Friday, April 19, 2013

A Spell For Balance

Air Element Studies, Lesson Two
Air Pollution and What We Can Do about it.

A Spell For Balance
by Starhawk, from "The Earth Path"

"When you are faced with a choice to do something small in service of the Earth that requires some sacrifice [or change] on your part, stop first, breathe and ground and say;
"I offer up this (walk, bus ride, effort of recycling, creation of a compost pile, money spent on an energy saving light bulb... etc.) to the greater balance and healing of the Earth.  Let this small act be like a ripple that grows into a wide circle as it moves outward, leading to greater change.  With every breath in as I (walk, ride, compost, enjoy the light...etc), I will remember my gratitude to the ancestors for the miracle gift of air.  With every breath out I will renew my love and commitment to the balance"."

If you haven't yet, choose something you can do to help prevent and clean up air pollution.  Make a commitment to do it, say this prayer, and remember to breathe in and out slowly and feel gratitude, respect, balance, and intention every time you do whatever it is you have chosen.  No matter how small it seems, it is an act to restore balance and show your love for the Earth and respect to your Ancestors.

This is one small thing I have done so far.  I bought a second trash can for my kitchen, and I labeled it so my kids know to use it for items that can be recycled.  This helps them remember to sort the recyclables from the regular trash, which means we should be recycling a little bit more every week!  I am going to say the above prayer every time I empty this trash bin into our Recycling Collection bin that the city provides for us.  

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