairs. There is a sense of restlessness; moving on to new deals and plans is possible." I have leraned through a seriesof misakes, that being generous can sometimes backfire on you. I know, it sounds coldhearted, but I have (after MANY times of being screwed over) started to look at things from a business-like perspective. I will still help people and I am still generous, but I am careful that this will not hurt my personal life in any way. I can't give away my energy to psychic vampires anymore, I can't give money to someone who I know will never pay me back. Yet I still will give my change to a homeless person on the street corner, help a friend who is truly in need, etc. I've just leared to balance and think of myself, my goals, and my family at the same time. Maybe I've just finally - after years of fighting it- finally embraced this part of my Capricorn nature. And finally, now that I have cut a few psychic vampires out of my life and learned that it's O.K. to say No, "moving on to new deals and plans is possible."!!

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  1. I am always amazed that a tarot reading seems to tell us just what we need to hear, right when we need to hear it. And I definitely get the part about kids and button pushing. Good luck with quitting smoking and finding a house.