Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mabon Magick

The energies aligned as the Harvest Moon rose
shining full and a golden yellow

closer and brighter than I had seen.

I welcomed her, Harvest Moon,
Moon in Aries; gifting us with the ambition and life force
of the Ram, The Emperor
Harvest Moon,

Full moon that falls closest to Mabon,

Autumnal Equinox

the balancing act of Night and Day

as Summer gives way to Fall.

Full Moon reflecting the light of the Libra Sun
Shining a direct light upon the mysteries of night.
Moon, meet Sun; Mother, meet Father
Aries, meet Libra; Emperor, meet Justice

and mingle together here with me

on this Blessed, Perfect night.

Incense lit and moonlight enough to read by,
I draw my cards.
One for the Equinox
One for the Sun
One for The Moon

Truth abounds and the answers flow to me
without words, I nod and smile,
I laugh at myself

for seeing what I already knew.
That's the trick of a full moon's light;

it illuminates the dark, shows us not something new,

but what was already there

My altar is ready

and I am prepared,
as earlier I had bathed and prayed
and cleansed myself in meditation.

Quarters called,
watchtowers and Elements honored and invoked
my Circle is cast.

Candles are lit
amidst the burning incense
Bell, Salt, Water, Stones
Corn and Apple
The Lord and Lady are called

and They Listen.

Joined etherically by my Sisters, and
Magickal shapeshifting familiars appear in smoke.

I pray for balance
with a Black candle and a White
Balance and Harmony
I visualize.
Balance and Love
I feel.

And I am suddenly joined in my circle of Love and Trust
by Elementals

Fey and Devas
Salamanders and Angels

Dancing in the moonlight
Praying and Chanting
I am swept away


and I know and feel
that I am blessed
as the Blessings and Magick
of Mabon and the Harvest Moon
fall upon me.

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  1. This is beautiful Lady Jo...I'm so glad that as your sister in spirit..I was with you :) Love you!