Monday, July 25, 2011

Mommy Time Monday - Queen of Swords

Mommy Time Monday! Each week I'll draw and post a tarot card from The Housewives Tarot and share it with you. So go ahead, sit down and take some time for yourself, you never know what inspiration and advice The Housewives may have for you!

Last week was all about Letting Go.  So many people I know were getting the same messages as I was; "Let Go", "Move On", "Clear The Path", etc.  I think this waning moon phase has been preparing us for the powerful energy of the New Moon in Leo which will be on August 30th.  In order for us to fully embrace the power of this new energy, and the Energy Shift that is occurring, we had to first Let Go of what was holding us back.

Now it's time to take control of our situation.  Having Let Go of what no longer suits us or serves us, we must take control of the things in our life that we didn't need to let go of... but things that otherwise may need some control.  And who better to teach us about control than the Queen of Swords?
Good with words, this house-queen is probably head of the PTO, organizer of the church potlucks, with a perfectly pruned garden and strictly run household.  She knows what she is good at and takes control of those areas of her life with confidence.

The Queen of Swords wants to know, what are you good at?  What areas of life do you need to take control of?  What do you need to say or communicate to those around you.  You can't just let your garden grow as it wants to grow... you have to pull the weeds, prune and trim the plants, water it, and communicate to others what you need help with.

If the Queen of Swords has any faults, it's that she can be too sharp-tongued, cold, or stern with others.  She has had her share of hardships and lessons and can sometimes have little patience with others.  As most mothers and housewives know, it's not easy being right all the time!  The Queen of Swords reminds us that while it's important to maintain control, and that being stern or detached are certainly necessary sometimes; we must be careful not to hurt those we love.

I did a lot of letting go this past week... to the point of leaving my job of seven years!  Now I know this week I need to get my affairs in order.  I need to take care of the things that I had neglected before because of work schedules and stress.  My "garden" has been untended and left to grow wild.  I especially need to take care of things that involve communication.  During this time of regaining my focus and control, I need to watch and be careful that I don't hurt my family and friends with harsh words or impatience, yet at the same time, delegate their roles and assert myself as a leader of the household.  What a tricky balancing act!  No wonder the Queen of Swords has such a bad reputation!

A little further study of the Queen of Swords;
The guidebook for The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum says this about the Queen of Swords;
"This Queen has seen her share of hardships and sorrow.  Never fear - she's pulled herself through the dark days by being as tough as nails, with a cast-iron will and razor-sharp wit.  The Queen of Swords keeps a stiff upper lip and holds her head high in the face of adversity.  Unfortunately, she can also be a total bitch.  While it's admirable to seem impervious to enemies, don't unleash that coldness on loved ones."

The Queen of Swords classically represents the combined force of Water and Air.  When the Queen of Swords is using her gifts and character wisely, she is professional, intelligent, self reliant, fair, and just.  She channels thoughts, is able to speak on the behalf of others, and she makes her point well.  If she is unbalanced or using her character unwisely, she can become Ill-tempered, emotional, dependent, intolerant, and vindictive or malicious.

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