Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Oracle - Call on Your Runners!

Welcome to this week's Tuesday's Oracle! On Tuesdays (When I have the time) I draw an oracle card from one of my Oracle decks and share it with you. Always before I draw the card I pray for guidance and support from the God and Goddess, the Elements, the Angels, and the Fey. I also pray that while this guidance is generally for me, that it may also be something I can share with others, and that this message from the Divine will reach the hearts of others who may benefit from it. Namaste!

This week I drew a card from the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette, Hay House.

from the guidebook;
"There's no need to ever again search in vain for anything, or fear that what you seek isn't out there, or that if it is, you'll miss it. Be it a good parking spot, the ideal abode, or even your soul mate, you have a group of spirit guides cal...led "runners" who are ready, willing, and able to help you find exactly what you seek. Humorous, efficient, and practical, they're called runners because they are very close to the natural world and actually run ahead of you to find what you seek. Their favorite sport is to guide you to the right place at the right time. They're the hidden force behind what is known as luck. They're the "go-fers" of the spirit world, but work only on assignment. They love to serve and are at your beck and call.
Send them ahead to save you a good seat at the movies or on your air flight, or to find answers to your research project. Call on them now to help you connect with your heart's desire. Relax your brain and put them to work instead. Take them with you wherever you go, and let them make your lucky day!"

I remember when I first got this deck, this was one of the first cards I drew. I began "trying it out" immediatley, calling upon my runners to show me the type of things they could help me with. Now however you visualize these Spirit Guides is up to you, but for me I felt as if they are like long strings of light and energy, like tendrils that can reach out from my body in any direction. I have found that I call on them most often when I am driving. I send them out on the road ahead of me to search for any hazards. The trick with Runners is learning to LISTEN to what news or advice they come back to you with! Sometimes I will send out my runners and then find myself with an unusually strong desire to take a different route, or change lanes, or go somewhere else all together. I listen to these urges and follow through, and most of the time never know what it was that I avoided. I remember once I was freeway driving to pick up my husband from work, traffic was fine. But I sent out my runners anyways and within a few minutes I felt I was being told to exit NOW. I was confused... the traffic seemed fine, the news radio hadn't reported any accidents on the freeway, and I was still 10 miles from my exit. But I listened... I pulled to the right lane and took the very next exit. As I approached the overpass I looked back down at the freeway on the other side of the exit.... cars were slamming thier brakes and coming to a stand still. If I had continued on past that exit, I would have been stuck in a traffic jam! 20 minutes later after picking up my husband, on our way home we saw there was STILL a traffic jam on that side of the freeway. If I hadn't listened to my runners I still would have been sitting there!

I think the "runners" that Sonia describes here are also part of the invisible energy force that makes up The Law of Attraction. Last week my husband brought home a case of bottled drinks. I didn't even know these drinks were in the car. My friend came over and we decided to drive to the store. We got in my car, I saw the box of drinks, reached in to get one out and handed it to my friend. "Oh, wow!" she exclaimed, "I manifested this!" I asked her what she meant, and she said that for about an hour she had been thinking to herself that she was thirsty and that she would really like to have a 'Black And Blueberry'. She was planning on buying one for herself when we got to the store. Can you guess exactly what kind of drink I had just handed her? A "Black and Blueberry"! My friend's Runners, working with the Law of Attraction, heard her desire, and helped bring her exactly what she wanted.

Go ahead, ask your runners to help you identify your desires, and set them to work to "run ahead" and prepare the way for you. They will let you know if you're on the right path or not, and if you listen, they will guide you to exactly what you need!

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