Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 8/21/09

I can't believe it's the end of the week already! For that matter, I can't believe it's the end of the month already!! Where did it go? How can it already be almost September???
What's New?
This week was a time of adjusting to the new back-to-school routines. Miss Zee started 5th grade and Princess A is repeating Kindergarten. (Long story short; she had barley turned 5 when starting K last year, and was struggling, so we felt it would be best for her in the long run if she repeated. She just turned 6 at the beginning of the month, so she is still in the K age bracket, and hopefully this year she can catch on to the concepts and gain some confidence!)
So now that school is back in session, my weekdays consist of more walking. We live close enough to the school that the girls don't ride the bus - and once the summer heat ends the walking is not all that bad. But for now - it's hell. By 8:30 in the morning it is already in the mid 90's, and by 3:00 pm when they get out of school it s been averaging 105. Poor Little Mr. X, I have to drag him along with me on these walks!! By Friday he informed me "I am tired of this!" Sigh.... and no end in sight!! (My Hubby works on the other side of town, and we only have 1 car) On the up side, the girls seem to have had a great first week of school, they like their teachers and have already made new friends!! So it's not all bad. I don't mean to sound so negative.
I have been sticking to my FlyLady routines, and in the area of housework I have been doing pretty good! I have been managing to keep the house clean, do my Zone Work, Daily Cleaning projects, etc. I should feel proud of myself. This week's Zone was the Bathroom - and my bathroom is pretty well decluttered and organized. As I said, I should feel proud of myself, but I just feel tired. I feel like the end of this week is the end of a long, anti-climactic movie.
I haven't really been blogging (as some of you have noticed). I think there are two reasons for this; 1 - I have been really busy since school is back in session, getting used to the routines and working, etc. 2 - I haven't felt like myself. I don't feel like I have had anything positive to say, so I just haven't been writing. I don't know why I'm in this funk - maybe it's just because I'm tired and stressed. I try to stay positive but I just haven't been able to find my Happy Place this week. Once again I am trying to figure out how to add in some "me time" and still get everything done. My schedule has been; Walk the kids to school, come home and clean house, walk to pick up the kids, Go to work, Sleep, repeat. I have tried to take time to relax, but I don't feel like it's the kind of quality Me Time that I need and crave. I am craving some true fun, or at least some spiritual enlightenment, but can't seem to find the time for either of those. I am hoping that all I need is some time to adjust to the new schedule and I will bounce back.

the kids are fighting and Miss Zee is sick and wants some tea and her mommy, so I will stop whining now....

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