Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Air Element Study; Lesson One Craft Project - Air Element Candle

Air Element Lesson One Craft Project
Decorate an Air Element Candle!

After reading Lesson One on the Air Element Correspondences you probably have some good ideas of what kinds of things to decorate your candle with!  This project is simple and fun!  Find a small to medium candle in a glass jar, or a glass candle holder that you can put candles in.
Find or make things to decorate your candles.... like stickers, yellow ribbon, charms, or make designs on yellow parer to cut out and paste onto your candle.  Some example of symbols to use are the Air Element Symbol, a Spiral,  or the symbols for the astrological Air signs; Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.  You can add words like "Sing", "Music", "Learn", "Mind", "Inspire", "Spring", "East", etc.... whatever you want to add from your list of correspondences will be perfect!

Here are some examples (and different angles) on the ones my daughter and I made to give you some ideas;

Have fun with it!  Afterwards you can say a prayer and smudge your candle with sage to bless it.  Ask the East, The Air, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, The Angels, The Sylphs, and Spring Faeries to bless your candle for use in Air Magick and meditation.
Place your Air Candle on your Air Element Altar.  You will be using it for more spells and meditations.  Also, when the candle inside is used up, you can use it over as a candle holder again by adding another candle, or you can use it as a jar for holding air-element things like feathers and incense sticks! 

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