Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spiritual Sunday; Pagan Pride Day / The Hermit

Since I don't go to church, I think that I should still try to take time once a week to fous on my Spirituality. (Actually, I would go to church if I didn't work on Sundays, there is a nice Universal Unitarian Church not far from here, but my work schedule is something I can't change right now.) Even my "Cleaning /Housework Motivator", FlyLady, calls Sundays "Renew Your Spirit" days and encourages you to take time with your religion. So I figured that my Sunday blogs, as time permits, will be dedicated to my spirituality.

I recently found a site called "Pagan Blog Prompts" which offers up weekly questions with a Pagan perspective, so I will give that a try, and perhaps include my own site, "Journal Yourself Awake" for subject matter, or Tarot readings, or meditations, etc. Whatever tickles my spiritual fancy each week.... ;o)

Pagan Blog Prompts
Prompt: Pagan Pride
All over the country, and even in some other countries, Pagan Pride Days can be found somewhere in the late summer to early fall. Last time I saw this question, it came up around the same time of year, so it makes sense for me to post it now....In regards to Pagan Pride Day events and the like, "Do public gatherings serve your faith... or are they just big parties that serve the ego?"I once heard someone comparing PPD to a Gay Pride Event, as a way to "shove our beliefs down everyone's throat", but I know there's got to be more to these events than that....

Last year, I think it was in October, I attended my first Pagan Pride Festival. It was GREAT! Actually, this blog prompt has reminded me that I need to start planning for this year's festival, ask for the day off work, start saving up some spending money, etc. Looks like they have some great entertainment and workshops going on this year;
As far as the question; "Do public gatherings serve your faith... or are they just big parties that serve the ego?" Well, I think it's a matter of the person who goes. Some people will go to events just to be seen, it's no different than people who attend church events just to put on the appearance of being faithful, or sports fans who paint their faces and go to a sporting event in hopes of being on tv. No matter what kind of event it is, there are always some people who attend for the right reasons, and some who attend for the "party". At the event I attended last year, it seemed less of a party and more of a true gathering of the Pagan Community. There were many different Pagan beliefs represented, and a lot of great information to be found. I learned a lot. I attended my very first Buddhist Prayer/Chant ceremony, and it was really beautiful and amazing. I learned that there is a large active Druid community in Phoenix, and that there are more metaphysical book stores and Pagan supply stores around than I had realized. To me, it was just a very refreshing reminder that I am not alone, as being a semi-closeted, solitary practitioner can sometimes leave me feeling isolated and alone. I met some great people, heard some great music, and had a really great day. It was also great time to stock up on Sage, Crystals and Gemstones, and handmade jewlery. I think it would be a great opportunity for people to learn about the Pagan community, and it was not a very "Shove it down your throat" type of atmosphere at all it was more like a craft fair. You could observe some rituals if you wanted, you could ask questions of the shop owners, you could sit and listen to music or watch the belly dancers, or you could attend workshops if you wanted, and of course you could get Tarot readings. There was nothing that you had to do if you didn't want to, it wasn't a "rally" with people holding signs and shouting, and I think it was a great asset to our Pagan community and that it did serve the faith by bringing people together. Not to mention the fact that the price of admission was to bring non-perishable food which would be donated to homeless shelters!!
Journal Yourself Awake

Journaling with The Hermit; "Time To Analyze" (<---Check out the original post for more info. These journaling questions are based on the Tarot card "The Hermit", which is related to Virgo [The current sun-sign] and also reflect the importance of slowing down and looking within during a Mercury Retrograde.)

What are you doing with the time you have to yourself?
Time.......To........Myself................. oh.....yeah...... I'm supposed to be taking time for myself! LOL! Well, I will admit that my limited time to myself isn't always spent too wisely. As a mother think we are always having to learn and re-invent how our me-time is best spent, depending on what our needs are. Sometimes I need meditation or yoga. Sometimes I need pampering; a bubble bath, a book of fiction, or doing my nails. Sometimes I need mindless distraction, like facebook quizzes or playing FarmTown or just surfing the net. Sometimes I need learning. Latley my time to myself has been the learning/research phase. I think it's a reflection of my Capricorn nature, and when Mercury goes retrorade I seem to renew my interests in some things. I spent a few nights this past week pulling out all my books and looking up the folklore and magickal uses of broomsticks. I wrote down in my journal everything I could find on the subject. I let myself get obsessed, and I learned a lot. Once I felt I had learned as much as I could on that subject, I felt a lot better. Rested. Refreshed.
What are you looking for?
More Time. I'm still doing the dance trying to balance my time between kids, cleaning, work, spirituality, and rest. Did you know that time is speeding up? How am I supposed to pursue my life's purpose and keep a clean house when time is accelerating?? Another way I could answer the question of "What am I looking for?" is - A HOUSE. We have an offer in on a really really perfect home. But the oxymoronic term "Short Sale" actually means "Hurry Up and Wait"
What do you need to know?
I would like to know if we are getting this house or not!! ARGH! But Mercury as decided to teach me a lesson of patience once again. Actually, I woud feel better about it if there are no papers signed unil after Mercury goes direct. It's the supersticious astrologer in me. But I just want to KNOW ifwe have found it, or if we should keep looking. Can I start packing? Ugh. "Have faith, think positive!" is my mantra.
Who can help you find what you're looking for, or what you need to know?
Right now? Me. I know that I just need to wait it out. No one else can answer my questions at this time. But I can tell myself how to wait, how to have faith, how to be patient. I'm good at telling others to do these things I think I should just listen to my own advice.
What concerns about time do you have?
LOL. I think I answered that with quesion 2. Time is accelerating and I am not yet adjusted to it. Just Google "2012 time acceleration" and see what you come up with. Here is an interesting one I Just found;
What do you need to complete?
I have really felt the urge to get back on track with my decluttering. I'm in the mood to purge myself of unnessecary items. I want to just let it all go. Perhaps this is the Mercury Retrograde helping me finish something I started a long....long time ago. Perhaps this is the Virgo Sun and The Hermit helping me look at things with a clarity and understanding. Perhaps this is just my spirit answering my questions about the house and helping me prepare for packing and moving... whatever the case, I'm going with it and letting myself enjoy the physcal purging of my surroundings and working on my detail cleaning as I go. Yep. I've been cleaning the walls. And for some reason I really feel like this is my main priority that I need to finish... clearing the clutter and cleaning the walls...

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  1. Thanks for joining us at Pagan Blog Prompts. Forgive my late response, but I'm making it a point to catch up on old replies so that it is easier to keep up with new responses.

    I'm glad to hear your experience with the local Pagan Pride Day was pleasant, and I hope you have many more.