Sunday, October 4, 2009

WHR 10/3/09 - Week of the Virus

Weekly Housewife's Report for the week of 9/27 - 10/3
The Week of the Virus

Lets just say that any plans I had for deep cleaning, organizing, decluttering, or special projects were laid aside as last week we all took turns having a stomach virus. I will spare you the nasty details, it was not nearly as fun as it sounds! Monday and Tuesday it was Me and Mr. X, then Weds. and Thursday it was Miss Z's turn, followed by Daddy on Friday and Princess A on Saturday and Sunday. Once I was feeling alive enough to clean my house, it was in desperate need! Apparently, what they say is true, Mom can NEVER take a day off. The husband means well, he did make me tea and soup, and I am sure he cleaned something, though I might just be fooling myself. I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that, try as he might, his standard of "clean" is just not the same as mine (and possibly not even the same as most residents of the planet). My apartment, apparently, is home to a vortex that without the intervention of Mom, can go from live able to condemnable in 2 days. So, I have come to the conclusion, that I am not allowed to get sick any more. I am trying to figure out a way to make my immune system sign a contract. Other than that I will just have to come to terms with the fact that if I do need to take a sick day or two, there will be consequences, which may involve crime-scene tape to keep visitors away until I have managed to clean the wreckage.

It's not all bad. by Thursday I was feeling good enough to clean, and I power-cleaned my butt off! October has brought along a great FlyLady theme - our new "Habit of the Month" is Paper Clutter! So I'll have some reminders and motivation to go thru any clutter that involves paper; school papers, mail, etc. Paper Clutter is everywhere throughout my home, so I am excited to have a reason to start purging it! In the Fluttering Flybabies group (my favorite CafeMom group where we motivate each other to follow FlyLady) we have a challenge for the month and I'll be keeping track of how many paper items I fling each day. Last week I managed to get a great start and fling 63 pieces of paper from the art/school shelf in the living room!!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, simply because it is the start of a new week and I will be able to get back into my routines (hopefully!) There might be one thing holding me back;
Potty Training! Every week that I have decided to try and just buckle down and make Mr. X deal with his potty issues, something comes up. Too busy, traveling, company, kids sick, something! Husband decided yesterday would be a great time to get involved and put his foot own (though he could have consulted me first) and he refused to change Mr. X's pull-up. I came home from work to a battle Royale! Finally, we got Mr. X to change his own pull-up, wipe his own butt, and sit on the potty. So, rather than letting all that effort go to waste, I decided it's TIME, once again, to start the full-time potty training. Now he will have no more excuses to be "lazy" and just go in his pants, because he will have to change himself and sit on the potty anyways. Sound harsh? Well, keep in mind, he is almost 4, and this has been an on-again, off-again battle for well over a year! (Or is it two years? I don't know anymore...)

I had a great personal ritual and prayer session last night under the full-moon and I'm feeling quite motivated! I experienced such an overwhelming rush of peace, energy, and Magick under the moon last night, and I know that I am so Blessed and Loved!! I also chose last night to dedicate myself at last to being 100% Smoke free! As you know, I quit smoking a couple months ago, but have continued to allow myself one cigarette a night. This was good, and working for me for awhile, but slowly, I started to slip. One smoke was turning into two, then three, then four a day, depending on my stress level. I realized that I wasn't taking my commitment seriously anymore, and was going backwards. So last night I decided no more; back to cold-turkey - and this time no nightly smoke. I will have to be really hard on myself. Since Husband smokes, there are cigarettes here available to me at any time. But I know I can overcome that temptation, and that I am stronger than I gave myself credit for in the beginning. Surely I have coping skills to deal with my stress, I am not going to use that as an excuse anymore!

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  1. Good job on getting rid of the paper clutter. I hate paper clutter. I love your new layout. It is very hard to give up smoking when your spouse smokes. I give you a lot of credit for doing what you are doing with it. Stay strong girl, you can do it!!