Thursday, April 18, 2013

Faerie Friday - Environmental Awareness

I thought that with our Air Element studies, it would be a good time to connect with the Faeries and see what lessons they have for us each week!  So every Friday (as my hectic life permits) I will draw a card - either from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, or from The Fey Tarot by Mara Aghem.  For each week's reading I will ask what advice the Fairies have for us; both for myself and for those of us who are following this blog and the Air Element Studies.  This card will give us something we can work on, an area of focus, or some advice to follow for the following week.... from Friday thru next Friday!  Enjoy, and let's see what the Faeries have to teach us!

This week I drew a card from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  (Actually, to be more honest, I didn't draw this week's card randomly.  I chose this card because Monday is Earth Day and this week's lessons and assignments will be on Air Pollution!).  

Environmental Awareness
from the "Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck" by Doreen Virtue, Hay House Inc.
Artwork by Corey Wolfe

Card Meaning: "The fairy kingdom is very concerned with the health of Mother Earth.  By drawing this card, the fairies are recruiting you to become involved in environmental matters.  
You have the power to make a huge impact on our planet.  Earth is a living, breathing being, and the fairies are calling on you to help her.  Your contributions could include recycling, picking up trash while on your nature walk, switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, getting involved in an environmental protection group, becoming a vegetarian, or educating your children about the fragility of nature.
When you spend time outdoors, mentally ask the fairies for guidance on how to make your special contributions to Mother Earth's well being.  The fairies will give you answers in the form of thoughts or feelings, by arranging a synchronistic opportunity, or by helping you use your unique talents to help educate others about environmental concerns.

Affirmation: "It feels good to nurture my planet with loving care."

~ channeled message from the fairies by Doreen Virtue, in the "Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card Deck" guidebook.


Additional Meditation for Healing the Planet Earth

Planet Earth
Affirmation 1; "I love the planet"
Affirmation 2; "I appreciate the beautiful world I live in."

"The earth is a wise and loving mother.  She provides everything we could ever want.  All our needs are taken care of.  There is water, food, air, and companionship.  We have an infinite variety of animals, vegetation, birds, fish, and incredible beauty.  I have committed to lovingly taking care of and improve the quality of life in this world.  I express random acts of kindness whenever I can.  I recycle and compost and organically garden and improve the quality of the soil.  It is my planet, and I help to make it a better place to live.  I spend quiet time every day actively imagining a peaceful planet.  I imagine the possibilities of a clean, healthy environment.  I envision the governments of the world working together to clean the planet.  I see all the people on the planet opening their hearts and minds and working together to create a world where it is safe for us to live in love and harmony with Mother Nature.  It is possible, and it starts with me!"

~ by Louise L. Hay, from "Meditations To Heal Your Life", Hay House Inc.

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