Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday's Oracle - Visualize Success

The past few weeks I have been working on getting settled. Settling in my new house and new environment, adjusting to my new routines, (and old routines, applied in new ways), adjusting to having a few more hours scheduled at work, etc. I guess you could say that my Aries cycle was one of action, as the fiery sign of the sun definatley gave me a boost in physical drive and productivity. I also took a bit of a break from my spiritual life... I wasn't doing any readings; for others or for myself. It wasn't a bad thing, but I realized I can't go for long without the spiritual being a part of my daily life!

Taurus energy kicked in last week as the sun entered Taurus, and I slowly felt myself becoming more grounded and centered once again. It was kinda like I had been on overdrive for the past month, going at high speeds and getting a lot done... but once I was able to shift into a slightly lower gear I could see more clearly. No longer a blur of life passing me by... but a beautiful landscape on the horizon, and I can appreciate it's beauty. How very Taurean... (if that is a word!)
So here I am, ready to pick up my spiritual studies, readings, meditations, and blogging once again. I was thinking it would be nice to do some kind of Daily Devotional. Many Christians (and other faiths) set aside a time of Daily Devotion, to read the scriptures and pray. I have realized I need this in my life too. But without one set of "scriptures" as a focal point, what should I study? What should I read or pray about? There is still SO MUCH I want to learn about, how do I pick just one thing? I have my books, my tarot decks, my oracle decks, the internet, the library.... what to do, what to do?? Then I realized... I could do something different each day. Then, another epiphany.... I follow the FlyLady weekly schedule, with a different focal point and project each day of the week, and since taking care of my home and family can also be spiritual excersizes... why not incorporate my Daily Devotions with my FlyLady routines??

Monday is Weekly Home Blessing Day - a day for a good basic cleaning where you do stuff like mop, vaccuum, dust, etc. So this would be a perfect day to take the Cleansing a bit further each week, with a personal energy cleansing ritual like smudging, chakra clearing, ritual sweeping, etc.
Tuesday is Pampering Day - a day to do your normal cleaning, but to also make sure you take time to do something for yourself... a bubble bath, a manicure, that deliciously evil drink from Starbucks... So, I think this would be a good day to give myself an Oracle Card reading each week... as these cards usually are fun, relaxed, and have great advice for how to take care of yourself, or "Pamper" yourself on a spiritual level. Feel free to follow along with my weekly Tuesday's Oracle posts... though the readings are for me, they will contain advice that will apply to any of my readers as well!

I made a list of other types of Daily Devotions I can do that fit in with my FlyLady routines and personal work schedules, but I will share those another time. For now, it's time for me to quit rambling and get on to this week's Oracle Card!!

"See yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome"

This is a good reminder for me. Sometimes I get so caught up in planning, that I forget to focus on the outcome, or the success. As a Capricorn, I love the planning stage, the organizing, the list making, the scheduling. But so often I will find myself stuck in that cycle, and never really reaching my goal or completing the project. Why? Because I focus so much on the building and working that I forget to visualize the outcome. Without a clear sense of the desired outcome of my projects, I think the energy just gets lost along the way. The booklet that came with this deck had one particular phrase that caught my attention today. It says "Give any concerns about how this particular positive outcome will occur to God and the Angels. The 'how' is taken care of by God's infinite wisdom and love." I needed to hear this, because, well- I'm a control freak and a perfectionist. I live by the law of "If you want something done right, do it yourself." and I like to think I am the one in control of manifesting my own success. It is true that I still need to work toward my goals and I can't just sit back watching Twilight and sipping Frappuchinos all day and expect my life to get better. BUT, I also need to learn to "Let Go, and Let God." when it comes to the things that I cannot control or change by myself. My new Law to Live by should be "If you want something done right, let God do it." My job, aside from doing the best I can in my daily life, is to Visualize Success.

Visualising Success can be a little harder than it sounds. It's so much easier to visualize disaster, wouldn't you agree? How many times have you found yourself worrying about things such as car accidents, sickness, money problems, etc.... to the point where you actually visualize one of these things happening? How many times do you visualize yourself attaining your goals and being happy and content? If you're human... you probably do the first much more often than the latter. Why is this? Why do we have such a hard time visualizing that happy outcome? We could blame the media, society, our parents, etc. But I think that the truth of this matter is that we don't believe we DESERVE success. But here's the kicker - we all are deserving of success and happiness. God wants us to have success and happiness, and the Universe is just waiting for us to open that door and love ourselves enough to accept it's wonderful gifts. Visualizing the negative only builds a wall, but visualizing positive outcomes and success will help us break down that wall - one peice at a time.
Here is my goal for the day, and for the rest of the week. I am going to be more conscious of my thought patterns. Every time I find myself thinking negatively or "visualizing disaster", I will stop, and ask God and the Angels to help me Visualize Success instead. Then I will visualize in my mind the positive outcome that I should be focused on. For my meditation today, I will simply sit in silence and visualize myself accomplishing my goals, being healthy, safe, and happy. I hope you will join me in Visualizing Success. You deserve it!


*Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Inc. Artwork on this card by Audrey Rawlings Arena*

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