Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Housewive's Report 5/2 - 5/9

Last Sunday I did a Weekly Tarot Reading, pulling one card for each day of the week. It gives me a heads-up on incoming energies, though I still find myself pleasantly surprised at how accurate it all turns out to be. Plus, it gives me a focal point for daily meditation, if I so choose to use it that way. I didn't blog each day on each card, but I figured I would include last week's reading in my Weekly Housewives' Report!

Sunday - 10 of Wands - Control * Burden * Weariness
Finally I have some control in my life. More income, more hours at work, taking care of business. But all this control means that I have taken the world upon my shoulders once again (typical Capricorn move), and it is tiresome. At this point I realized that I needed to take time each day for spirituality, prayer, and meditation, and I made a tenative schedule of Daily Devotions to fit in with my FlyLady routines. (Another typical Capricorn move - making schedules for EVERYTHING) But at this point I also must have reached some sort of breaking point, because as far as my cleaning and FlyLady routines, I majorly fell off the bandwagon.

Monday - Six of Swords - Revelation * Transition * Better Times Ahead *
As usual, I did a lot of housework on Monday. But I was very distracted and didn't really seem to get anything done. But as the card suggested, it seemed like a transitional state. I could physically feel myself finally settling in to the Taurus Sun energy after the wildly active Aries cycle was finally a couple weeks behind us. Also, the moon in Capricorn seemed to help me get grounded. I found myself feeling positive, just not about housework.

Tuesday - Six of Cups - Nostalgia *Innocence * Old Flames
This card surpised me. When I first saw it, I thought, oh, maybe I will just be having a relaxing day or something. Then I ended up finding (thru facebook) an ex-boyfriend from Highschool whom I hadn't spoken to in YEARS, and we chatted and caught up. It was very cathardic, rather healing, and this card's meanings were rather precise and exact for this day's card. I pretty much neglected my housework, but once again focused on grounding and spirituality, as can be seem in last week's "Tuesday's Oracle" blog post. The day was refreshing on many levels.

Wednesday - 4 of Wands - Reward *Tranquilty * Relaxation
Wednesday was supposed to be Anti-Procrastination Day. As this card reflects, it was quite the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I think I got some more cleaning and housework done on this day than I did tuesday, but no special projects. No detailing, decluttering, zone work, etc. Actualy, I don't even know for sure what FlyLady Zone we were supposed to be in last week. The bathroom? Who cares, I would rather blog. And blog I did. This was the day I posted the "Taurus and The Hierophant" post of last week. Very rewarding!
Thursday - 5 of Wands -Competition * Struggle * Inner Strength
Hmm... I found my motivation. It was hiding under my bed, begging to be left alone. My Capricornian competitiveness came in handy as I posted my 30's at my Fluttering Flybabies group. Even though we don't get a prize or crown a winner, I love showing off how much I can get done in 30 minutes, and how many 30's I can do. Just when I was feeling confident and really whipping the house back into shape, I got a phone call asking me to work. Hell-to-the-yeah. Need the money, shifts, whatever. Unfortunatley, by the time I got home from work that night, the kids had the house wrecked again. Oh well. Challenges build character, right? Is that what the "Inner Strength" portion of this card was refering to?
Friday - 3 of Pentacles - Praise * Recognition * Completion
Friday was a good day. I kept busy. I still didn't do as much as I would have liked when it comes to housework (I STILL have a huge mound of wrinkled laundry on my couch waiting to be folded and put away.) But I came away from the day with a sense of pride. Perhaps the Praise and Recognition mentioned in the description of this card came from within - I think I realized that even though I had fallen off my FlyLady routines, I was still doing the best I could, and that is enough. Plus, at work that night I had several very happy customers praise me for my wonderful service. It's always nice to hear those good compliments.

Saturday - Knight of Pentacles - Ambition * Entrepreneurship * Reward
Not much to say about Saturday. I worked my butt off. Ambition must have been propelling me thru that 12 hour shift. And reward?? Well, $220 is a good reward for a full day's hard work, wouldn't you agree?

SUM OF THE DIGITS - (Add together the digits of each card drawn in the reading and reduce them, and you get one Major Arcana card that will shed some additional light on the reading as a whole) The Chariot - Travel * Decisions * Risk
Physical travel? No. But I feel like I came a long way this week. It was almost like returning home. I had to let go of some old routines and let myself loosen up a bit; for a Capricorn, this is considered risky behavior - trust me! I made a choice in the beginning of the week to start some new habits (Daily Devotions, more blogging) and I stuck with those goals. (YAY for kicking my ADD in the gonads!) And overall, I came away from the week with some more wisdom and fulfillment than I had started out with. A different kind of Weekly Housewives' Report, but a good one.

* I am irritated with the format of this blog, but too tired to change it. Sorry!
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