Saturday, January 5, 2013

Daily Inspiration, Jan. 5


Affirmation of the week;
"With every breath I am growing more into the self I am to be."
(See this week's Card of The Week post, Page of Pentacles)

"By staying with the higher energies of optimism, forgiveness, understanding, reverence for spirit, creativity, serenity, and bliss, your own purpose -- which revolves around serving others and serving God -- becomes fulfilled, and as a bonus, you create allies."
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, "The Invisible Force"
"Do you know what you want?  Are you enjoying the evolution of your desire?  If you are among the rare humans who answered "Yes, I'm enjoying the evolution of my desire," then you understand who you are and what this physical life experience is really all about."
~ Abraham (channeled by Esther and Jerry Hicks), "Ask and It is Given"

Question of The Day;
What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

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