Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Housewife's Report 9/26/09

This week was a rather off-week for me. Not that I didn't get a lot done, but there was too much going on for me to really stick with any kind of routine or schedule. Maybe it was the Mercury Retrograde and it's connection to Saturn and the Sun in Virgo, but I feel like this week was pivotal to my life's journey somehow.

As far as life at home, there was a lot going on. We had to schedule for the apartment to get fumigated because sadly, an apartment in the desert means roaches. Eeeew they drive me crazy! So Monday was spent taking everything out of my kitchen; food, dishes, utensils, everything, and storing it outside on my patio. Tuesday I borrowed my friend's car (hubby takes our car to work and commutes quite a distance) so that Mr. X and I could get out of the apartment for the day while it was bombed. It turned out to be quite a nice day, for the most part - because since me and my 3 year old are usually stuck in the apartment with no car, it was a nice change. We went to a bookstore, I got myself the next 2 books in the fiction series I have been reading, and got myself a beautiful new deck of oracle cards. Then we went to the park. Weather was perfect, so we just hung out and relaxed at the park for awhile, before going out to lunch. By 2:45 I had to return my friend's car, just in time to go home and open up the doors and windows and begin to let the apartment air out. The girls came home from school, and we stayed outside till 4:00, lounging in the grass, reading and coloring. When hubby got home we went in and began the clean up (You don't want the details, trust me, this was the worst part of my week) After getting everything wiped down, we ordered pizza and watched tv.

Wednesday couldn't do much of my usual cleaning, because I was busy putting stuff back in my kitchen. The whole ordeal was kinda like moving. Pack, move out, unpack, put away; but without the perks of a new environment. Just when I thought I might begin to get back to my routines, my parents called and announced that they would be coming to visit on Thursday. So Thursday they arrived around lunch, took Mr. X and me out to lunch, then grocery shopping. Back home, hubby comes home from work and the girls get home from school, and after visiting, my parents announced that they would like to take us all to play miniature golf. (We agreed though both hubby and I were tired, and we aren't much into the spontaneous thing) But it was a really fun time and I am glad we went!! I think I needed to get out of my box (and my apartment and routines) for awhile. The kids all had a great time too!

Meanwhile, thru the week during what little "me time" or "down time" I had, I have been exploring this whole Virgo/Hermit/Hestia/Vesta thing (see previous 2 blogs) and discovering more of my spiritual path and just feeling really good about it. I gave myself a reading with my new oracle deck and it was really helpful, and I am just waiting for this Mercury Retrograde to be over so I can start some new projects and start moving forward again. Tomorrow is another day of work, then on Monday I will be back to my daily routines of laundry and dishes and kids, and trying to catch up with all the stuff I had to skip this week. But it wasn't lost time, and the piles of dirty laundry will hopefully just serve to remind me that it's okay to step away from it all once in awhile and just do something different.

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  1. Way to see the good in the...well...not so good! lol! It is good to get out of the routine for a day or two! Even if it's just to remind us that life will persist without it!