Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Draw - The Empress (Fey)

I had a pretty simple day today, but one that has left me feeling quite empowered! It could be that this is the card I drew for myself this morning; it's message reminded me that my duties as a mother may seem mundane and repetetive; but if they are done properly and with the right attitude, it can make all the difference.
Card of The Day; 3 The Empress. From The Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem. "The Empress is the earthly mother, governess of the world. Contained within her are the links with the femininity of the Universe. She knows how to use intuition to decide; she knows how to fight with the heart. She grows things and cultivates the world like a garden."
I spent some time thinking about this as I started my day. I mean, it's Monday, so I knew I was going to spend the day cleaning. But after seeing this card and thinking about it's meaning, my duties didn't seem like "chores" any more.
"The dominion of the earthly world is governed by the alternation of powers. Just as the moon rises and falls and as the day becomes night to return dazzling tomorrow, the Empress governs half of the dominion of things. She governs between earth and sky. In her arms, strength; in her face courage, in her bosom she cares for and loves all things that are born and grow. She is mother and mistress; the infinite generative force. The Empress is power born from life."
~ Riccardo Minetti, The Fey Tarot, illustrated by Mara Aghem.
Amazingly, after putting in 25 hours at work between Friday night and Sunday night, and with a sore back, I managed to prioritize my housework and really bless my home for the week ahead. It feels "ready" to nurture my family. Then another amazing Empress moment;
I realized I had enough money to make my car payment... a whole week in advance! Usually I am 15 days late! So, the temptation was there, spend the money on something else.. something for the house, the garden, the kids.... but, this Empress made the wise choice. Rather than indulgence (though it would have been well-deserved), I paid that bill in advance. Now next week, next MONTH, that is one less thing I have to worry about. In retrospect, I look at the image of this specific Empress, and I see how she is looking off to the distance. Looking forward, ahead, to the future. I'm not always one for prioritizing, making wise choices, or following through with what I know needs to be done. But today, I had help. Thanks to the beautiful Empress of the Fey and her cuddly unicorn cub.

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