Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Mabon Necklace for Balance

I am starting to prepare for my Mabon Ritual on Sept. 22. For the Autumn Equinox I have my altar decorated with fall colors and leaves, and I am will be going out under that Full Harvest moon to celebrate Mabon and pray for Balance in my life. The Sun will be entering Libra just before the Full Moon on the day of the Equinox. The tarot card related to Libra is XI Justice.

I was looking through my beads, and I realized I just happen to have a Libra charm for a necklace. Then I remembered that I was going to be doing a ritual for balance for Mabon, and I thought "What better talisman or charm for balance than the image of the scales?" It seemed all too perfect, so I gathered the other beads I wanted to go with it. I'll tell you what the rest of the beads mean so you can make one too if you want!

Center; The Scales. Libra. Balance. If you can't find a bead or charm like this, an Opal would be perfect. Opal is Libra's birth stone. If you don't have an Opal, then any other large bead or gemstone will suffice. Hematite and Obsidian are good for balancing and grounding your energy. A Light Blue or Purple bead would work nicely too, as Light Blue and Lavender are the colors associated with Libra. As I placed this center charm I affirmed; "I easily find balance in all areas of my life."

Next I have two amethyst beads. One on each side of the center charm. I chose amethyst because the color (light purple) corresponds to Libra energy, and because Amethyst helps you balance your emotions and intuition. If you don't have any amethyst beads, use purple or lavender beads instead. As I placed these two beads I affirmed; "I am willing to be true to myself in all my actions, and I allow my intuition to lead me."

Elements. I found two beads for each element. Yellow for Air, Red for Fire, Blue for Water, and Green for Earth. I placed one of each color on each side. As I placed the yellow I affirmed, "I am balanced in the East and the power of Air." As I placed the red I affirmed, "I am balanced in the South and the power of Fire." As I placed the blue I affirmed, "I am balanced in the West and the power of Water." And as I placed the green beads I affirmed, "I am balanced in the North and the power of Earth."

Next I placed two Sodalite beads. Sodalite is blue so the color corresponds with Libra energy. Sodalite also helps us balance our thoughts and words. If you don't have any sodalite beads, two light blue beads can be used. As I placed one Sodalite bead on each side of the necklace I affirmed, "I am willing to be true to myself in all of my actions, words, and thoughts. I allow my creativity to inspire me."

After this I created a pattern using Light Blue, Purple, Orange, and Gold. Blue and Purple for Libra energy, and Gold and Orange for the colors of the Fall Equinox. I placed them in groups of two, because two is the number of balance. On each side, the pattern I used goes like this; 2 purple, 2 blue, 1 orange, 2 purple, 2 blue, 1 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 1 blue/purple (Purple on one side, blue on the other), 2 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 2 orange, 2 gold, 2 orange. All in all I have 11 purple beads (including the Amethyst), 11 blue beads (including the Sodalite), 22 Orange beads and 22 gold beads. (So there are 11 each of gold and red on each side). 11 is the number of the Tarot Card Justice, and it is a Master Number in Numerology with a strong vibration. So all through the necklace the numerological themes of 11 and 2 also promote Balance. As I placed these small colored beads, I repeated the above affirmations several times, "I easily find balance in all areas of my life. I am willing to be true to myself in all of my actions, thoughts, and words. I allow my creativity to bloom. I am balanced and complete, and I accept my bountiful harvest."

On Mabon I plan to cleanse and bless this necklace. I will use sage to smudge it, and I will anoint it with oil and water. I will repeat the affirmations again and imbue it with the energy of those positive statements. Then I will leave it out equally under the Libra Sun and the Full Harvest Moon to receive a balanced blessing from both the Sun and the Moon.

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