Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Control Journal

So, I have been meaning to add another page to my Control Journal for awhile now. The thing is I need a different daily plan for the weekends than I do during the rest of the week. I need something simple, short, sweet, and to the point. Too often I come home from work and just end up procrastinating or not feeling like doing anything; and then by Monday my apartment is a wreck again. I end up making my Monday work twice as hard because I slacked off on the weekends. So, here is my plan;

Events / Plans;
Habit of the Month;

Morning Routine
Get Dressed To Shoes
Make Bed (Master Bedroom)
Feed The Cat
Take Vitamins / Drink Water
Brush Teeth and Hair
Check Calendar / Schedule / Control Journal
What's For Dinner? (plan ahead)

WORK 8 am - 3 pm

Hot Spot Firedrill
5 Minute Room Rescue Livingroom
Unload Dishwasher
Wash Dishes / Load Dishwasher
Wipe Table & Countertops
Take out Trash
Swish & Swipe Bathroom

SATURDAYS - Family Fun Day; Do something with the family/kids. (examples; Play outside, picnic, BBQ, Art Project, read books, take a drive, movie night, etc.)

SUNDAYS - Renew Your Spirit Day; take time with my religion. (exampes; Yoga, Meditation, Tarot or Oracle card reading, read a book, blog about my beliefs, spend time in nature, etc.)

Evening Routine
Wash Dishes / Run Dishwasher
Wipe Table & Countertops
Sweep Kitchen Floor
Shine The Sink
5 minute room rescue livingroom
Put Out Clothes for tomorrow
Check / Set Alarm Clock
Shower / Brush Teeth & Hair
Yoga / Meditation

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