Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make Your Own Magickal Broom

Here is how I made my own Broomstick.  I am sure you can find different tutorials online for different ways of doing it, I didn't look at any of those I just pretty much made this up as I went along and it turned out pretty good!  It was fun and simple!

What you will need;
* A long stick or tree branch found in nature, or a wooden dowel you can find at a craft store.
* Long straw, thin branches, or Raffia to use as the bristles.  (I used a combination of Raffia and the dry needles that fall off my Palo Verde tree)
* String, cord, or yarn for wrapping the bristles to the broom handle.  Lots of it!
* Hot Glue gun or super glue to help hold things in place.
* Scissors
* Optionally you can use ribbon, bells, feathers, and charms for decorating your broom.
* If desired some paint or markers to decorate the handle.

To begin;
Cut the Raffia into the length you desire for bristles.  Gather a hand full of the Raffia, straw, or whatever you are using for bristles and wrap string tightly around one end to make a small bundle, like this;

You will need 5 or 6 of these bundles for your broom.  Make them bigger or make more of them if you want the bristle part of your broom to be more full.

When your bundles are ready, take one of them and apply glue to the end of your broomstick.  Then use another long length of string to wrap and tie (tightly) the bundle to the bottom of the broomstick.  Repeat this process for each bundle, all the way around your broom.  When you have all the bundles attached, you may want to wrap more string, or ribbon around the entire base of the broomstick, again applying glue just to make sure everything stays in place nicely.

You may wish to wrap more ribbon or string to the top few inches of the broom handle, for decoration.  If desired, hang bells, charms, or feathers from string to the top of the broomstick.  You can also add these to the bottom to hang around the bristles.  Additionally, you can paint or draw. designs, symbols, words, or runes onto your broom handle.

My son's decorated broom.

my decorated broom, bristle end

My decorated broom handle, complete with butterfly ribbon, bells, and faerie & feather charms
You will want to bless and consecrate your broom if you plan on using it for ritual or household magick.  It is also traditional to name your broom, give her a name that makes you feel happy and peaceful!  For blessing I would suggest smudging your broom with sage, perhaps anointing with some blessing oil, and a quick and simple prayer or chant in which you dedicate the purpose of the broom to be used for positivity.

My little wizard with his new broom and wand! 

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  1. I love this! You both did a great job~