Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tarot Tuesday - The Fool - Air Element Studies

As we continue to explore the Air Element in depth in our Elemental Studies, and are still at the beginning of our journey, I thought this week we could take a look at The Fool.

The Fool is considered to be the Elemental Trump of the Air Sign, representing much of the basic ideals of the Air Element, just like the Ace of Swords.

The Fool is also related to the Air Element through it's planetary connection to Uranus.  Uranus is the planetary ruler of the air sign Aquarius.  Aquarians are known to be free-thinkers, adventurures who tend to think outside the box.  They love to learn, and dislike being stuck in the same routine or a "rut" for very long.

Uranus is a planet of Spiritual seekers and Humanitarianism.

When I look at The Fool I can see all those things.  He's starting a new journey, much like the season of Spring represents new beginnings for the Air Element.  He doesn't know where his journey will take him, but the destination isn't really the point of the Fool's Journey.  It's the Journey itself that matters... what he will learn and experience.  This is what The Fool craves.  Sure, others might say he's... well... foolish.  But the great explorers and discovery makers of the history of humanity were all called "fools" at one point or another.  If they hadn't taken the chances and gone out into the unknown with open minds, we might still think the earth is flat, we might not have discovered how to harness electricity, and we still might not understand how gravity works.

As we continue to study the Air Element, remember to keep an open mind, the way The Fool does.  Fully embrace each experience, each sychronicity, and try to see the world and these lessons through the eyes of a child; whether you are new to this or a well-weathered witch/pagan who thinks you know all about "The Basics of the Elements", there is always something new to learn and experience.  Let the Fool guide you!

Here is a more in-depth post I wrote about The Fool previously, please check it out!! 

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