Friday, April 19, 2013

Goddesses & Archangels to call upon for Environmental Help

Air Element Studies
Lesson Two; Air Pollution and what we can do to help

Below is a list of specific Goddesses, Gods, and Archangels that are particularly concerned about Air Pollution, and a brief description of each.  They would be more than happy to help you in your endeavors to clean up the planet, and can be called upon in prayer and spell work to help clear away Air Pollution, and to help motivate you to do your part.

Archangel Ariel - Ariel is also known as the "Lioness" and she is a powerful light worker.  Her main focus is helping people love each other, but she also has a strong affinity with nature and wild animals.  She can be called upon to protect animals, and to help people develop a more loving attitude towards each other, resulting in humans better working together to save the planet.

Archangel Jophiel - Jophiel is known as "Beauty of God" and she helps people see the beauty in their lives.  She can help you find ways to beautify your yard, neighborhood, and home in the process of cleaning up the environment.  She can also help you see that whatever you do for nature... no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, is a beautiful act of love.  She can also be called upon to help others see the beauty of the planet and thus be inspired to help take care of it.

Archangel Michael - Michael is God's Warrior.  Anything that is important to you, he can help you with.  Many people have called upon Archangel Michael to remove all kinds of blockages from your life, and this can apply in an environmental sense too.  Ask Michael to help clear the way for your efforts to make a difference.  Many people have also had great luck in calling on Archangel Michael to help clear away chemtrails in the skies and clear away air pollution in their area on a smoggy day.

God- Mercury - Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods of Olympia, flying back and forth between Mount Olympus and the Earth with his winged shoes.  As a god of Air and Sky, associated with Mercury and the Air Element, he can be a powerful God to call upon in asking for help to heal the earth's skies, and to help spread the message about the importance of this work.

Goddess - Aine - Irish Moon Goddess of love, fertility, protection, and environmental concerns.  She is aligned with the Fairies and is thought to be a Faerie Queen.  She is a protector of women, especially those who respect planet earth and care about the environment.  Call upon her aid to help bless your efforts, and to help in the process of clearing negativity from the earth, protecting it's animals, and help in working with the Faeries.

Goddess - Amaterasu - Shinto Goddess of the Sun.  In the Shinto (Japanese) tradition the roles of male/Female for the sun and the Moon are switched.  Most Pagan paths see the Sun as a Father figure, but in this case, the Sun is a Mother Figure.  Amaterasu wants her light to be able to shine on the Earth in a healthy way, to help the plants grow and life thrive.  She would be an excellent Goddess to call upon to help clear away air pollution.  She also helps people with self-confidence and with being able to see their own light and power... so in working with her you may be able to more clearly see your own gifts and what you can do to help the environment, or gain more confidence in teaching others about environmental care.


Sylphs - Sylphs are creatures of the Wind, much like Angels, flying high in the sky with huge wingspans, invisible except for the patterns their wings leave in the clouds and in chemtrails as they disperse them.  They are relations of the Sidhe, and care little about human affairs, but you can gain their respect by showing an interest in healing the skies.  You might feel their presence with a strong gust of wind, and if they choose to walk on the earth for a moment or two, you may see a tall, shadowy human figure out of the corner of your eye and sense a "Fairie-like" playfulness and curiosity about them (though you won't likely see anything when you turn to look directly at them)
Dragons.  Specifically, Dragons of The East for healing of the Air.  Dragons are powerful Spirit Guides and should not be called upon lightly.  Call upon them with respect and gratitude.

If you want, copy this list into your Air Element section of your journal or Book of Shadows.  You may wish to write a prayer calling upon one, two, or even all of these Deities and Archangels to help heal the planet's skies and Air.

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