Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Oracle - Clear The Path!

Welcome to this week's Tuesday's Oracle! On Tuesdays (When I have the time) I draw an oracle card from one of my Oracle decks and share it with you. Always before I draw the card I pray for guidance and support from the God and Goddess, the Elements, the Angels, and the Fey. I also pray that while this guidance is generally for me, that it may also be something I can share with others, and that this message from the Divine will reach the hearts of others who may benefit from it. Namaste!___________________________________________
This week I am using the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette.  I love the simplicity of this highly intuitive deck.  Each card has a simple message that will help you listen to your Higher Self, trust your "Sixth Sense" and trust your vibes.
This week's card;
Clear The Path!
The waning moon (the time period after the Full Moon and before the New Moon) is considered to be a good time to let go of any negative energies, patterns, behaviors, etc.  It must be this waning moon energy because I have been thinking a lot about what I need to Let Go of in my life, and my card readings have been reflecting this need as well.  Check out yesterday's reading... all about Letting Go of what is no longer serving us!  And now here is another example of how important it is to Let Go.... we clear the path for new energy and higher vibrations when we let go of things we no longer need (both physically and emotionally).  This card speaks more specifically about your physical space, and getting rid of clutter.  The pile of junk mail that brings you stress is blocking positive energy from flowing into your life, as well as the cluttered closet, the pile of un-used clothes, the toys your kids don't play with anymore, the books you're never going to read again, etc.

With my obsession with FlyLady, I know you've heard me talk about this decluttering process before.  (and it probably won't be the last time!)  This card is telling us that right now is a good time to be working on some of these decluttering projects.  Along with yesterday's card about releasing old habits, routines, or ideas in order to move forward... now is a time that these old things we are holding on to are part of what is blocking us from moving forward!

The guidebook by Sonia Choquette says;
"You can't hear your spirit guides or feel any connection to your Higher Self until you dig yourself out from under the dead energy that comes from holding on to what no longer serves you.  Everything has a vibration that either uplifts and aids your soul's growth, or bogs you down and interferes.  Let go of everything that doesn't lend a positive, uplifting vibration regardless of it's material value.  Never mind the rationale that you must keep it just in case you'll need it someday.  You won't.
Clear it all out -- your purse, your wallet, your car, your closet, your garage, your personal phone book, and your desk.  Higher energies are trying to move in, but they're blocked at the door.  It's a brand-new day for a brand-new, higher vibration!  As my teacher Charlie once told me, 'You cannot reach for the new until you let go of what is in hand.'

Don't let your perfectionism hold you back.  If you're anything like me, you're thinking... how will I ever have time to clean out my purse, car, desk, office, bedroom, etc., etc.?  I think of all the spaces and places that I need to "Clear The Path" in, and I get overwhelmed, thinking I can never get all that done!  That's your perfectionism, thinking "All or Nothing!"  This is where the FlyLady program comes in handy... as she reminds us to take baby steps, break big jobs into smaller jobs, work for 15 minutes at a time, and always remember that "Progress is Progress!"  Start small and do what you can without physically or mentally overwhelming yourself.  Even if you just do one small area or 15 minutes a day for the rest of the week, you will still Clear The Path to those Higher Vibrations!


  1. Love it sis, this goes with my readings as well, it's good to see we are (once again) on the same wave-length! Love you!

  2. Interesting oracle card. Thanks for the detailed post. :)