Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome to WBLOG TV - TarotMom's own TV network!

WBLOG TV: The Meme
The place where unbloggable news happens and sources are never a secret. You are the creator, producer, writer and news anchor of the WBLOG nightly news. It is your job to deliver the news in your own style from your own blog.
And oh, you get to make up the news! Here's your assignment:

1. The Weather Channel: Give me your personality forecast. Are you sunny, wet, windy, or cloudy? Why? Breezy with chances of windstorms. As I breeze around my house on my boom with my magic feather-duster, there may be chances of dust sorms, followed by sunny, bright, sparkly surfaces! Don't get in my way or make a mess, my 3-year old tornado is about as much as I can keep up with!

2. The News Channel: What is the breaking news story of the day in your world? I'm going on day 12 of quitting smoking!! With a few minor melt-downs here and there, I have managed to remain pretty strong!

3. The Economic Channel: How are things on the economic front? And more importantly, do you have ideas to save the planet from financial ruin? There's only 13 days left before school starts and I haven't even bought ANY school supplies yet! But I'm not worried - I've been putting aside between 10 and 20 dollars from every waitressing shift I had this past month, plus I've got a jar of change on my dresser! Not sure what this has added up to, but it' there! My advice? Even if all you can put aside is $10 a week, do it!! Don' worry about HOW you will pay that bill, but simply trust that you WILL be able to pay it! Staying positive about prosperity can make a HUGE difference in your life!!

4. The Entertainment Channel: Give us the latest blog celebrity gossip. Dish it!
LadyHightower was seen dancing under the almost-full moon last night. She tried to blame her madness on the Queen's challenging meme, but we know that she's just cool like that.

5. The Sports Channel: Make up a sport, give your team a name and choose five players from the list of names on the Mr. Linky list. What are the rules of the game? I'm not very sporty, and I'm drawing a blank. Since it's MY tv station, I'll cheat. The game is Quidditch. (Harry Potter) Jean-Luc Picard is the Seeker because I'm sure he' pretty good at flying! Mimi is the Keeper (keeping the other team from scoring) Bud Weiser and twistedsister are the Beaters because, well, their names sound tough! Bring your broomsticks to practice after Divination class!!

6. The Comedy Channel: How will you make us laugh today? Tell us a blunny (that's blog + funny for all you non-blog speakers) All my jokes are in poor taste or X rated. Since my comedy channel is on basic cable and not blocked from younger viewers, here is my 10 year old Daughter to tell her favorite joke;
"Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
Because he has no Guts!"

7. The Religious Channel: Make up a blog religion. Tell us why your blog church will save our souls. I would like viewers of ALL religions to stop in and get a Tarot reading. The cards are on-denominational, and I think that no matter what Religion you are, good advice and a little divination can be great medicine! If you've never had a reading, try it! Don't let fear, shame, or religious Dogmas scare you away! I don't want to ave your soul. Only YOU can save your soul! But sometimes the insights or advice from the cards can help guide you along the way!! oookkk, I'll get off my soap-box now.....

8. (but who's counting?) The Soap Opera Channel: What is the name of your soap opera?
Soap Operas are BANNED from my TV Stations and Networks. They are pure evil! You should be cleaning your house, reading a book, playing with your kids or pets, going outside, shopping, going to work, blogging, or getting a Tarot reading! Sheessh how many channels do you need???


  1. "Staying positive about prosperity can make a HUGE difference in your life!!" - that is the BEST economic advice that I have read all day. I dearly hope the change in the jar is mostly quarters and you have the money for dinner out after you buy the school supplies!

  2. ROFLMAO about your cleaning with the broom. Banning Soaps? Yikes. LOL. Great answers. And thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it :)

  3. Thanks for putting me as the Seeker. Soap operas are banned here as well!