Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Housewives' Report 1-23 to 1-29

My week in review!
I feel pretty good about last week's accomplishments so I just thought I'd share them with you, and perhaps pass on some motivation too!
Last week's Housewives Tarot card was the 2 of Pentacles. You can read that post HERE. I really was feeling like the housewife in this picture. With all the duties of mom, wife, work, etc... How was I to balance it all? Just doing the basics seemed like too much to handle. But this card reminded me that I DO have the power and the grace to handle it all. I just needed to balance my time right!
Last week's Oracle Card was "Call On Your Runners". You can read that post HERE.
Flylady's Zone of the week was The Master Bedroom. My bedroom was in serious need of some TLC. I'm a bit ashamed to show you these, but I think many of you can probably relate!

Uhm... yeah, that's my Master Bedroom. This room can quickly become a disaster in my life. It's not a place that needs to be "company ready", because Company, if any is had, would have no need to go in there. It becomes the "Stash and Dash" area. To busy to put laundry away? Stash it in the bedroom. Not sure where to put something, or too lazy to put it away? Stash it in the bedroom. As you can see, this hasn't really worked out.

Another view. As you can see, I couldn't even GET to my closet!

And yeah... this is my Altar area. *Hangs Head In Shame* What a Bad Witch I had become! I have limited space and a need to have my altar kept in the private area of my home, so it doubles as my bedside table. But I shouldn't have let it become so unkempt!

So anyways, I set to work on my bedroom. I took on a "no pressure" type attitude, letting go of perfectionism and just accepting that ANYTHING would be an improvement on what it was. And guess what? It only took about 2 hours to get the majority of that mess cleaned up! Afterwards, I wondered why I had put it off for so long!

Look! I can see the floor!! AND I can get to my closet! The clothes are all hung up and/or folded and put away. The boxes are back where they belong! The top of my dresser is now a perfect place to do my daily devotions or meditations.

I put my journal, a candle, and my fairy clock here, and got rid of all that clutter. The basket on top of my jewlery box is full of my crystals and gemstones, which helps promote harmony and positive energy in the room, and I can even choose a crystal of the day if I want/need one. I aslo ended up putting my God Box here. It wasn't here yet when I took the picture, but I think this is the perfect place for it!

Oh, and my Altar area is back in order. All is as it should be! I've been sleeping better, waking up in a better mood, and all in all I've been more motivated this week. Can't say that this project didn't help!

FlyLady helped too! With her zone projects and "Fly Missions", I was able to get more done than just cleaning up the mess. She had some great suggestions that only took 15 minutes (or less) a day and really helped me Bless my Bedroom!
On Monday I cleaned out under the bed and vaccuumed the whole room.
On Tuesday I cleaned out my sock drawer, threw away old socks and organized it. I even bought myself new socks and did the same with hubby's sock drawer!
On Wednesday I spent more time clearing away clutter on the night stands and tops of dressers.
On Thursday I dusted the room, even wiped down the tops of the door jambs, wiped the doorknobs, windowsills, etc.
On Friday I pretty much had my bedroom nice and clean, so I focused on the small bathroom that is adjacent to the bedroom. I gave that room a good scrubbing and put stuff away that needed to be put away. Now when I go in my bedroom I really feel like it is a relaxing area, both for begnning and ending my day!

It's funny the things we take for granted, and the way that we minimize the importance of having a clean, sacred space to rest. This week, the work I did here in my bedroom was not just a cleansing of the room where I sleep, but it was a major blessing for myself! Giving myself a peaceful environment to sleep, read, rest, get dressed, etc, was a HUGE affirmation of self-love. It gave me a major boost that I really needed!

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  1. Wonderful Lady Jo! Really great what you did.
    Very inspiring!
    Love you, Autumn