Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Oracle - make a God Box!

Welcome to this week's Tuesday's Oracle! On Tuesdays (When I have the time) I draw an oracle card from one of my Oracle decks and share it with you. Always before I draw the card I pray for guidance and support from the God and Goddess, the Elements, the Angels, and the Fey. I also pray that while this guidance is generally for me, that it may also be something I can share with others, and that this message from the Divine will reach the hearts of others who may benefit from it. Namaste!

Today I used the "Angel Therapy Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue and I drew the card called "God Box"

The bottom of the card says "Write any worries, concerns, or desires on a piece of paper that you put into a special container called a "God Box", as a way of letting go and allowing the Divine to help you."

I have heard of this before, and I know many people have. Actually I was rather surprised at myself that I didn't already have a "God Box". We all know the concept of surrendering our worries to The Divine, to "Let go and let God." The God Box gives us a physical tool to use to help us in giving our worries over to God/Goddess and the angels.

The guidebook by Doreen Virtue says: "The angels want to relieve you of the burden of worry by giving you a physical method for releasing your cares to Heaven. Writing down your prayer requests or worries for Divine intervention is an effective way to work in partnership with God and the angels. What matters most is that you write from the heart and then "give" the paper to heaven symbolically either by burning it (which releases it), putting it in the freezer (which stops the situation from progressing), burying it (which helps heal the situation), or putting the paper in a God Box."

I've had this little ceramic box that I painted tucked away fro so long that I forgot that I had it. Actually, I think I had originally wanted it to be a "God Box" but it got packed away before we moved last year and honestly I totally forgot it even existed. As I read today's card, I started scanning my bedroom, looking for something that I could re-purpose as a God Box. I prayed for the angels to guide me to something I could use. I was drawn to a small box on the bookshelf in the closest... a small box I hadn't opened since we moved out of the apartments over a year ago. I opened it.... and right inside of it... here it was! The little ceramic God Box that I made so long ago!

Now that my God Box has found it's way out into the open again, I have found a home for it where I can see it often and add my prayers or write my worries and hand them off to the Divine. You can use anything to make a God Box of your own. Beautiful ornate boxes are sold almost anywhere, or your can find something in a craft store to design yourself... or even find something in a thrift store that you can use. Chances are you already have something lying around the house or packed away in a closet that you could use for your very own "God Box"! I'm so thankful that the Angels guided me to my lost God Box and reminded me of the importance and power of giving my worries over to God!

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