Friday, April 12, 2013

Air Element Study; Lesson 1 - Correspondences


 Above is the sigil (symbol) for the element of Air. Make a page in your Book of Shadows or journal to list all the things represented by the Air Element (correspondences) Below is my list, but you can do research to add to your own list as well.

Direction; East
Colors; yellow, white, gold, pale blue
Season; Spring
Places; mountain tops, meadows, windy planes, schools, libraries, office or study areas
Astrological signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Planets; Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus
witch's tools: bell, incense, wand.  In some traditions, athame, sword/dagger,
Natural representations: feathers, flowers, oils, perfumes, incense (smoke)
Tarot: suit of swords, The Fool, The Star, Justice, The Lovers
Elementals; Fairies, Flower Fairies, Sylphs, Angels, winds, Air Dragons
Animals; birds, flying insects
Deities; (a brief list)  Aradia, Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Eros, Mercury (Hermes), Nut, Psyche, Butterfly Woman & Sky Father (Native American)

Spells & rituals for:
Communication, voice, music, listening, learning, education, studying, meditation, astral travel, travel, movement, dance, cleansing, purification, blessing, dreams, the throat chakra, creativity, teaching, writing, poetry, friendship, incense magick, smudging.

For younger kids you can talk to them about the Air, how it is all around us.  We breathe it in and out, the wind blows and helps carry seeds to pollinate plants as well as bring rain.  Our voices are carried in the air so just talking, whistling, singing, chanting, etc. are all ways we engage with the air... as well as playing musical instruments!  There will be more hands-on type lessons later on so if you are doing this with a child just start talking to them about the air at whatever level is appropriate for their age!
Assignment; Make a page for your Book of Shadows or Element Journal to write down all of these correspondences.  You may want to leave room to add more things if you find other correspondences as you study.  Feel free to do your own research online or in books you own and add to the list.  Some traditions assign different correspondences to the elements, so feel free to add what fits to your specific path.  Here is a picture of my Correspondence List page from my B.O.S.  I used yellow ink and a page with a picture of a butterfly on it.
If you wish, you might want to make a "Cover Page" for your Air Element section of your notebook or Book of Shadows.   Here is an example of mine.  I used yellow paper and embellished it with stamps and stickers of dragonflies and a bird, and wrote a prayer to the Air Element.
The prayer says;

"Oh Great Air,
Power of the East,
dwelling place of the Angels, Muses, and Faeries,
I sing out in Praise
and Thankfulness
for your Inspiration,
Creativity, Knowledge,
and Music.
My Mind is Open
and my Spirit soars
with the Air!"
~ By "Tarot Mom" Lady Josephine, 2010

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