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Today is the New Moon. A time for rest and meditation. Both the Sun and Moon are in Virgo, the sign of the Virgin. The Virgin Virgo symbolizes the selfless aspect of the self; rather than pursuing self-gratifying needs, The Virgin thinks of others. Through time there have been people (mostly women) who embody the self-sacrificing traits of Virgo; The Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth I, Princess Diana, etc. People who are remembered for thinking of others above all else, who made personal sacrifices in order to help the greater good of others.
In Tarot, Virgo is related to The Hermit, which generally represents looking inward to find our true purpose. Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to look within and find the truth that really drives us. When we see The Hermit in a reading, it is generally a time to put aside our selfish desires for a moment, to get to the heart of the matter, find our inner passion, rediscover our purpose or meaning, and then continue on our path with a new found purity or innocence.

Today, being the new moon, I decided to study this card (again - this card calls to me a lot). I pulled out The Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon and found that in her deck, The Hermit is represented by the Goddess Vesta. Here's a picture of the card from this deck;

and the meaning from the booklet;
"The Hermit, the Goddess Vesta, holds her lantern aloft to show us the way. Self-knowledge and self-sufficiency; being alone to experience what is meaningful and significant to you. Your Inner Guide."

I haven't done all my homework when it comes to the Goddesses, so I decided to look up more on Vesta. I found that Vesta is a Roman and later Greek Goddess, also known as Hestia, who rules over the Home and Hearth. She rules over the fires of the Hearth; meaning that she watches over the spark of life, love, and warmth in a home. This is one great site I found; Ever heard the term "Vestal Virgins"? These were the Greek people, like nuns, who dedicated themselves to the Goddess Vesta and swore an oath of celibacy, dedicating their life to helping others and tending to the fires in the Temple. Vesta was the Goddess who was called upon to bring peace and harmony to a home, as well as love, fertility, and prosperity within the home. Sharing a meal or a loaf of bread with a neighbor, stranger, or elderly person, was thought to please Vesta and bring blessings unto your home that your own family would never hunger. More on Vesta can be found here;

Yeah, my interest is defiantly piqued. I have been searching for a Patron Goddess, and I have always been inexplicably drawn to the image and meaning of The Hermit. Plus I have some very prominent Virgo in my charts. And, as you know, my main area of focus is always my home. This could be the beginning of a wonderful new area of study and relationship with the Goddess!

Another version of this card that I am looking at today is from The Celestial Tarot. (by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark) In this card we see a beautiful maiden (who looks rather virginal), holding in her arms the wheat of a harvest, and with her hand is sharing the gifts of this bounty.

From the booklet;
"Virgo, The Wise Virgin
At this point in the journey we meet the Hermit, the Major Arcana card associated with Virgo, the harvest maiden, intertwining the paradoxical themes of fertility and purity. In the Celestial Tarot she holds the wheat in her left hand and disseminates seeds with her right. The card depicts the season of withdrawal. For psyche the time of harvest has come; it is time to withdraw and prepare and reflect. In the background is the traditional image of the hermit holding the lamp of inner guidance necessary during this time. Virgo embodies the wisdom of cycles, a respect for fate and an openness to destiny. The Hermit augurs a period of meditation where the inner world is fortified to prepare for a major shift on the life path."

I also found this website and great meditation;
This is a great article about the energy of a New Moon in Virgo;
And this is a meditation to go along with it

Meditation for the New Moon in Virgo
I make constructive, helpful, specific suggestions for
improvement in situations that need better organization and
I release habits of complaining, griping, criticizing, and
I accept that "perfection" is an ideal and often relative
concept, and where practical and sensible, I let "good
enough" be exactly that.
I am realistic, careful, and reasonable in the demands I
make on myself and others.
I make healthy, prudent, self-caring choices that support a
productive lifestyle.
(~ by Rebecca Brent ~)

I will definatley have to take some time for real meditation. With both the sun and the New Moon in Virgo, and having learned of this new aspect of The Hermit and the Goddess Vesta, I am feeling the pull for the need of solitude even more. Of course, there is always the perfect image from the Housewives Tarot - which seems like the perfect way for me to meditate tonite;

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